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    Asibong, Andrew (2007) "Moja sestra": horrific kinship in the works of Marie NDiaye. In: McNeill, I. and Stephens, B. (eds.) Transmissions: essays in French literature, thought and cinema. Modern French Identities 51. Oxford: Peter Lang, pp. 95-112. ISBN 978-3-03910-734-6.

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    Placencia, Maria Elena (2007) Entre lo institucional y lo sociable: conversación de contacto, identidades y metas múltiples en interacciones en la peluquería. Revista Internacional de Lingüística Iberoamericana (RILI) 1 (9), pp. 139-161. ISSN 1579-9425.

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    Richards, Anna (2007) "Change and fidelity in one": women, mourning, and the reconstruction of Germany in Elisabeth Langgässer's Der Torso (1947) and Ilse Langner's Heimkehr (1949). In: Hipkiss, D. (ed.) War-Torn Tales. Bern, Switzerland: Peter Lang. ISBN 9783039105526.

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    Shipway, Martin (2007) Decolonization and its impact: a comparitive approach to the end of the colonial empires. Oxford, UK: Wiley. ISBN 9780631199670.

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    Wourm, Nathalie (2007) Poetry in moving image: the French avant-garde, porous boundaries: texts and images. In: Game, J. (ed.) Porous Boundaries Texts and Images in Twentieth-Century French Culture. Modern French Identities. Oxford, UK: Peter Lang, pp. 101-120. ISBN 9783039105687.

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