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    Arnold-de-Simine, Silke (2013) Geister und dämonen. In: Brittnacher, H.-G. and May, M. (eds.) Phantastik: Ein interdisziplinäres Handbuch. Stuttgart, Germany: Metzler Verlag, pp. 376-384. ISBN 9783476023414.

    Arnold-de-Simine, Silke (2013) Mediating memory in the museum: trauma, empathy, nostalgia. Palgrave Macmillan Memory Studies. Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN 9780230368866.

    Arnold-de-Simine, Silke (2013) Remembering what happened at this site: in Flanders fields (Ypres) and the Militärhistorische Museum, Dresden. In: Inaugural Session of the Cultural Memory Seminar Series Spaces of Memory in Comparative Perspective: Performing Life in Former Sites of Suffering and Death, 2013, The Institute of Modern Languages Research, University of London. (Unpublished)

    Arnold-de-Simine, Silke (2013) Silence, Memory and Empathy in Museums and at Historic Sites. In: Silence, Memory and Empathy, 2013, Buckfast Abbey, Devon, UK. (Unpublished)

    Arnold-de-Simine, Silke (2013) Who owns the memory of Spitalfields, London? migration and prosthetic memory in 19 Princelet Street and 18 Folgate Street. In: Memory Agency, Mediality and Narrativity, 2013, Paris. (Unpublished)

    Arnold-de-Simine, Silke and Keitch, C. (2013) Interpreting the First World War through digital media. In: Challenging Memories: Silence and Empathy in Heritage Interpretation, 2013, Buckfast Abbey, Devon, UK. (Unpublished)

    Asibong, Andrew (2013) Marie NDiaye, the half-self and the white “dead” mother. International Journal of Francophone Studies: The Postcolonial Human 15 (3/4), ISSN 1368-2679.

    Asibong, Andrew (2013) Marie Ndiaye: blankness and recognition. Liverpool, UK: Liverpool University Press. ISBN 9781846319464.

    Asibong, Andrew (2013) NDiaye’s intelligent subjects. L’Esprit Créateur: Marie NDiaye’s Worlds/Mondes de Marie NDiaye 53 (2), pp. 28-41.

    Asibong, Andrew (2013) The spectacle of Marie NDiaye’s trois femmes puissantes. Australian Journal of French Studies 50 (3), pp. 385-398. ISSN 0004-9468.


    Balibrea, Mari Paz (2013) Inauguración del congreso. In: Segundo Congreso Internacional Extraordinario Manuel Vázquez Montalbán: Diez Años sin Manolo, October 17th - 19th 2013, Departament de Comunicació, Universitat Pompeu Fabra. (Unpublished)

    Braybrook, Jean (2013) Remy Belleau et l'art de guérir. Berlin, Germany: Versita/de gruyter. ISBN 9788376560205.

    Braybrook, Jean (2013) The miraculous powers of the poet: Quinziano Stoa's 'Orpheos Libri Tres'. In: Sacré, D. and Tournoy, G. and Mund-Dopchie, M. and Papy, J. and Isebaert, L. (eds.) Humanistica Lovaniensia: Journal of Neo-Latin Studies. Leuven, Belgium: Leuven University Press. ISBN 9789058679611.


    Catani, Damian (2013) Book review: Bourdieu and literature by John R. W. Speller. French Studies 67 (4), pp. 579-580. ISSN 0016-1128.

    Catani, Damian (2013) Evil: a history in modern French literature and thought. London, UK: Continuum Books. ISBN 9781441185563.

    Catani, Damian (2013) The "Spleen" and "Ideal" of opium: Baudelaire and Thomas de Quincey. Dix-Neuf 17 (3), pp. 237-250. ISSN 1478-7318.


    Fell, Jill (2013) Paul Ranson, Alfred Jarry and the Nabi Puppet Theatres. In: Moran, C. and Jeannerod, P. (eds.) The Art of Theatre. Oxford, UK: Peter Lang. ISBN 9783034308267.

    Fell, Jill (2013) Ubu Roi: a brilliant debut. In: Renouard, M. and Kelly, D. (eds.) Barbara Wright: Translation as Art. Dublin, Ireland: Dalkey Archive. ISBN 9781564788863.

    Fracchia, Carmen (2013) Metamorphosis of the self in early modern Spain: slave portraiture and the case of Juan de Pareja. In: Lugo-Ortiz, A. and Rosenthal, A. (eds.) Slave Portraiture in the Atlantic World. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, pp. 146-169. ISBN 9781107004399.

    Fracchia, Carmen (2013) Spanish depictions of the miracle of the black leg. In: Zimmerman, K. (ed.) One Leg in the Grave Revisited: The miracle of the transplantation of the black leg by the saints Cosmas and Damian. Eelde, The Netherlands: Barkhuis, pp. 79-91. ISBN 9789491431234.

    Fracchia, Carmen (2013) Velázquez and the case of his slave-painter Juan de Pareja. In: Velázquez and the case of his slave-painter Juan de Pareja, 2013, St Dunstan’s College, London, UK. (Unpublished)

    Fracchia, Carmen (2013) Whitening the African body in early modern Spain. In: Art in Translation: Translating Cultures in the Hispanic World, 2013, University of Edinburgh, UK. (Unpublished)

    Fracchia, Carmen (2013) The visual representation of Afro-Hispanic slaves in early modern Spain. In: Literature, Ideas and Society Seminars: Culture and Commodity, 2013, The Warburg Institute, London, UK. (Unpublished)


    Harvey, Jessamy (2013) Rethinking the figure of the suffering and dying girl: working through responses to the child victim Soul. In: Cultural Encounters in the Luso-Hispanic World, Department of Hispanic Studies, University of Warwick, 2013. (Unpublished)

    Harvey, Jessamy (2013) The cult of the child-poet: interpreting Elsa Garcia Novo with reference to "L'Affaire Drouet". Forum for Modern Language Studies 49 (2), pp. 126-134. ISSN 0015-8518.

    Harvey, Jessamy (2013) The pleasures and perils of bringing Celia into the classroom: teaching the television adaptation on a course in childhood and youth culture. In: Brown, J.L. (ed.) Approaches to Teaching the Works of Carmen Martín Gaite. New York, USA: Modern Language Association. ISBN 9781603291323.

    Havemann, Leo and Drew, Liz and Barros, Joana and Leal, Joanne (2013) Special blend: developing a model for technology-enhanced, flexible learning. In: Can We Do It? Yes We Can: HEA/SEEC Conference 2013, 22-23 Jul 2013, London, UK. (Unpublished)

    Hibbett, Alexandra (2013) Book review: Priscilla Archibald, "Imagining Modernity in the Andes". Journal of Latin American Studies 45 (1), pp. 184-186. ISSN 0022-216X.

    Howells, Robin (2013) Bernardin de Saint-Pierre et l'océan indien. Edited by Jean-Michelracault, Chantale Meure and Angelique Gigan. Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies 36 (1), pp. 154-155. ISSN 1754-0194.


    Kawakami, Akane (2013) Flâneurs cosmopolites: écrire/voyager entre Paris et Tokyo. In: Paris-Tokyo-Paris: Responses to Japan in French Art, Culture and Theory since 1945, 2013, Maison Franco-Japonaise, Tokyo, Japan. (Unpublished)

    Kawakami, Akane (2013) Keynote speech. In: Intimate Archives: Photography and Life-Writing, 2013, Wolfson College, University of Oxford. (Unpublished)

    Kawakami, Akane (2013) Photobiography: photographic self-writing in Proust, Guibert, Ernaux, Macé. Oxford, UK: Legenda. ISBN 9781907975868.

    Kawakami, Akane (2013) Proust and handwriting. In: Aubert, N. (ed.) Proust and the Visual. Studies in Visual Culture. Cardiff, UK: University of Wales Press, pp. 95-114. ISBN 9780708325483.


    Martins, Luciana (2013) Coffee, modernity and the Brazilian image world. In: UNSPECIFIED (ed.) Photography and Documentary Film in the Making of Modern Brazil: Rethinking Art's Histories. Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN 9780719089916.

    Martins, Luciana (2013) Doméstica. In: Doméstica, 2013, London School of Economics, London, UK. (Unpublished)

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    Martins, Luciana (2013) A ‘Tropical Papageno’: Claude Lévi-Strauss and Roberto Ipureu in Mato Grosso, Brazil. In: Jobs, S. and Mackenthun, G. (eds.) Agents of Transculturation: Border-Crossers, Mediators, Go-Betweens. Munster, Germany: Waxmann, pp. 281-310. ISBN 9783830930020.

    Martins, Luciana and Helmer, S. and Arnold, D.Y. (2013) Exploring weaving structures in the Andes: reflections on the creation of a digital archive. Visual Resources: An International Journal of Documentation (Special issue on Digital Art History) 29 (1/2), pp. 59-71. ISSN 0197-3762.

    Michels, Eckard (2013) Goethe-Institute in Frankreich. In: Colin, N. and Defrance, C. and Pfeil, U. and Umlauf, J. (eds.) Lexikon der deutsch-franzoesischen Kulturbeziehungen nach 1945. Tuebingen, Germany: Narr Verlag, pp. 261-263. ISBN 978-3823366935.

    Michels, Eckard (2013) Guillaume, der Spion: Eine deutsch-deutsche Karriere. Berlin, Germany: Christoph Links. ISBN 9783861537083.

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    Michels, Eckard (2013) Perte de pouvoir et fonctions en mutation: l’auswärtiges amt sous le troisième reich. In: Cahn, J.P. and Martens, S. and Wegner, B. (eds.) Le Troisième Reich dans l’historiographie allemande: Lieux de pouvoir – rivalités de pouvoirs. History and Civilization. Villeneuve d'Ascq cedex, France: Septentrion, pp. 115-130. ISBN 9782757405819.

    Michels, Eckard (2013) Pouvoir civil et pouvoir militaire dans les colonies allemandes entre 1884 et 1918. In: Defrance, C. and Knopper, F. and Saint-Gille, A.-M. (eds.) Pouvoir civil, pouvoir militaire en Allemagne: aspects politiques, sociaux et culturels. History and Civilization. Villeneuve d'Ascq cedex, France: Presses du Septentrion, pp. 33-48. ISBN 9782757405871.


    Pinazza, Natalia (2013) Brazilian road movies. In: Bayman, L. and Pinazza, Natalia (eds.) Directory of World Cinema: Brazil. Directory of World Cinema. Bristol, UK: Intellect. ISBN 9781783200092.

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    Placencia, Maria Elena (2013) Language in interaction. In: Li, Wei (ed.) Applied Linguistics. Oxford, UK: Wiley-Blackwell, pp. 91-111. ISBN 9781405193597.

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    Placencia, Maria Elena and Fuentes Rodríguez, C. (2013) Polémica y/o descortesía en programas televisivos de crónica social en Ecuador y España: El caso de Vamos Con todo y Sálvame Diario. In: Fuentes Rodríguez, C., (ed.) (Des)cortesía para el espectáculo: estudios de pragmática variacionista. UNSPECIFIED, pp. 127-165. ISBN 9788476358566.


    Rowe, William (2013) Mito, sacrificio, y fuerzas productivas: Dialéctica peruana de la ilustración. In: Giusti, M. and Esparza, C. and Núñez, G. and Pinilla, C.M. and Portocarrero, G. and Rivera, C. and Rizo-Patrón, E. and Sagástegui, C. (eds.) Arguedas: La dinámica de los encuentros culturales. Lima, Peru: Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. ISBN 9786124146329.

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    Segal, Naomi (2013) La peau d’André Gide. The Bulletin des Amis d’André Gide 177/8 , pp. 31-46.

    Shipway, Martin (2013) Age of anxiety: imperial helplessness and imagined futures of the late colonial state in Southeast Asia after 1945. In: Reinkowski, M. (ed.) Helpless Imperialists: Imperial Failure, Fear and Radicalization. Schriftenreihe der FRIAS School of History 6. Gottingen, Germany: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, pp. 187-209. ISBN 9783525310441.

    Shipway, Martin (2013) Gaston Defferre’s Loi-Cadre and its application 1956/57: the last chance for a French African 'empire-state' or blueprint for decolonisation? In: Chafer, T. and Keese, A. (eds.) Francophone Africa at fifty. Manchester, UK: Manchester University Press, pp. 15-29. ISBN 9780719089305.

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    Short, Ian R. (2013) Introduction: a life of Thomas Becket in verse. Medieval Sources in Translation 56 , ISSN 0316–0874.

    Short, Ian R. (2013) Manual of Anglo-Norman. ANTS OPS 8. Oxford, UK: Anglo-Norman Text Society. ISBN 9780905474571.


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    Trindade, Luis (2013) Pano Cru: a inscrição da memória do passado revolucionário. Crítica e Sociedade. Revista de Cultura Política 3 (2), pp. 92-110. ISSN 2237-0579.

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