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Amoroso, S. and Bernardini, F. and Blumetti, A.M. and Civico, R. and Doglioni, C. and Galadini, F. and Galli, P. and Graziani, L. and Guerrieri, L. and Messina, P. and Michetti, A.M. and Potenza, F. and Pucci, S. and Roberts, Gerald and Serva, L. and Smedile, A. and Smeraglia, L. and Tertulliani, A. and Tironi, G. and Villani, F. and Vittori, E. (2016) Quaternary geology and paleoseismology in the Fucino and L’Aquila basins. ISPRA and the Italian Geological Society, Rome, Italy.

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Carville, Daragh (2016) History. Tinderbox Theatre Company, Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast. (Unpublished)

Carville, Daragh (2016) Daragh Carville on Michael Hughes, The Countenance Divine. Department of English and Humanities, Birkbeck College, London, UK.

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Carville, Daragh (2015) The song of sin. My Protege.

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Connor, Steven (2008) Pregnable of eye: X-rays, vision and magic. Leamington Spa Art Gallery and Warwick Arts Centre, Leamington Spa.


Daripa, Arup and Kapur, Sandeep (2015) Financial regulation under the coalition government. Coaltion Economics Blog.

Dimitrakopoulos, Dionyssis G. and Passas, A.G. (2012) LSE European Politics and Policy blog: in the lead up to the elections, Greek political parties have resorted to half-truths on Europe. The London School of Economics and Political Science, London, UK.

Douzinas, Costas (2011) Adikia: on Communism and rights. Critical Legal Thinking.


Ertur, Basak (2016) "Le Chevalier d'Eon": wagering in a wilderness of mirrors. Arter.

Elwing, J. and Roukema, Aren (2014) Correspondences - Online Journal For The Academic Study of Western Esotericism. Aren Roukema, London, UK.

Elwing, J. and Roukema, Aren (2014) Correspondences - Online Journal For The Academic Study of Western Esotericism. Aren Roukema, London, UK.

Elwing, J. and Roukema, Aren (2013) Correspondences - Online Journal For The Academic Study of Western Esotericism. Aren Roukema, London, UK.


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Leslie, Esther (2011) Eisenstein - Joyce - Marx; cosmic, comic. Enclave Review, Cork, Ireland.

Leslie, Esther (2010) Lines in the landscape. Hammer Museum and DelMonico Books, an imprint of Prestel Publishing, Los Angeles, U.S..

Leslie, Esther (2010) Walter Benjamin, politics, aesthetics. Kunst Spektakel Revolution, Weimar, Germany.

Leslie, Esther (2009) Shudder - Shutter - Shatter. Animate Projects.


McDowall, Almuth and Rojon, C. and Rust, J. (2016) The enigma of testing. The Psychologist.

Mangion, Carmen M. (2014) Dickinson, Frances (1755-1830). Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK.

Melhuish, Edward C. and Belsky, Jay and Barnes, Jacqueline (2010) Sure Start and its evaluation in England. Encyclopedia on Early Childhood Development.


Segal, Lynne (2014) Review: How I Stopped Being a Jew, by By Shlomo Sand, translated by David Fernbach - Verso, 112pp, ISBN 9781781686140 and 6157 (e-book) - Published 7 October 2014. Times Higher Education, London, UK.

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Teevan, Colin (2014) Silk: series three, episode three. BBC TV, London, UK.

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Teevan, Colin (2011) Single-handed: between two fires. RTE/ITV, Dublin RTE/London ITV.

Teevan, Colin (2011) Massistonia. BBC Radio 3, London, UK.

Teevan, Colin (2008) Myrrha. BBC Radio 4, London, UK.

Teevan, Colin (2008) The devil was here yesterday. BBC Radio 3, London, UK.


Van Den Bos, Matthijs (2009) The Sufis of Karaj are under pressure.


Woods, Gillian (2016) Hamlet: the play within the play. British Library.

Woods, Gillian (2016) King Lear: madness, the fool and poor Tom. British Library.

Woods, Gillian (2016) What was Shakespeare's Religion? Oxford University Press.

Wiseman, Sue (2016) Elizabeth Delaval. Early Modern Women Research Network.

Wood, Benjamin John (2015) Review of THE ECLIPTIC. The Independent, London, UK.

Wood, Benjamin (2015) Review of THE ECLIPTIC. John Hunt, London, UK.

Wood, Benjamin (2015) Review of THE ECLIPTIC. The FT, London, UK.

Wood, Benjamin (2015) Review of The Ecliptic. Guardian Media Group, London, UK.

Wood, Benjamin (2015) Review of THE ECLIPTIC. Telegraph Media Group Limited.

Wood, Benjamin (2015) Review of THE ECLIPTIC. The Independent.

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Walsh, Fintan (2010) Practicalities and possibilities: reflections on the national networking day for collaborative arts. National Development Agency for Collaborative Arts in Social and Community Contexts, Dublin, Ireland.

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