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    Bruce-Jones, Eddie (2005) Axel Buchwald, Der Fall Tadić vor dem Internationalen Jugoslawientribunal im Lichte der Entscheidung der Berufungskammer vom 2. Oktober 1995. [Book Review]

    Bruce-Jones, Eddie (2005) Block 25: the tent. Ravensbrück Foundation, Ravensbrück, Germany.


    Bruce-Jones, Eddie (2006) Klaus Dieter Beiter, The Protection of the Right to Education by International Law. [Book Review]


    Bruce-Jones, Eddie (2007) Surviving September 11th or snapshots in the dark? A critical consideration of two professional photographs as portraits of denial. In: Dallmann, A. and Isensee, R. and Kneis, P. (eds.) Picturing America: Trauma, Realism, Politics and Identity in American Visual Culture. American Studies Conference Series. Hamburg, Germany: Peter Lang, pp. 13-20. ISBN 9783631549407.


    Skrodzka, M. and Chia, J. and Bruce-Jones, Eddie (2008) Next step forward: the development of clinical legal education in Poland through a clinical pilot program in Białystok. Columbia Journal of East European Law 2 (1), pp. 56-93. ISSN 1537-7342.

    Bruce-Jones, Eddie (2008) Race, space, and the nation-state: racial recognition and the prospects for substantive equality under anti-discrimination law in France and Germany. Columbia Human Rights Law Review 39 (2), pp. 423-427. ISSN 0090-7944.


    Bruce-Jones, Eddie (2009) Anthropology as critical legal intervention: instrumentalization, co-construction and critical reformulation in the relationship between anthropology and international Law. UCLA Journal of International Law and Foreign Affairs 14 (2), pp. 331-366. ISSN 1089-2605.

    October 2012

    Bruce-Jones, Eddie (2012) Germany's Stephen Lawrence. Race & Class 54 (2), pp. 82-87. ISSN 0306-3968.


    Bruce-Jones, Eddie (2013) Institutionalised racism in Germany: law enforcement. In: Pfohman, S. and Feke, L. (eds.) Recycling hatred: racism(s) in Europe today. a dialogue between academics, equality experts and civil society activists. Brussels, Belgium: European Network Against Racism, pp. 96-106. ISBN 9782960130805.

    Bruce-Jones, Eddie (2013) Refugee context considered. International Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans and Intersex Association.

    22 December 2014

    Bruce-Jones, Eddie (2014) Cuba and the Garden State: Assata, Abolition and the problem of pardon. Critical Legal Thinking.

    January 2015

    Bruce-Jones, Eddie (2015) Preface. In: UNSPECIFIED (ed.) The Most Unsatisfied Town. Witnessed 4. Münster, Germany: Edition Assemblage, pp. 1-3. ISBN 9783942885768.

    1 January 2015

    Bruce-Jones, Eddie (2015) German policing at the intersection: race, gender, migrant status and mental health. Race & Class 56 (3), pp. 36-49. ISSN 0306-3968.

    February 2015

    Bruce-Jones, Eddie (2015) Death zones, comfort zones: queering the refugee question. International Journal on Minority and Group Rights 22 (1), pp. 101-127. ISSN 1385-4879.

    24 April 2015

    Bruce-Jones, Eddie (2015) Deterrence unto death: running fast into a neighbour's knife. Critical Legal Thinking.

    3 June 2015

    Bruce-Jones, Eddie (2015) Contemporary Issues in Refugee Law, edited by Satvinder Singh Juss and Colin Harvey. [Book Review]

    21 September 2015

    Bruce-Jones, Eddie (2015) Black Lives and the state of distraction. The Los Angeles Review of Books, Los Angeles, U.S..

    16 November 2015

    Bruce-Jones, Eddie (2015) Racism, policing and the quality of our lives. The Huffington Post.


    Bruce-Jones, Eddie (2016) Minority Internal Migration in Europe (edited by Nissa Finney and Gemma Catney, Ashgate, 2012. [Book Review]

    Bruce-Jones, Eddie (2016) Race in the shadow of law: state violence in contemporary Europe. Abingdon, UK: Routledge. ISBN 9781138649361.

    1 June 2016

    Bruce-Jones, Eddie (2016) Book Reviews: Minority Internal Migration in Europe. [Book Review]

    21 June 2016

    Bruce-Jones, Eddie and El-Enany, Nadine and Benson, J. and Bastani, A. and Okolosie, L. (2016) Should we leave or remain in the EU? Roundtable Discussion - Part 1. Media Diversified.

    16 November 2016

    Bruce-Jones, Eddie (2016) Citizens of nowhere? Fear, race, migration and the dangers of Formalism. Junge Wissenschaft im Öffentlichen Recht Blog.

    17 April 2017

    Bruce-Jones, Eddie (2017) Police brutality and racism in Germany. African American Intellectual History Society.

    June 2017

    Bruce-Jones, Eddie (2017) A body does not just combust: racism and the law in Germany. World Policy Journal 34 (2), pp. 31-35. ISSN 0740-2775.

    17 July 2017

    Bruce-Jones, Eddie (2017) Archiving racial violence: some reflections from the UK’s Institute of Race Relations. In: Karakayali, J. and Kahveci, Ç. and Liebscher, D. and Melchers, C. (eds.) Den NSU-Komplex analysieren: Aktuelle Perspektiven aus der Wissenschaft. Bielefeld, Germany: transcript Verlag, pp. 163-178. ISBN 9783837637090.

    24 August 2017

    Bruce-Jones, Eddie (2017) Legal Fictions: Constituting Race, Composing Literature, by Karla F. C. Holloway. [Book Review]

    3 October 2017

    Bruce-Jones, Eddie (2017) Baldwin and the American Banquet. Consented Magazine, London, UK.

    18 January 2018

    Bruce-Jones, Eddie (2018) Refugee law in crisis: decolonizing the architecture of violence. In: Bosworth, M. and Parmar, A. and Vázquez, Y. (eds.) Race, Criminal Justice, and Migration Control: Enforcing the Boundaries of Belonging. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press, pp. 176-193. ISBN 9780198814887.

    1 July 2019

    Bruce-Jones, Eddie (2019) The Hawthorn Archive: Letters from the Utopian Margins, by Avery Gordon, Fordham University Press, 2018. [Book Review]

    September 2019

    Bruce-Jones, Eddie (2019) Burden sharing in refugee law. In: Juss, S. (ed.) Research Handbook on International Refugee Law. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar, pp. 71-81. ISBN 9780857932808.

    23 July 2020

    Bruce-Jones, Eddie (2020) Black lives and German exceptionalism. Verfassungsblog.

    24 July 2020

    Bruce-Jones, Eddie (2020) Wayward Lives, Beautiful Experiments: Intimate Stories of Social Upheaval, by Saidiya Hartman. [Book Review]


    Bruce-Jones, Eddie (2021) Death zones, comfort zones: queering the refugee question. In: Raj, S. and Dunne, P. (eds.) The Queer Outside in Law: Recognising LGBTIQ People in the United Kingdom. Palgrave Socio-Legal Studies. Palgrave, pp. 49-78. ISBN 9783030488291.

    1 January 2021

    Bhatia, Monish and Bruce-Jones, Eddie (2021) Introduction. [Editorial/Introduction]

    Bruce-Jones, Eddie (2021) Mental health and death in custody: The Angiolini Review. Race & Class 62 (3), pp. 7-17. ISSN 0306-3968.

    Bhatia, Monish and Bruce-Jones, Eddie (2021) Time, torture and Manus island: an interview with Behrouz Boochani and Omid Tofigian. Race & Class 62 (3), pp. 77-87. ISSN 0306-3968.

    26 January 2021

    Bruce-Jones, Eddie (2021) Decarcerating Disability: deinstitutionalization and prison abolition (2020), by Lait Ben-Mosche. [Book Review]

    7 June 2021

    Bruce-Jones, Eddie (2021) Black lives and the state of distraction. In: Duff, K. (ed.) Abolishing the Police. Dog Section Press. (In Press)

    30 August 2021

    Bruce-Jones, Eddie (2021) Cengiz Barskanmaz, Recht und Rassismus: Das menschenrechtliche Verbot der Diskriminierung aufgrund der Rasse [Law and Racism: The Human Rights Prohibition of Racial Discrimination]. [Book Review] (In Press)

    October 2021

    Bruce-Jones, Eddie (2021) Deutsche Polizei an der Kreuzung: Intersektionalität von Rasse, Geschlecht, Migrationsstatus und psychischer Gesundheit. In: Laufenberg, M. and Thompson, V.E. (eds.) Sicherheit: Rassismuskritische und feministische Debatten. Münster, Germany: Verlag Westfälisches Dampfboot. ISBN 9783896912497. (In Press)

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