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    Connor, Steven (2011) Doing without art. New Literary History 42 (1), pp. 53-69. ISSN 1080-661X.

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    Book Section

    Connor, Steven (2011) Rage, rage against the dying of delight. In: Schad, J. and Tearle, O. (eds.) Sighs, Cries, Lies, Insults, Outbursts, Hoaxes, Disasters, Letters of Resignation, and Various Other Noises Off in These the First and Last Days of Literary Criticism ... Not to Mention the University. Sussex, UK: Sussex Academic Press, pp. 63-78. ISBN 9781845193423.

    Connor, Steven (2011) Personifikationen/Personifications. In: UNSPECIFIED (ed.) Ars Viva 2011-12: Sprache/Language: Erik Bünger, Philipp Goldbach, Jeurgen Stach. Berlin, Germany: Kulturkreis der deutschen Wirtschaft, pp. 34-47.

    Connor, Steven (2010) Beckett and the loutishness of learning. In: Tonning, E. and Feldman, M. and Engelberts, M. and van Hulle, D. (eds.) Samuel Beckett: Debts and Legacies. Samuel Beckett Today/Aujourd'hui 22. Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Rodopi, pp. 255-273. ISBN 9789042031661.

    Connor, Steven (2010) 'I believe that the world'. In: Nunning, V. and Nunning, A. and Neumann, B. (eds.) Cover Cultural Ways of Worldmaking: Media and Narratives. Concepts for the Study of Culture (CSC). Berlin, Germany: De Gruyter. ISBN 9783110227550.

    Connor, Steven (2010) A philosophy of fidgets. In: Domela, P. (ed.) Touched. Liverpool, UK: Liverpool Biennial of Contemporary Art, pp. 30-37. ISBN 9780953676194.

    Connor, Steven (2009) Introduction. In: Serres, M. and Sankey, M. and Cowley, P. (eds.) Five Senses: A Philosophy of Mingled Bodies. Athlone Contemporary European Thinkers. London, UK: Continuum Press. ISBN 9780826459848.

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    Connor, Steven (2009) Incidents of the breath: in pneumatic and electric ventriloquisms. In: Satz, A. and Wood, J. (eds.) Articulate Objects: Voice, Sculpture and Performance. Pieterlen, Switzerland: Peter Lang, pp. 63-80. ISBN 9783039107476.

    Connor, Steven (2009) Phonophobia: the dumb devil of stammering. In: Bangma, A. and Donoghue, D.M. and Issa, L. and Zdjelar, K. (eds.) Resonant Bodies, Voices, Memories. Berlin, Germany: Revolver, pp. 132-144. ISBN 9783868950229.

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    Connor, Steven (2008) Overlooking. In: Ekman, U. and Tygstrup, F. (eds.) Witness: Memory, Representation, and the Media in Question. Copenhagen, Denmark: Museum Tusculanum Press, pp. 291-302. ISBN 9788763504256.


    Connor, Steven (2011) A Philosophy of Sport. London, UK: Reaktion Books. ISBN 9781861898692.

    Connor, Steven (2011) Paraphernalia: the curious lives of magical things. London, UK: Profile Books. ISBN 9781846682704.

    Connor, Steven (2011) James Joyce. Tavistock, UK: Northcote House. ISBN 9780746311677.

    Connor, Steven (2010) The matter of air: science and art of the ethereal. London, UK: Reaktion. ISBN 9781861897664.

    Connor, Steven (2009) Kulturowa historia brzuchomówstwa. Krakow, Poland: Universitas. ISBN 9788324213771.

    Connor, Steven and Stanek, B. (2008) Mucha: historia, antropologia, kultura. Krakow, Poland: Universitas. ISBN 9788324206612.


    Connor, Steven (2008) Pregnable of eye: X-rays, vision and magic. Leamington Spa Art Gallery and Warwick Arts Centre, Leamington Spa.

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