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    November 1984

    Coombes, Annie E. and Birkett, D. (1984) "A Most Peculiar Arrangement”: The Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford. West Africa , pp. 2316-2317.

    December 1985

    Coombes, Annie E. (1985) "For God and For England”: contributions to an image of Africa in the first decade of the Twentieth Century. Art History 8 (4), pp. 453-466. ISSN 0141-6790.

    1 December 1988

    Coombes, Annie E. (1988) Museums and the formation of national and cultural identities. Oxford Art Journal 11 (2), pp. 57-68. ISSN 0142-6540.

    February 1989

    Coombes, Annie E. and Nead, Lynda (1989) No more grand master narratives. Art Monthly (123), pp. 15-17. ISSN 0142-6702.


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    20 October 1994

    Coombes, Annie E. (1994) Reinventing Africa: museums, material culture and popular imagination in Late Victorian and Edwardian England. London, UK: Yale University Press. ISBN 0300059728.


    Coombes, Annie E. (1995) Making the nation: primitivism and modernity at the Franco-British Exhibition of 1908. In: Debussman, R. and Reisz, J. (eds.) Kolonialausstellungen - Begegnungen mit Afrika? Frankfurt, Germany: IKO Verlag für Interkulturelle Kommunikation, pp. 65-74. ISBN 9783889394019.

    September 1996

    Coombes, Annie E. (1996) Ethnography, popular culture and institutional power: narratives of Benin culture in the British Museum, 1897-1992. In: Wright, G. (ed.) The Formation of National Collections of Art and Archaeology. Studies in the history of art (Washington, D.C.) 47. Washington, U.S.: National Gallery of Art, Washington, pp. 143-157. ISBN 9780300077186.

    March 1997

    Brah, Avtar and Coombes, Annie E. and Lewis, R. and Phoenix, A. (1997) Consuming Cultures, Special Issue of Feminist Review, No. 55 (1). Sage.

    1 March 1997

    Brah, A. and Coombes, Annie E. and Lewis, R. and Phoenix, A. (1997) Consuming cultures. Feminist Review 55 (1), pp. 1-3. ISSN 0141-7789.


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    Coombes, Annie E. (1999) L'objet de la traduction : notes sur « l'art » et l'autonomie dans un contexte post-colonial. Cahiers d'Études africaines 39 (155-6), pp. 635-658. ISSN 0008-0055.


    Coombes, Annie E. (2000) La Traduction du Passé: les Monuments de l’Apartheid dans l’Afrique du Sud d’après l’Apartheid. In: Taffin, D. (ed.) Du Musée Colonial au Musée des Cultures du Monde. Paris, France: Maisonneuve et Larose, pp. 163-184. ISBN 9782706814570.

    Coombes, Annie E. (2000) The art of memory. Third Text 14 (52), pp. 45-52. ISSN 0952-8822.

    24 August 2000

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    Treacher, A. and Coombes, Annie E. and Alexander, C. and Bland, L. and Allred, P. (2003) Exile and asylum: women seeking refuge in ‘Fortress Europe’, special issue, Feminist Review no.73. Sage.

    March 2003

    Coombes, Annie E. (2003) Atom Egoyan's Steenbeckett - An Installation. American Anthropologist 105 (1), pp. 161-163. ISSN 1548-1433.

    November 2003

    Coombes, Annie E. (2003) History after Apartheid: visual culture and public memory in a democratic South Africa. Durham, U.S.: Duke University Press. ISBN 978-0-8223-3072-1, 978-0-8223-3060-8.


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    Coombes, Annie E. (2006) Objav “postkoloniálneho” : hybridnost’ a jej stúpenci v súčasnom kurátorstve. In: Orišková, M. (ed.) Efekt Múzea: Predmety, Praktiky, Publikum. Bratislava, Slovakia: Afad Press, pp. 227-240. ISBN 9788089259083.

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    Coombes, Annie E. (2010) The phantom of history: longing, loss and agency in the work of Carrie Mae Weems. In: Dyangani Ose, E. (ed.) Carrie Mae Weems: Estudios sociales. Seville, Spain: Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo, pp. 71-81. ISBN 9788482669984.


    Hughes, L. and Coombes, Annie E. and Karega-Munene (2011) Introduction: Heritage, History and Memory: New Research from East and Southern Africa. [Editorial/Introduction]

    Coombes, Annie E. (2011) Monumental histories: commemorating Mau Mau with the statue of Dedan Kimathi. African Studies 70 (2), pp. 202-223. ISSN 0002-0184.

    May 2011

    Coombes, Annie E. (2011) Witnessing history/embodying testimony: gender and memory in post-apartheid South Africa. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 17 (S1), S92-S112. ISSN 1359-0987.


    Coombes, Annie E. and Brundrit, J. (2013) The politics of practice: Jean Brundrit and Annie E. Coombes in conversation. In: Conradie, A. (ed.) Out of Site: Representations of Identity in the Work of Jean Brundrit. Cape Town, South Africa: SoSo Press, pp. 75-89. ISBN 9781920022044.

    30 November 2013

    Coombes, Annie E. and Hughes, L. and Munene, K. (2013) Managing heritage, making peace: history, identity and memory in contemporary Kenya. London, UK: I.B. Tauris. ISBN 9781780761527.


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    Coombes, Annie E. (2015) The gender of memory in Postapartheid South Africa: the women’s jail as heritage site. In: Coombes, Annie E. and Phillips, R.B. (eds.) Museum Transformations. The International Handbooks of Museum Studies 4. Chichester, UK: Wiley, pp. 207-226. ISBN 9781405198509.


    Coombes, Annie E. (2016) Entries for Edo culture from Benin City : "Edo Artist: Benin City, 'Head of an Oba'"; "Edo Artist: Benin City, 'Head of a Queen Mother, Benin City'"; "Jonathan Adagogo Green, 'King of Benin, Oba Ovonramwen'"; "Tony Phillips, 'Face to Face' from the series 'History of the Benin Bronzes' " in the catalogue for The Artist and Empire (Tate Britain). In: UNSPECIFIED (ed.) Artist and Empire. London, UK and New York, U.S.: Tate publishing, 78 -81. ISBN 9781849763592.

    Coombes, Annie E. (2016) Photography against the grain: rethinking the colonial archive in Kenyan museums. World Art Journal 6 (1), pp. 1-23. ISSN 2150-0894.


    Coombes, Annie E. (2019) Positive living: visual activism and art in HIV/AIDS rights campaigns. Journal of Southern African Studies 45 (1), pp. 143-174. ISSN 0305-7070.

    February 2020

    Coombes, Annie E. and Phillips, R.B., eds. (2020) Museum transformations: decolonization and democratization. Wiley-Blackwell. ISBN 9781119642046.

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