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    Fear, William J. (2015) Professional status: wherefore art thou... OP Matters (25),

    Fear, William J. and Azambuja, R. (2014) Narrative and deliberative instauration: The use of narrative as process and artefact in the social construction of institutions. Learning, Culture and Social Interaction 3 (4), pp. 286-295. ISSN 2210-6561.

    Fear, William J. (2014) The improbability of the confounded probable in exact terms: Or, what not to consider when doing statistics. OP Matters (24),

    Fear, William J. (2014) Does meaning matter. OP Matters (23),

    Fear, William J. (2014) What is the story? The uniqueness paradox and the patient story in the minutes of the boardroom. Management Learning 45 (3), pp. 317-331. ISSN 1350-5076.

    Fear, William J. (2014) We have always been social constructionists. OP Matters (21),

    Fear, William J. and Brown, A.E. (2014) Good quality discussion is necessary but not sufficient in asynchronous tuition: a brief narrative review of the literature. Online Learning 18 (2), ISSN 1092-8235.

    Fear, William J. (2009) Return to work revisited. The Psychologist 22 , pp. 502-503. ISSN 0952-8229.

    Fear, William J. (2007) Programme evaluation theory: the next step toward a synthesis of logic models and organisational theory. Journal of Multi Disciplinary Evaluation 4 (7), ISSN 1556-8180.

    Fear, William J. (1997) Ratings for Welsh words and their English equivalents. Behavior Research Methods, Instruments, & Computers 29 (3), pp. 425-445. ISSN 0743-3808.


    Fear, William J. There are no absolutes. Other. UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

    Conference or Workshop Item

    Fear, William J. and Azambuja, R. (2014) Here be dragons: the boards’ use of minutes-as-maps to navigate discourse. In: Terra Firma, Terra Nova, Terra Incognita: 11th International Conference on organisational Discourse, 9-11 Jul 2014, Cardiff, UK.

    Fear, William J. and Azambuja, R. (2014) Narrative as process and artefact and some implications – the use and role of motif. In: Cognitive Futures in the Humanities: 2nd International Network Conference, 24-26 Apr 2014, Durham, UK.

    Fear, William J. (2014) Qualitative research: narrative and Story. In: DOP Annual Conference, 8–10 Jan 2014, Grand Hotel, Brighton.

    Fear, William J. (2012) The issue of social construction in and through organizations texts: a case in point. In: International Conference On Organizational Discourse: Processes, Practices and Performance, 18-20 Jul 2012, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

    Fear, William J. Qualitative inquiry: in pursuit of meaning. In: ABP Annual Conference, 25-27 Apr 2013, Reading, UK.

    Fear, William J. The discursive institutionalism of continuity and change: the case of patient safety in Wales (2009-2010). In: British Academy of Management Annual Conference (BAM 2011): Building and Sustaining High Performance Organisations In A Challenging Environment, 13-15 Sep 2011, Birmingham, UK.

    Teaching Resource

    Fear, William J. Distance Learning OPHRM MSc at Birkbeck – international program. [Teaching Resource] (Unpublished)

    Fear, William J. How to do academic reading. [Teaching Resource] (Unpublished)

    Fear, William J. Key principals of on-line tuition and learning for graduate students. [Teaching Resource]

    Fear, William J. A simple introduction to coaching in organizations and business. [Teaching Resource] (Unpublished)

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