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    Humfress, Caroline (2011) Bishops and lawcourts in late antiquity: how (not) to make sense of the legal evidence. Journal of Early Christian Studies 19 (3), pp. 375-400. ISSN 1067-6341.

    Humfress, Caroline (2006) Cracking the codex: late Roman legal practice in context. Bulletin of the Institute of Classical Studies 49 (1), pp. 241-254. ISSN 0076-0730.

    Book Section

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    Humfress, Caroline (2000) Roman law, forensic argument and the formation of Christian orthodoxy (III - VI Centuries). In: Elm, S. and Rébillard, E. and Romano, A. (eds.) Orthodoxie, Christianisme, Histoire. Collection de l'École française de Rome 270. Rome, Italy: École Française de Rome. ISBN 2728305919.

    Conference or Workshop Item

    Humfress, Caroline (2013) Laws’ empire: rethinking law and life under Rome, 212–565 AD. In: The Carlyle Lectures, 2013, Oxford University. (Unpublished)


    Duindam, J. and Harries, J. and Humfress, Caroline and Hurvitz, N., eds. (2013) Law and empire: ideas, practices, actors. Rulers & Elites 3. Leiden, Germany: Brill. ISBN 9789004245297.

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    Bevir, M. and Humfress, Caroline, eds. (2010) Encyclopedia of political theory. London, UK: Sage. ISBN 9781412958653.

    Humfress, Caroline (2007) Orthodoxy and the courts in late antiquity. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press. ISBN 9780198208419.

    Garnsey, Peter and Humfress, Caroline (2001) The evolution of the late antique world. Cambridge, UK: Orchard Academic. ISBN 9781903283004.

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