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    June 1992

    Moock, Christopher (1992) ‘Portraiture’ by Richard Brilliant. [Book Review]

    March 1998

    Moock, Christopher (1998) Gianlorenzo Bernini. Stairway to Heaven ‘Bernini's Scala Regia in the Vatican Palace’ by T. Marder. [Book Review]

    June 1998

    Moock, Christopher (1998) 4 books on Spanish painting, by J. Brown, J. T.Moffat, J. Tomlinson and J. Brown & C. Garrido. [Book Review]

    July 1998

    Moock, Christopher (1998) Lives of the artists: Caravaggio Caravaggio by H. Langdon. [Book Review]

    October 1998

    Moock, Christopher (1998) Baroque painting and Sculpture. Divine Interior Decoration ‘The Altars & Altarpieces of New St. Peter's’ by L.Rice. [Book Review]

    Moock, Christopher (1998) Guido Reni and Pink Politics, Loved by the Victorians, Despised by Modernists and purists ‘The Divine Guido’ by R. Spear & ‘Guido Reni's The Abduction of Helen’ by A. Colantuono. [Book Review]

    December 1998

    Moock, Christopher (1998) Italian Renaissance art. Then and Now ‘A Discerning Eye’ by R. Offner & ‘Margherita of Cortona and the Lorenzetti’, by J.Cannon & A.Vauchez. [Book Review]


    Moock, Christopher (2001) Italian renaissance art: how Lorenzo learned to be magnificent. 'Cosimo de' Medici and The Florentine Renaissance' by Kent, D. [Book Review]

    Moock, Christopher (2001) 'Murillo, Scenes of Childhood' by Brooke, X. and Cherry, P. [Book Review]

    Moock, Christopher (2001) 'A World of Our Own', by F. Borzello. [Book Review]


    Moock, Christopher (2002) Catalogue raisonné: putting allegory in its Place. 'Jacob Van Ruisdael: A Complete Catalogue of His Paintings, Drawings and Etchings' by Seymour Slive. [Book Review]


    Moock, Christopher (2003) Engaging symbols. 'Gender, Politics and Public Art in Fifteenth-Century Florence' By Adrian W.B. Randolph. [Book Review]

    Moock, Christopher (2003) 'Palazzi di Genova, Architectural Drawings and Engravings' by Rott, Herbert W. [Book Review]


    Moock, Christopher (2005) 'Memling and the Art of Portraiture' by Borchert, Till Holger. [Book Review]

    Moock, Christopher (2005) 'Seventeenth Century Art and Architecture' by Ann Sutherland Harris. [Book Review]


    Moock, Christopher (2006) 'Interpreting Velázquez’ Christ with Martha and Mary as a Test Case' by Boyd, Jane and Esler, Philip F. [Book Review]

    Moock, Christopher (2006) Seventeenth century art, the real meaning of Rubens' women. 'Gender, Politics and Allegory in the Art of Rubens' by Rosenthal, Lisa. [Book Review]

    February 2006

    Moock, Christopher (2006) Meaning and Interpretation. Testing a Text Case. Visuality and Biblical Text. Interpreting Velázquez’ Christ with Martha and Mary as a Test Case, Jane Boyd, Philip F. Esler. [Book Review]

    November 2008

    Moock, Christopher (2008) François Duquesnoy and the Greek Ideal, by Estelle Lingo. [Book Review]

    May 2009

    Moock, Christopher (2009) Sophisticated Connoisseurship: Cassiano dal Pozzo's Illuminated Herbal. [Book Review]


    Moock, Christopher (2010) Patrick George, Recent Work. Browse and Darby.


    Moock, Christopher (2016) The Principle of Tranquillity. UNSPECIFIED.

    May 2017

    Moock, Christopher (2017) Cassiano dal Pozzo and the ‘Paper Museum’. The London Art History Society Review , pp. 12-14. ISSN 2059-8718.


    Moock, Christopher (2018) Patrick George: From Prose to Poetry. Cobbold & Judd.


    Moock, Christopher (2021) Patrick George 1923- 2016 Landscapes. Browse and Darby.

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