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    Sandon, Emma (2018) Engineering difference: women's accounts of working as technical assistants in the BBC Television Service between 1946 and 1955. Feminist Media Histories 4 (4), pp. 8-32. ISSN 2373-7492.

    Sandon, Emma (2013) Cinema and highlife in the Gold Coast: The Boy Kumasenu (1952). Social Dynamics: A Journal of African Studies 39 (3), pp. 496-519. ISSN 0253-3952.

    Sandon, Emma (2013) African mirror: the life and times of the South African newsreel from 1910 to 1948. Journal of Southern African Studies 39 (3), pp. 661-680. ISSN 0305-7070.

    Sandon, Emma (2010) Women, Empire, and British cinema history. Framework: The Journal of Cinema and Media 51 (2), pp. 324-333. ISSN 0306-7661.

    Sandon, Emma (2007) Preserving a heritage? South African archive documentary: 1910-1940. Canadian Journal of Film Studies 16 (1), pp. 51-62. ISSN 0847-5911.

    Book Section

    Sandon, Emma (2018) Law and film: curating rights cinema. In: deGuzman, M.M. and Amann, D.M. (eds.) Arcs of Global Justice: Essays in Honour of William. A. Schabas. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press, pp. 501-520. ISBN 9780190272654.

    Sandon, Emma and Givanni, J. (2017) Connections - movements - treasures: unlocking the potential of the June Givanni Pan African Cinema Archive. In: Shiach, M. and Virani, T. (eds.) Cultural Policy Innovation and the Creative Economy: Creative Collaborations in Arts and Humanities Research. Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 163-178. ISBN 9781349951116.

    Sandon, Emma (2016) Conversion, salvation and the 'Civilising Mission': Christian Missions and documentary film in India (1900-1960). In: Aitken, I. and Deprez, C. (eds.) The Colonial Film in South and South East Asia. Edinburgh, UK: Edinburgh University Press, pp. 148-167. ISBN 9781474407205.

    Sandon, Emma (2011) La télévision expérimentale à l'Alexandra Palace: la BBC et sa programmation de variétés. In: Delavaud, G. and Marechal, D. (eds.) Télévision, le Moment Expérimental: De l’Invention à l’Institution (1935-1955). Rennes, France: Éditions Apogée. ISBN 9782843983771.

    Sandon, Emma (2007) Nostalgia as resistance: the case of the Alexandra Palace Television Society and the BBC. In: Wheatley, H. (ed.) Re-viewing Television History: Critical Issues in Television Historiography. London, UK: I.B.Tauris, pp. 99-112. ISBN 9781845111885.

    Sandon, Emma and Holland, P. (2006) Can whiskey come too? reflections on viewing domestic colonial photographic collections. In: Faulkner, S. and Ramamurthy, A. (eds.) Visual Culture and Decolonisation in Britain. London, UK: Ashgate, pp. 153-188. ISBN 9780754640028.

    Macmillan, Fiona (2004) How the movie moguls learned to stop worrying and love the new technology. In: Moran, Leslie J. and Loizidou, Elena and Christie, Ian and Sandon, Emma (eds.) Law's Moving Image: Law and Film. Abingdon, UK: Routledge. ISBN 9781904385011.

    Moran, Leslie (2004) On realism and the law film: the case of Oscar Wilde. In: Moran, Leslie and Sandon, Emma and Loizidou, Elena and Christie, Ian (eds.) Law’s Moving Image. Abingdon, UK: Routledge. ISBN 9781904385011.

    Loizidou, Elena (2004) Rebel without a cause? In: Moran, Leslie J. and Sandon, Emma and Loizidou, Elena and Christie, Ian (eds.) Law's Moving Image. Abingdon, UK: Routledge. ISBN 9781904385011.

    Sandon, Emma (2002) Representing 'African life': from the ethnographic exhibitions to 'Nionga' and 'Stampede'. In: Higson, A. (ed.) Young and Innocent? The Cinema in Britain, 1896-1930. Exeter, UK: University of Exeter Press, pp. 191-207. ISBN 9780859896597.

    Sandon, Emma (2000) Projecting Africa: two British travel films of the 1920s. In: Hallam, E. and Street, B. (eds.) Cultural encounters, representing 'otherness'. Sussex Studies in Culture and Communication. Abingdon, UK: Routledge, pp. 108-148. ISBN 9780415202800.

    Conference or Workshop Item

    Sandon, Emma (2009) The eyewitness in human rights film practices. In: Eyewitness, The Documentary Turn in Legal and Visual Cultures, March 7-8, 2009, London, UK. (Unpublished)


    Moran, Leslie J. and Loizidou, Elena and Christie, Ian and Sandon, Emma, eds. (2004) Law's moving image. London, UK: Cavendish. ISBN 9781904385011.

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