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    Langowski, J. and Zhao, H. and Ghirlando, R. and Alfonso, C. and Arisaka, F. and Attali, I. and Bain, D.L. and Bakhtina, M.M. and Becker, D.F. and Bedwell, G.J. and Bekdemir, A. and Besong, T.M.D. and Birck, C. and Brautigam, C.A. and Brennerman, W. and Byron, O. and Bzowska, A. and Chaires, J.B. and Chaton, C.T. and Cölfen, H. and Connaghan, K.D. and Crowley, K.A. and Curth, U. and Daviter, Tina and Dean, W.L. and Díez, A.I. and Ebel, C. and Eckert, D.M. and Eisele, L.E. and Eisenstein, E. and England, P. and Escalante, C. and Fagan, J.A. and Fairman, R. and Finn, R.M. and Fischle, W. and de la Torre, J.G. and Gor, J. and Gustafsson, H. and Hall, D. and Harding, S.E. and Cifre, J.G.H. and Herr, A.B. and Howell, E.E. and Isaac, R.S. and Jao, S.-C. and Jose, D. and Kim, S.-J. and Kokona, B. and Kornblatt, J.A. and Kosek, D. and Krayukhina, E. and Krzizike, D. and Kusznir, E.A. and Kwon, H. and Larson, A. and Laue, T.M. and Le Roy, A. and Leech, A.P. and Lilie, H. and Luger, K. and Luque-Ortega, J.R. and Ma, J. and May, C.A. and Maynard, E.L. and Modrak-Wojcik, A. and Mok, Y.-F. and Mücke, N. and Nagel-Steger, L. and Narlikar, G.J. and Noda, M. and Nourse, A. and Obsil, T. and Park, C.K. and Park, J.-K. and Pawelek, P.D. and Perdue, E.E. and Perkins, S.J. and Perugini, M.A. and Peterson, C.L. and Peverelli, M.G. and Piszczek, G. and Prag, G. and Prevelige, P.E. and Raynal, B.D.E. and Rezabkova, L. and Richter, K. and Ringel, A.E. and Rosenberg, R. and Rowe, A.J. and Rufer, A.C. and Scott, D.J. and Seravalli, J.G. and Solovyova, A.S. and Song, R. and Staunton, D. and Stoddard, C. and Stott, K. and Strauss, H.M. and Streicher, W.W. and Sumida, J.P. and Swygert, S.G. and Szczepanowski, R.H. and Tessmer, I. and Toth, R.T. and Tripathy, A. and Uchiyama, S. and Uebel, S.F.W. and Unzai, S. and Gruber, A.V. and von Hippel, P.H. and Wandrey, C. and Wang, S.-H. and Weitzel, S.E. and Wielgus-Kutrowska, B. and Wolberger, C. and Wolff, M. and Wright, E. and Wu, Y.-S. and Wubben, J.M. and Schuck, P. (2015) A multilaboratory comparison of calibration accuracy and the performance of external references in analytical ultracentrifugation. PLoS One 10 (5), e0126420. ISSN 1932-6203.

    Trevitt, C.R. and Hosszu, L.L.P. and Batchelor, M. and Panico, S. and Terry, C. and Nicoll, A.J. and Risse, E. and Taylor, W.A. and Sandberg, M.K. and Al-Doujaily, H. and Linehan, J.M. and Saibil, Helen R. and Scott, D.J. and Collinge, J. and Waltho, J.P. and Clarke, A.R. (2014) N-terminal domain of Prion Protein directs its Oligomeric Association. Journal of Biological Chemistry 289 , pp. 25497-25508. ISSN 0021-9258.

    Croasdale, R. and Ivins, F.J. and Muskett, F. and Daviter, Tina and Scott, D.J. and Hardy, T. and Smerdon, S.J. and Fry, A.M. and Pfuhl, M. (2011) An undecided coiled coil: the leucine zipper of Nek2 kinase exhibits atypical conformational exchange dynamics. Journal of Biological Chemistry 286 (31), pp. 27537-27547. ISSN 0021-9258.

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