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    Zizek, Slavoj (2018) The courage of hopelessness: chronicles of a year of acting dangerously. Penguin. ISBN 9780141986098.

    Zizek, Slavoj (2017) Incontinence of the void: economico-philosophical Spandrels. Short Circuits. MIT Press. ISBN 9780262036818.

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    Brown, W. and Douzinas, Costas and Frosh, Stephen and Zizek, Slavoj (2012) Critical theory summer school: Friday debate. In: Critical theory summer school: Friday debate, 2012, The Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities, Birkbeck, University of London, London, UK. (Unpublished)

    Zizek, Slavoj (2011) Living in the end times. London, UK: Verso. ISBN 9781844677023.

    Zizek, Slavoj and Douzinas, Costas (2010) The idea of Communism. London, UK: Verso Books. ISBN 9781844674596.

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    Douzinas, Costas (2010) Introduction: the idea of communism. In: Douzinas, Costas and Zizek, Slavoj (eds.) The Idea of Communism. The Idea of Communism. London, UK: Verso Books. ISBN 9781844674596.

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    Zizek, Slavoj (2009) . . . I will move the underground: Slavoj Zizek on Udi Aloni's Forgiveness. International Journal of Applied Psychoanalytic Studies 6 (1), pp. 80-83. ISSN 1742-3341.

    Zizek, Slavoj (2009) Architectural parallax: spandrels and other phenomena of class struggle. ,

    Zizek, Slavoj (2009) Descartes and the post-traumatic subject: on Catherine Malabou's Les nouveaux blesses and other autistic monsters. Qui Parle 17 (2), pp. 123-148. ISSN 1041-8385.

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    Zizek, Slavoj (2009) Hollywood today: report from an ideological frontline. ,

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    Zizek, Slavoj (2009) Josephine le sinthome. Lacanian Ink (33), pp. 156-163. ISSN 1049-7749.

    Zizek, Slavoj (2009) Multiculturalism, the reality of an illusion. ,

    Zizek, Slavoj (2009) My own private Austria. ,

    Zizek, Slavoj (2009) The Palestinian question: the couple symptom/fetish. ,

    Zizek, Slavoj (2009) Why cynics are wrong. ,

    Zizek, Slavoj (2009) A plea for a return to différance (with a minor pro domo sua). ,

    Zizek, Slavoj (2008) Use your illusions. London Review of Books , ISSN 0260-9592.

    Zizek, Slavoj (2008) Die EU-Zyniker. Schweizer Monatshefte 88 (9-10), pp. 7-8. ISSN 0036-7400.

    Zizek, Slavoj (2008) Violence. BIG IDEAS//small books. Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN 9780312427184.

    Zizek, Slavoj (2008) The secret clauses of the liberal utopia. Law and Critique 19 (1), pp. 1-18. ISSN 0957-8536.

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    Zizek, Slavoj (2008) Confessions of an unrepentant Leninist. ,

    Zizek, Slavoj (2008) Eugene Onegin, a Russian gay gentleman. Lacanian Ink , pp. 130-141. ISSN 1049-7749.

    Zizek, Slavoj (2008) The Lacanian real: television. ,

    Zizek, Slavoj (2008) Masturbation, or sexuality in the atonal world. ,

    Zizek, Slavoj (2008) Nature and its discontents. SubStance 37 (3), pp. 37-72. ISSN 0049-2426.

    Zizek, Slavoj (2008) Notes on ideology. ,

    Zizek, Slavoj (2008) Organs without bodies - Gilles Deleuze. ,

    Zizek, Slavoj (2008) When straight means weird and psychosis is normal. ,

    Zizek, Slavoj (2008) Why Lacan is not a Heideggerian. Lacanian Ink (32), pp. 134-149. ISSN 1049-7749.

    Zizek, Slavoj (2007) Resistance is surrender. London Review of Books 29 (22), p. 7. ISSN 0260-9592.

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