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    Kawakami, Akane (2021) Trends in the novel in French after 2000. In: Watt, A. (ed.) The Cambridge History of the Novel in French. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 9781108683920. (In Press)

    Kawakami, Akane (2020) Calligraphy or photography? Representations of the city in Michaël Ferrier’s Tokyo, petits portraits de l’aube. Australian Journal of French Studies 57 (2), pp. 190-203. ISSN 0004-9468.

    Kawakami, Akane (2019) Modiano’s Encre sympathique. In: Modern Languages Department Seminar Series, Lund University, Sweden. (Unpublished)

    Kawakami, Akane (2019) Un écrivain mouvementé ; Ferrier’s dynamic style and identity. In: Michaël Ferrier conference: Mémoires d’outre-mer/Over Seas of Memory, 18 Sep 2019, London, UK. (Unpublished)

    Kawakami, Akane (2019) Lost Voices: Modiano’s female protagonists. In: Modern Literary Association (MLA) Annual Conference, 23-25 Jul 2019, Lisbon, Portugal. (Unpublished)

    Kawakami, Akane (2019) Time travelling in Ernaux's Memoire de Fille. French Studies 73 (2), ISSN 0016-1128.

    Kawakami, Akane (2017) Le kanji et la photographie : représenter la ville dans « La chambre du fond »’. In: Colloque international "Michaël Ferrier : un écrivain du corail", 14 Sep 2017, Edinburgh, UK. (Unpublished)

    Kawakami, Akane (2016) Walking underground: two francophone flaneurs in 21st-century Tokyo. L'Esprit Createur 56 (3), pp. 120-133. ISSN 0014-0767.

    Kawakami, Akane (2016) Gerard Mace et Horie Toshiyuki, flaneurs cosmopolites: ecrire/voyager entre Paris et Tokyo. In: Arribert-Narce, F. and Kuwada, K. and O'Meara, L. (eds.) Détours par le Japon. Réceptions de la culture japonaise en France depuis 1945. Poétiques et esthétiques XXe-XXIe siècle 26. Paris, France: Honore Champion, pp. 157-178. ISBN 9782745330390.

    Kawakami, Akane (2015) Being eternal: the endless recurrence of time and writing. In: UNSPECIFIED (ed.) Patrick Modiano. Modern French Writers. Liverpool, UK: Liverpool University Press. ISBN 9781781384336.

    Kawakami, Akane (2015) Patrick Modiano. Modern French Writers 6. Liverpool University Press. ISBN 9781781382745.

    Kawakami, Akane (2015) La mère et l’amante : l’évolution de la femme dans les œuvres de Modiano depuis l’an 2000. In: French Studies Seminar Series, University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan. (Unpublished)

    Kawakami, Akane (2015) Toujours Paris: L’éternel retour du temps et de l’écriture dans les récentes œuvres de Patrick Modiano. In: French Studies Seminar Series, University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan. (Unpublished)

    Kawakami, Akane (2015) ‘Modiano’s Lacombe Lucien and his novels’, discussion with Horié Toshiyuki (Akutagawa Prize-winning novelist) at the Maison franco-japonaise, Tokyo. In: Maison Franco-Japonaise Conference, Tokyo, Japan. (Unpublished)

    Kawakami, Akane (2014) Annie Ernaux, 1989: diaries, photographic writing and self-vivisection. Nottingham French Studies 53 (2), pp. 232-246. ISSN 0029-4586.

    Kawakami, Akane (2013) Photobiography: photographic self-writing in Proust, Guibert, Ernaux, Macé. Oxford, UK: Legenda. ISBN 9781907975868.

    Kawakami, Akane (2013) Flâneurs cosmopolites: écrire/voyager entre Paris et Tokyo. In: Paris-Tokyo-Paris: Responses to Japan in French Art, Culture and Theory since 1945, 2013, Maison Franco-Japonaise, Tokyo, Japan. (Unpublished)

    Kawakami, Akane (2013) Keynote speech. In: Intimate Archives: Photography and Life-Writing, 2013, Wolfson College, University of Oxford. (Unpublished)

    Kawakami, Akane (2013) Proust and handwriting. In: Aubert, N. (ed.) Proust and the Visual. Studies in Visual Culture. Cardiff, UK: University of Wales Press, pp. 95-114. ISBN 9780708325483.

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    Kawakami, Akane (2011) Illegible Writing: Michaux, Masson and Dotremont. Modern Language Review 106 (2), pp. 388-406. ISSN 0026-7937.

    Kawakami, Akane (2011) Interview with Gérard Macé. Romance Studies 29 (2), pp. 81-92. ISSN 0263-9904.

    Kawakami, Akane (2011) Désir liminal : Michel Butor autour du Japon. In: Ammour-Mayeur, O. and Ogawa, M. (eds.) Michel Butor: à la frontière, ou l’art des passages. University of Dijon Editions: Dijon, France. ISBN 9782915611847.

    Kawakami, Akane (2011) When the unfamiliar becomes familiar...? Proust, planes and modernity. In: Segal, Naomi and Rye, G. (eds.) 'When familiar meanings dissolve...' Essays in French Studies in Memory of Malcolm Bowie. Romanticism and after in France / Le Romantisme et après en France 20. Oxford, UK: Peter Lang, pp. 163-178. ISBN 9783034301084.

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    Kawakami, Akane (2002) Stereotype formation and sleeping women: the misreading of Madame Chrysanthème. Forum for Modern Language Studies 38 (3), pp. 278-290. ISSN 0015-8518.

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    Kawakami, Akane (1999) Claudel's mémoires improvisés, or the unimportance of autobiography. Romance Studies 17 , pp. 151-161. ISSN 0263-9904.

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