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    Hansen, G.M. and Tsang, Michael (2020) Politics in/of transmediality in Murakami Haruki’s bakery attack stories. Japan Forum 32 (3), pp. 404-431. ISSN 0955-5803.

    Tsang, Michael and Fung, D. (2019) Beyond the spoon-feeding classroom: a Jesuit Priest’s use of outings as holistic education. Education About Asia 24 (1), pp. 22-27. ISSN 1090-6851.

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    Hansen, G.M. and Tsang, Michael (2020) 40 years with Murakami Haruki. [Editorial/Introduction]

    Hansen, G.M. and Tsang, Michael (2020) Katō Norihiro: introduction and tribute. [Editorial/Introduction]

    Book Section

    Tsang, Michael (2021) Voyeuristic gaze, narratological construction, and the gender problem in Murakami Haruki’s After Dark. In: Hansen, G.M. and Tsang, Michael (eds.) Murakami Haruki and Our Years of Pilgrimage. Routledge, pp. 109-126. ISBN 9780367181413.

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    Tsang, Michael (2018) Who’s the Egg? Who’s the Wall? – Appropriating Murakami Haruki’s ‘Always on the Side of the Egg’ speech in Hong Kong. In: Rösch, F. and Watanabe, A. (eds.) Japanese Political Thought and International Relations: Encounters of Difference in Japan since the Meiji Restoration. Global Dialogues: Non Eurocentric Visions of the Global. Rowman and Littlefield, pp. 221-251. ISBN 9781786603678.

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    Conference or Workshop Item

    Tsang, Michael (2021) Queering Hong Kong’s 1997 Handover in Japanese Boys’ Love Comics. In: Modern Language Association (MLA) Convention 2021, 07-10 Jan 2021, Online. (Unpublished)

    Tsang, Michael (2020) Gender and national image: representations of figure skating in Japanese Anime. In: Centre of for Japanese Studies Seminar, 04 Feb 2020, University of East Anglia. (Unpublished)

    Tsang, Michael (2019) Might the translated not travel? The case of Chang Hsi-kuo and his The City Trilogy. In: American Comparative Literature Association (ACLA) Convention, 07-10 Mar 2019, Washington DC, U.S.. (Unpublished)

    Tsang, Michael (2019) A minor literature(?) at interregnum: whither Hong Kong’s English writing? In: (Re)defining the Intersection: Hong Kong Textuality, 25 Jan 2019, Sheffield, UK. (Unpublished)

    Tsang, Michael (2018) The world at the East’s fingertips: world literature in East Asia. In: World Literature as Crisis: Subalternity and Urbanity, 13 Jul 2018, London, UK. (Unpublished)

    Tsang, Michael (2018) Politics of Transmediality in Murakami Haruki. In: Biennial Conference of the Asian Studies Association of Australia, 03-05 Jul 2018, Sydney, Australia. (Unpublished)

    Tsang, Michael (2018) Politics of Transmediality in Murakami Haruki. In: Asian Studies Conference Japan 2018, 30 Jun - 01 Jul 2018, Mitaka, Japan. (Unpublished)

    Tsang, Michael (2018) Politics of Transmediality in Murakami Haruki’s Bakery Attack Stories. In: Global Japanese Studies Seminar, 22 Jun 2018, Tokyo, Japan. (Unpublished)

    Tsang, Michael (2017) The peripherality of Hong Kong in Postcolonial Studies and World-Systems Theory. In: Peripheral Postcolonialities, 09-10 Jun 2017, Warwick, UK. (Unpublished)

    Tsang, Michael (2017) The ‘Child’ in the world city of Omelas: foreign domestic helpers and their rights in Hong Kong. In: World Literature and Crisis: Subalternity and Urbanity, 27-30 Mar 2017, Singapore. (Unpublished)

    Tsang, Michael (2016) Who’s the Egg? Who’s the Wall? – Appropriating Murakami Haruki’s ‘Always on the Side of the Egg’ Speech in Hong Kong. In: International Studies Association (ISA) Asia-Pacific Conference 2016, 25-27 Jun 2016, Hong Kong. (Unpublished)

    Tsang, Michael (2016) Localisation in Xu Xi’s ‘The Yellow Line’. In: Invited Guest Lecture for Hong Kong Stories in English, 08 Apr 2016, Hong Kong. (Unpublished)

    Tsang, Michael (2016) Whither Hong Kong English poetry? In: Modern Language Association (MLA) Convention, 07-10 Jan 2016, Austin, U.S.. (Unpublished)

    Tsang, Michael (2015) Multiculturalism and English literary history: Xu Xi’s History’s Fiction. In: International Conference on the History of Hong Kong, 10-11 Apr 2015, Hong Kong. (Unpublished)

    Tsang, Michael (2014) Politics in Hong Kong literature: language, canon and translation. In: British Comparative Literature Association (BCLA) Postgraduate Conference: Alternatives, 24-25 Apr 2014, Glasgow, UK. (Unpublished)

    Tsang, Michael (2013) A ‘Chinese’ city: racism and its discourse in post-colonial Hong Kong. In: Race. Migration. Citizenship: Postcolonial and Decolonial Perspectives, 04-05 Jul 2013, Birmingham, UK. (Unpublished)

    Tsang, Michael (2011) Postmodern sex and love in Murakami Haruki’s Norwegian Wood. In: The Asian Conference on Cultural Studies 2011, 23-25 Mar 2011, Osaka, Japan.

    Tsang, Michael (2011) The system VS the individual – postmodern sex and love in Murakami Haruki’s Norwegian Wood. In: Wednesday Gender Seminar Series, 09 Mar 2011, Hong Kong. (Unpublished)


    Hansen, G.M. and Tsang, Michael, eds. (2021) Murakami Haruki and our years of pilgrimage. Routledge. ISBN 9780367181413.


    Katō, N. and Tsang, Michael (2020) The problem of tatemashi in Murakami Haruki’s work: comparing The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle and 1Q84. Japan Forum.

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