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    Anan, Nobuko (2006) Performance review: Hiroshima Maiden, directed by Dan Hurlin. [Book Review]

    Anan, Nobuko (2006) Performance review: Medea, directed by Miyagi Satoshi. [Book Review]

    Angel, Katherine (2006) Green fingers or pink viagra? female sexual dysfunction and medicalisation in contemporary medical discourse. In: Kalitzkus, V. and Twohig, P.L. (eds.) Bordering Biomedicine. Amsterdam, Netherlands: Rodopi, pp. 86-102. ISBN 9789042019997.

    Atkin, K. and Lorch, Marjorie (2006) Hyperlexia in a 4-year-old boy with Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Journal of Neurolinguistics 19 (4), pp. 253-269. ISSN 0911-6044.


    Bale, Anthony (2006) The Jew in profile. New Medieval Literatures 8 , pp. 125-150. ISSN 1465-3737.

    Balibrea, Mari Paz (2006) Looking for normalization: Catalonian culture between late Francoism and democracy. In: Culture, Power and Society in Catalonia Today, 2006, Barcelona, UK. (Unpublished)

    Balibrea, Mari Paz (2006) Max Aub y el espacio/tiempo de la nación. In: UNSPECIFIED (ed.) Escritores, editoriales y revistas del exilio republicano de 1939. Sevilla, Spain: Renacimiento, pp. 163-169. ISBN 9788484722880.

    Balibrea, Mari Paz (2006) Memoria y lucha por el espacio social en la Barcelona post-industrial. In: Estrategas de Barcelona, 2006, Barcelona, UK. (Unpublished)

    Balibrea, Mari Paz (2006) Strategies of remembrance: branding the new Barcelona. In: Strategies of remembrance: branding the new Barcelona, 2006, University of Bath, Bath, UK. (Unpublished)

    Barrière, I. and Lorch, Marjorie (2006) On the acquisition of ambiguous Valency-marking morphemes: insights from the acquisition of French SE. In: Torrens, V. and Escobar, L. (eds.) The Acquisition of Syntax in Romance Languages. Language Acquisition and Language Disorders 41. Amsterdam, The Netherlands: John Benjamins, pp. 23-49. ISBN 9789027253019.

    Bassetti, Benedetta (2006) Orthographic input and phonological representations in learners of Chinese as a foreign language. Written Language and Literacy 9 (1), pp. 95-114. ISSN 1387-6732.

    Bauer, Heike (2006) Is there a history of female cross-dressing? In: Bauer, Heike (ed.) Women and Cross-Dressing: 1800-1939. History of Feminism. London, UK: Routledge, xiii-xxxvii. ISBN 9780415323024.

    Bauer, Heike (2006) Scholars, scientists and sexual inverts: authority and sexology in Nineteenth-Century scientific thinking. In: Clifford, D. and Wadge, E. and Warwick, A. and Willis, M. (eds.) Repositioning Victorian Sciences: Shifting Centres in Nineteenth-Century Thinking. London, UK: Anthem Press, pp. 197-206. ISBN 9781843312123.

    Bohemia, E. and Harman, Kerry (2006) Boundary crossing: negotiating learning outcomes in industry based student projects. In: Aung, W. and Crosthwaite, C. and Espinosa, R.V. and Moscinski, J. and Ouditt, S. and Ruiz, L.M.S. (eds.) Innovations 2006: World Innovations in Engineering Education and Research. Arlington, USA: Begell House Publishing, pp. 179-191. ISBN 0974125253.

    Brooker, Joseph (2006) Forbidden to dream again: Orwell and nostalgia. English 55 (213), pp. 281-297. ISSN 0013-8215.

    Brooker, Joseph (2006) The middle years of Martin Amis. In: Mengham, Rod and Tew, Philip (eds.) British Fiction Today. London, UK; New York: Continuum International Publishing Group Ltd., pp. 3-14. ISBN 0826487319.

    Burton, N. and Fraser, Hilary (2006) Mirror Visions and Dissolving Views: Vernon Lee and the Museological Experiments of Patrick Geddes. Nineteenth-Century Contexts 28 (2), pp. 145-160. ISSN 0890-5495.


    Calatayud, Agnes (2006) Didactique du FLE dans l'enseignement supérieur: le film de fiction historique et l’acquisition de compétences langagières et culturelles. In: Aden, J. and Monnanteuil, F. (eds.) De Babel à la mondialisation : Apports des sciences humaines à la didactique des langues Broché. Scérén. ISBN 9782866213725.

    Calatayud, Agnes (2006) Objectif moi: le documentaire à la première personne et le jeune cinéma français. Canadian Journal of Film Studies ,

    Calatayud, Agnes (2006) Remembrance of things past: a new departure in films and French colonial history? a case study of François Luciani's 'L'Algérie des Chimères' (2003). Bulletin of Francophone Africa , ISSN 0966-1018.

    Calè, Luisa (2006) Fuseli's Milton Gallery: turning readers into spectators. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press. ISBN 9780199267385.

    Calè, Luisa (2006) Periodical personae: pseudonyms, authorship and the imagined community of Joseph Priestley’s Theological Repository. 19: Interdisciplinary Studies in the Long Nineteenth Century 3 , ISSN 1755-1560.

    Carrington, S. and Hope, Sophie (2006) Tracing change: socially engaged art practice in the context of regeneration in the UK. Zivot Umjetnosti 76/77 , pp. 118-123. ISSN 0514-7794.

    Catani, Damian (2006) 'New Approaches to Zola: Selected Papers from the 2002 Cambridge Centenary Colloquium' by Hannah Thompson. [Book Review]

    Clucas, Stephen (2006) John Dee’s angelic conversations and the Ars notoria: Renaissance magic and mediaeval theurgy. In: Clucas, Stephen (ed.) John Dee: Interdisciplinary Studies in English Renaissance Thought. International Archives of the History of Ideas Archives internationales d'histoire des idées 193. New York, U.S.: Springer, pp. 231-274. ISBN 9781402042454.

    Cook, V. and Bassetti, Benedetta and Kasai, C. and Sasaki, M. and Takahashi, J. (2006) Do bilinguals have different concepts? The case of shape and material in Japanese L2 users of English. International Journal of Bilingualism 10 (2), pp. 137-152. ISSN 1367-0069.

    Couldry, N. and Markham, Tim (2006) Public connection through media consumption: between oversocialization and de-socialization? The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science 608 (1), pp. 251-269. ISSN 0002-7162.


    Damrau, Peter (2006) The reception of English puritan literature in Germany. MHRA Texts and Dissertations 66. Leeds, Uk: Maney Publishing. ISBN 9781781880760.

    Dewaele, Jean-Marc (2006) Expressing anger in multiple languages. In: Pavlenko, A. (ed.) Bilingual minds: Emotional experience, expression, and representation. Clevedon: Multilingual Matters. ISBN 9781853598722.

    Dewaele, Jean-Marc (2006) L'effet des variables objectives et affectives sur la maïtrise orale de multilingues adultes. Etudes de Linguistique Appliquee (144), pp. 441-464. ISSN 2110-5375.

    Dewaele, Jean-Marc and Planchenault, G. (2006) “Dites-moi tu”?! la perception de la difficulté du système des pronoms d’adresse en Français. In: Faraco, M. (ed.) Regards croisés sur la classe de langue : Pratiques, méthodes et théories. Aix, France: Publications de l'Université de Provence, pp. 147-166.


    Fracchia, Carmen (2006) Becoming the self or somebody else: the case of the Afro-Hispanic slave painter Juan de Pareja. In: School of Languages, Linguistics and Culture, Research Forum Seminar, 2006, Birkbeck, University of London, UK. (Unpublished)

    Fracchia, Carmen (2006) The hardest graft of all: the miracle of the black leg in early modern Spain. In: Medicine and the Body Politic, 2006, Centre for Applied Philosophy, Politics and Ethics, University of Brighton, UK. (Unpublished)

    Fraser, Hilary (2006) Writing in the margins and reading between the lines in Vernon Lee’s library. In: Bizzotto, E. and Cenni, S. (eds.) ‘Dalla stanza accanto’: Vernon Lee e Firenze settant’ anni dopo. Florence, Italy: Consiglio Regionale della Toscana, pp. 231-241.

    Fraser, Hilary (2006) A visual field: Michael Field and the gaze. Victorian Literature and Culture 34 (02), pp. 553-571. ISSN 1060-1503.


    Hartnell, Anna (2006) Mirroring Moses, doubling Exodus: disowning violence in the Judeo-Christianity of Martin Luther King. The Australian Journal of Jewish Studies 20 , pp. 59-88. ISSN 1037-0838.

    Hideki, N. and Teevan, Colin (2006) The bee. London, UK: Oberon Books. ISBN 9781840026818.


    Kawakami, Akane (2006) Travellers' visions: French encounters with Japan, 1887-2004. Liverpool, UK: Liverpool University Press. ISBN 9780853237301.


    Lambert, D. and Martins, Luciana and Ogborn, M. (2006) Currents, visions and voyages: historical geographies of the sea. Journal of Historical Geography 32 (3), pp. 479-493. ISSN 0305-7488.

    Leal, Joanne (2006) Introduction: German Film since the Wende (2). [Editorial/Introduction]

    Leal, Joanne (2006) Introduction: German film since the Wende. German as a Foreign Language 2006 (1), ISSN 1470-9570.

    Leal, Joanne (2006) Time, transformation and tradition in Oskar Roehler's 'Die Unberührbare'. German as a Foreign Language 2006 (1), pp. 76-89. ISSN 1470-9570.

    Leslie, Esther (2006) Add value to contents: the valorisation of culture today. Transversal: machines and subjectivation 11 , ISSN 1811-1696.

    Leslie, Esther (2006) From stillness to movement and back: cartoon theory today. Radical Philosophy 137 , pp. 8-12. ISSN 0300-211X.

    Leslie, Esther (2006) Kandinsky, Oskar Fischinger: where abstraction and comics collide. Tate etc. 7 , ISSN 1743-8853.

    Leslie, Esther (2006) Ruin and rubble in the arcades. In: Hansen, B. (ed.) Walter Benjamin and the Arcades Project. Walter Benjamin Studies. London, UK: Continuum. ISBN 9780826463876.

    Leslie, Esther (2006) Where abstraction and comics collide: Oskar Fischinger. Tate etc. 7 , ISSN 1743-8853.

    Leslie, Esther and Watson, B. (2006) Comic Marxism: punk's day-glo and the Bash Street Kids. Dot Dot Dot 11 ,

    Lewis, Ann (2006) Relire Mme Riccoboni au dix-neuvième siècle: une enquête péritextuelle. In: Mme Riccoboni: une diversité décontractée, 18-20 May 2006, Louvain-Anvers, Belgium.

    Lorch, Marjorie (2006) Language and memory disorder in the case of Jonathan Swift: considerations on retrospective diagnosis. Brain 129 (11), pp. 3127-3137. ISSN 0006-8950.

    Lorch, Marjorie (2006) Phrenology and methodology, or "playing tennis with the net down". Aphasiology 20 (9-11), pp. 1059-1071. ISSN 0268-7038.

    Luckhurst, Roger (2006) British science fiction in the 1990s: politics and genre. In: Bentley, N. (ed.) British Fiction of the 1990s. Abingdon, UK: Routledge. ISBN 9780415342575.

    Luckhurst, Roger (2006) Bruno Latour's scientifiction: networks, assemblages and tangled objects. Science Fiction Studies 33 (1), pp. 4-17. ISSN 0091-7729.

    Luckhurst, Roger (2006) Introduction: techno-culture and science fiction. Science Fiction Studies 33 (1), pp. 1-3. ISSN 0091-7729.

    Luckhurst, Roger (2006) Mixing memory and desire: psychoanalysis, psychology and trauma theory. In: Waugh, P. (ed.) Literary theory and criticism: an Oxford guide. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press, pp. 497-507. ISBN 9781405112185.

    Luckhurst, Roger (2006) The curse of the mummy: a genealogy. In: Mildorf, J. and Seeber, H.U. and Windisch, M. (eds.) Magic, Science, Technology and Literature. Münster, Germany: LIT Verlag, pp. 126-139. ISBN 9783825893118.

    Luckhurst, Roger and Partington, Gillian (2006) Technoculture and science fiction. [Editorial/Introduction]


    Mackay, F. and Etienne, Jan (2006) Black managers in further education: career hopes and hesitations. Educational Management: Administration & Leadership 34 (1), pp. 9-28. ISSN 1741-1432.

    Martins, Luciana (2006) A bay to be dreamed of: British visions of Rio de Janeiro. Portuguese Studies 22 (1), pp. 19-38. ISSN 0267-5315.

    McCabe, Janet (2006) Cicely under the skin: female narrative and America's historical unconscious in "Northern Exposure". Critical Studies in Television 1 (2), pp. 19-32. ISSN 1749-6020.

    McCabe, Janet (2006) Myth maketh the woman: Calamity Jane, frontier mythology and creating American (media) historical imaginings. In: Lavery, D. (ed.) Reading "Deadwood": A Western to Swear. Reading Contemporary Television. London, UK: I.B. Tauris, pp. 59-77. ISBN 9781845112219.

    McCabe, Janet and Akass, K. (2006) Feminist television criticism: notes and queries. Critical Studies in Television 1 (1), pp. 108-120. ISSN 1749-6020.

    McCabe, Janet and Akass, K. (2006) What has Carmela ever done for feminism?: Carmela Soprano and the post-feminist dilemma. In: Lavery, D. (ed.) Reading "The Sopranos": Hit TV from HBO. London, UK: I.B. Tauris, pp. 39-55. ISBN 9781845111212.

    McEntee-Atalianis, Lisa (2006) Geostrategies of interlingualism: language policy and practice in the international maritime organisation, London, UK. Current Issues in Language Planning 7 (2/3), pp. 341-358. ISSN 1466-4208.

    McEntee-Atalianis, Lisa (2006) Minority rights in a supra-national era: the case of the deaf community in the UK. Birkbeck Studies in Applied Linguistics 1 , pp. 20-40. ISSN 1754-5366.

    Michels, Eckard (2006) Deutsche Akademie. Das Historische Lexikon Bayerns.

    Michels, Eckard (2006) Deutsche in der Fremdenlegion 1870-1965: Mythen und Realitäten, 5th Edition. Krieg in der Geschichte 2. Paderborn, Germany: Schöningh. ISBN 9783506757180.

    Michels, Eckard (2006) Deutschlands einziger "Kolonialheld“ und seine "Askaris“: Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck und der Feldzug in Ostafrika im Ersten Weltkrieg’. Revue d'Allemagne et des pays de langue allemande 38 (4), pp. 541-554. ISSN 0035-0794.

    Michels, Eckard (2006) Ein Feldzug - zwei Perspektiven? Paul von Lettow-Vorbecks und Heinrich Schnees Erlebnisberichte über den Ersten Weltkrieg in Ostafrika. In: Epkenhans, M. and Förster, S. and Hagemann, K. (eds.) Militärische Erinnerungskultur. Soldaten im Spiegel von Biographien, Memoiren und Selbstzeugnissen. Paderborn, Germany: Ferdinand Schöningh, pp. 152-168. ISBN 9783506756800.

    Michels, Eckard (2006) Goethe-Institut. Das Historische Lexikon Bayerns.

    Michels, Eckard (2006) Neue Ansätze und Altbekanntes : Anmerkungen zu jüngsten Veröffentlichungen zu Gustav Stresemann. Francia 33 (3), pp. 139-144. ISSN 0251-3609.

    Mills, Victoria (2006) The album as museum? A response to Patrizia di Bello on an interdisciplinary approach to Mrs Birkbeck's Album. 19: Interdisciplinary Studies in the Long Nineteenth Century (2), ISSN 1755-1560.

    Morton, Thomas (2006) Paul Seedhouse: the interactional architecture of the language classroom: a conversation analysis perspective. Blackwell, 2005. [Book Review]

    Mulvey, Laura (2006) Death 24x a second: stillness and the moving image. London, UK: Reaktion Books. ISBN 9781861892638.


    NDiaye, M. and Asibong, Andrew (2006) Papa doit manger. Royal Court Theatre, London, UK.


    Petrić, Bojana (2006) History textbooks in Serbia after 2000: signs of educational change? Internationale Schulbuchforschung 28 (2), pp. 177-196. ISSN 0172-8237.

    Petrić, Bojana (2006) Interdisciplinarity and writer identity: students' views and experiences. In: Kiely, Robert and Clibbon, G. and Rea-Dickins, P. and Woodfield, H. (eds.) Language, culture, and identity in applied linguistics. London, UK: Equinox Publishing Ltd, pp. 119-131. ISBN 9781845532192.

    Petrić, Bojana (2006) Rečnik obrazovne reforme. Novi Sad, Serbia: Pedagoški zavod Vojvodine. ISBN 9788685869112.

    Petrić, Bojana (2006) An introduction to language policy: theory and method. [Book Review]


    Richards, Anna (2006) Forgetting the dead in Gellert's Leben der Schwedischen Gräfin von G (1747/8). Oxford German Studies 35 (2), pp. 165-175. ISSN 0078-7191.

    Richards, Anna (2006) Providence and sympathy: consoling the bereaved in the late Eighteenth Century. German Life and Letters 59 (3), pp. 361-378. ISSN 0016-8777.

    Rodgers, Scott (2006) 'The Imaginative Structure of the City'. [Book Review]

    Rodgers, Scott (2006) Newspaper journalism and the changing publics of multimedia cities. In: Cities and Media: Cultural Perspectives On Urban Identities In A Mediatized World, 25-29 Oct 2006, Vadstena, Sweden.


    Sandon, Emma and Holland, P. (2006) Can whiskey come too? reflections on viewing domestic colonial photographic collections. In: Faulkner, S. and Ramamurthy, A. (eds.) Visual Culture and Decolonisation in Britain. London, UK: Ashgate, pp. 153-188. ISBN 9780754640028.

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    Sia, J. and Dewaele, Jean-Marc (2006) Are you bilingual? Birkbeck Studies in Applied Linguistics , ISSN 1754-5366.

    Stevenson, R.L. (2006) Strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Oxford, UK: Oxford World's Classics. ISBN 9780199536221.


    Teevan, Colin (2006) Company of strangers. The Guardian , ISSN 0261-3077.

    Teevan, Colin (2006) Free the playwrights: a brief introduction to monsterism. Contemporary Theatre Review 16 (2), pp. 235-250. ISSN 1048-6801.

    Teevan, Colin (2006) How many miles to Basra? London, UK: Oberon Books. ISBN 9781840026900.

    Teevan, Colin (2006) Missing persons: four tragedies and Roy Keane. London, UK: Oberon Books. ISBN 9781840026467.

    Teevan, Colin (2006) Roy Keane and the wrath of Apollo. BBC Radio 3.

    Teevan, Colin (2006) What we said about the whale and what the whale said about us. BBC Radio 3.

    Temple, Michael (2006) Interlocutions. In: Brenez, N. and Faroult, D. and Temple, Michael and Williams, J. and Witt, M. (eds.) Jean-Luc Godard: documents. Paris, France: Éditions du Centre Pompidou, pp. 324-330. ISBN 9782844262998.

    Temple, Michael (2006) Présentation de Moi Je. In: Brenez, N. and Faroult, D. and Temple, Michael and Williams, J. and Witt, M. (eds.) Jean-Luc Godard: documents. Paris, France: Éditions du Centre Pompidou, pp. 189-245. ISBN 9782844262998.

    Thain, M. and Parejo Vadillo, Ana (2006) Fin-de-siecle renaissance: diversity, history, modernity. [Editorial/Introduction]


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    Walsh, Fintan (2006) The law of the father, and of the son, and of the evil queer: (en)gendering violence in 'The Passion of the Christ'. In: UNSPECIFIED (ed.) Journal of Postgraduate Research. Dublin, Ireland: Trinity College Dublin, pp. 171-174. ISBN 9780955054723.

    Walsh, Fintan (2006) The politics of desire: The International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival. Irish Theatre Magazine 6 (27),

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    Weber, Alexander (2006) Aemula philomela: die nachtigall im wettstreit. überlegungen zu tiervergleichen in der kontroversliteratur der reformation und in der neulateinischen dichtung. Spee-Jahrbuch 13 , pp. 113-128. ISSN 0947-0735.

    Weber, Alexander (2006) Der Frühsozialist Thomas Hodgskin und die Anfänge der Germanistik in Großbritannien. Internationales Archiv für Sozialgeschichte der deutschen Literatur (IASL) 31 (1), pp. 51-75. ISSN 0340-4528.

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