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    Anan, Nobuko (2011) Theatre and feminism in Japan. In: International Federation for Theatre Research, 2011, Osaka University, Osaka, Japan. (Unpublished)

    Anan, Nobuko (2011) Two-dimensional imagination in contemporary Japanese women's performance. TDR: The Drama Review 55 (4), pp. 96-112. ISSN 1054-2043.

    Arnold-de Simine, Silke (2011) W. G. Sebald - die dialektische imagination by Ben Hutchinson. [Book Review]

    Arnold-de Simine, Silke (2011) The spirit of an epoch is not just reflected in pictures and books, but also in pots and frying pans: GDR museums and memories of everday life. In: Hodgin, N. and Pearce, C. (eds.) The GDR Remembered. Representations of the East German State since 1989. Studies in German Literature Linguistics and Culture. Rochester, New York, USA: Camden House, pp. 95-111. ISBN 9781571134349.

    Asibong, Andrew (2011) Claire Denis's flickering spaces of hospitality. L'Esprit Créateur 51 (1), pp. 154-167. ISSN 0014-0767.


    Balibrea, Mari Paz (2011) "Constituyendo España": exilio y república en tres décadas de democracia. In: Schammah Gesser, S. and Rein, R. (eds.) El otro en la España contemporánea/ Prácticas, Discursos y Representaciones. Coleccion Anfora 5. Seville, Spain: Fundación Tres Culturas, pp. 405-434. ISBN 978849370418.

    Balibrea, Mari Paz (2011) Contra el olvido. El exilio espan˜ ol en Estados Unidos. Edicio´n de Sebastiaan Faber y Cristina Martı´nez Carazo. [Book Review]

    Balibrea, Mari Paz (2011) In search of a new realism: Manuel Vázquez Montalbán and the Spanish novela negra. In: Vosburg, N. (ed.) Iberian Crime Fiction. Cardiff, Wales: University of Wales Press, pp. 28-50. ISBN 9780708323328.

    Balibrea, Mari Paz (2011) Los intelectuales del exilio en la reconceptualización crítica del pensamiento sobre España. In: Los intelectuales en España: de la dictadura a la democracia (1939-1986), 4-5 May 2011, Fundación Pablo Iglesias, Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid. (Unpublished)

    Balibrea, Mari Paz (2011) Quién me USA? Antiamericanismo y paranoia en escrito en un Dólar. In: Ascunce Arrieta, J.A. and Rodríguez, A. (eds.) Haz lo que temas: la novelística de Raúl Guerra Garrido. Bilbao, Spain: Universidad de Deusto, pp. 123-139. ISBN 9788498303315.

    Balibrea, Mari Paz (2011) Workshop introduction. In: Learning from Barcelona: Art, Real Estate and the pre-Olympic city. A Dialogue between London and Barcelona, January 28th - 29th, Birkbeck, Stratford, London. (Unpublished)

    Bauer, Heike (2011) Lesbian time. In: Giffney, N. and Sauer, M.S. and Watt, D. (eds.) The Lesbian Premodern. The New Middle Ages. Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 161-169. ISBN 9780230616769.

    Bintley, Mike (2011) Landscape gardening: remodelling the Hortus Conclusus in Judgement Day II. Review of English Studies 62 (253), pp. 1-14. ISSN 0034-6551.

    Bintley, Mike (2011) Material culture: archaeology and text. In: North, R. and Allard, J. (eds.) Beowulf and Other Stories - Second Edition. Pearson, pp. 246-273. ISBN 9781408286036.

    Bown, Nicola (2011) Gilbert in fairyland: the enchanted forest and the transfigured landscape. In: Bucklow, S. and Woodcock, S. (eds.) Sir John Gilbert: Art and Imagination in the Victorian Age. Farnham, UK: Ashgate. ISBN 9781848220799.

    Bown, Nicola (2011) Tender beauty: Victorian painting and the problem of sentimentality. Journal of Victorian Culture 16 (2), pp. 214-225. ISSN 1355-5502.

    Brady, M. and Leal, Joanne (2011) Wim Wenders and Peter Handke: collaboration, adaptation, recomposition. Internationale Forschungen zur Allgemeinen und Vergleichenden Literaturwissenschaft 147. Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Rodopi. ISBN 9789042032477.

    Bray, M. and Calatayud, Agnes (2011) The truth about lies: the relationship between fiction and reality in Abbas Kiarostami’s 'Certified Copy'. New Readings 11 , ISSN 1359-7485.

    Brooker, Joseph (2011) Myles’ tones. In: Baines, J. (ed.) 'Is it about a bicycle?' Flann O'Brien in the Twenty-First Century. Dublin, Ireland: Four Courts Press, pp. 17-31. ISBN 9781846822407.

    Brooker, Joseph (2011) "That Carrousel Inside and Outside My Head": Flann O’Brien and pale fire. Review of Contemporary Fiction 31 (3), pp. 120-133. ISSN 0276-0045.

    Burdett, Carolyn (2011) Introduction: Sentimentalities. Journal of Victorian Culture 16 (2), pp. 187-194. ISSN 1355-5502.

    Burdett, Carolyn (2011) Introduction: psychology/aesthetics in the Nineteenth Century. 19: Interdisciplinary Studies in the Long Nineteenth Century 12 , ISSN 1755-1560.

    Burdett, Carolyn (2011) Is empathy the end of sentimentality? Journal of Victorian Culture 16 (2), pp. 259-274. ISSN 1355-5502.

    Burdett, Carolyn (2011) New agenda sentimentalities: introduction. Journal of Victorian Culture 16 (2), pp. 187-194. ISSN 1355-5502.

    Burdett, Carolyn (2011) Olive Schreiner. Writers and Their Work. Plymouth, UK: Northcote House. ISBN 9780746310885.

    Burdett, Carolyn (2011) "The subjective inside us can turn into the objective outside": Vernon Lee's psychological aesthetics. 19: Interdisciplinary Studies in the Long Nineteenth Century 12 , ISSN 1755-1560.


    Calatayud, Agnes (2011) The self-portrait in French cinema: reflexions on theory and on Agnès Varda's 'Les Glaneurs et la glaneuse'. In: Edwards, N. and Hubbell, A.L. and Miller, A. (eds.) Textual and Visual Selves: Photography, Film, and Comic Art in French Autobiography. Lincoln, Nebraska, USA: The University of Nebraska Press. ISBN 9780803236318.

    Calatayud, Agnes (2011) The self-portrait in French cinema: rfleections on theory and on Agnès Varda’s "Les Glaneurs et la glaneuse". In: Edwards, N. and Hubbell, A.L. and Miller, A. (eds.) Textual and Visual Selves: Photography, Film, and Comic Art in French Autobiography. Lincoln, U.S.: University of Nebraska Press, pp. 209-234. ISBN 9780803236318.

    Calè, Luisa (2011) Gray’s ode and Walpole’s China tub: the order of the book and the paper lives of an object. Eighteenth-Century Studies 45 (1), pp. 105-125. ISSN 0013-2586.

    Calè, Luisa (2011) The nightmare disseminated: the poetics of the bedroom scene in Fuseli, Frankenstein, Film. In: Thornton, S. and Gillard-Estrada, A.F. (eds.) Circulation and transfer of key scenes in nineteenth-century literature. Cahiers Charles V 48. Paris, France: Institut d'études anglophones, Université Paris Diderot, pp. 85-106. ISBN 9782902937479.

    Calè, Luisa and Craciun, A. (2011) The disorder of things. Eighteenth-Century Studies 45 (1), pp. 1-13. ISSN 0013-2586.

    Catani, Damian (2011) The French Revolution: historical necessity or historical evil? Terror and slavery in Hugo’s Quatrevingt-treize and Confiant’s "L’Archet du colonel". In: Evans, D. and Griffiths, K. (eds.) Institutions and Power in Nineteenth-Century French Literature and Culture. Faux Titre 363. Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Rodopi, pp. 51-68. ISBN 9789042033849.

    Catani, Damian (2011) Mal et modernité: vice urbain et colonialisme dans Mademoiselle Bistouri et La belle Dorothée. In: Baudelaire in the world - Critical Traditions and Translations, 2011, Bibliothèque historique de la ville de Paris. (Unpublished)

    Centeno Martin, Marcos Pablo (2011) Views of Modern and Postmodern Tokyo: dehumanization, urban and body changes. In: Biserna, E. and Brown, P. (eds.) Cinema, Architecture, Dispositif. Pasian di Prato: Campanotto Editore, pp. 156-161. ISBN 8845612176.

    Chetwynd, Ali and Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Britain or America for the PhD in English? ,

    Chetwynd, Ali and Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Britain or America for the PhD in English? Part 2. ,

    Christie, Ian (2011) “All that life can afford”? Perspectives on the screening of historic literary London. In: Handa, R. and Potter, J. (eds.) Conjuring the Real: The Role of Architecture in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Fiction. Lincoln, U.S.: University of Nebraska Press, pp. 21-66. ISBN 9780803217430.

    Clucas, Stephen (2011) John Dee’s annotations to Ficino’s translation of Plato. In: Clucas, Stephen and Forshaw, P.J. and Rees, V. (eds.) Laus Platonici Philosophi: Marsilio Ficino and His Influence. Brill's Studies in Intellectual History 198. Leiden, The Netherlands: Brill, pp. 227-248. ISBN 9789004188976.

    Clucas, Stephen (2011) Magic, Memory and Natural Philosophy in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries. Variorum Collected Studies Series CS973. Farnham, UK: Ashgate. ISBN 9781409419754.

    Clucas, Stephen (2011) Margaret Cavendish's materialist critique of van Helmontian chymistry. Ambix 58 (1), pp. 1-12. ISSN 0002-6980.

    Connor, Steven (2011) Doing without art. New Literary History 42 (1), pp. 53-69. ISSN 1080-661X.

    Connor, Steven (2011) James Joyce. Tavistock, UK: Northcote House. ISBN 9780746311677.

    Connor, Steven (2011) Paraphernalia: the curious lives of magical things. London, UK: Profile Books. ISBN 9781846682704.

    Connor, Steven (2011) Personifikationen/Personifications. In: UNSPECIFIED (ed.) Ars Viva 2011-12: Sprache/Language: Erik Bünger, Philipp Goldbach, Jeurgen Stach. Berlin, Germany: Kulturkreis der deutschen Wirtschaft, pp. 34-47.

    Connor, Steven (2011) A Philosophy of Sport. London, UK: Reaktion Books. ISBN 9781861898692.

    Connor, Steven (2011) Rage, rage against the dying of delight. In: Schad, J. and Tearle, O. (eds.) Sighs, Cries, Lies, Insults, Outbursts, Hoaxes, Disasters, Letters of Resignation, and Various Other Noises Off in These the First and Last Days of Literary Criticism ... Not to Mention the University. Sussex, UK: Sussex Academic Press, pp. 63-78. ISBN 9781845193423.


    Davis, Isabel (2011) "The Trinite is our everlasting lover": marriage and trinitarian love in the later Middle Ages. Speculum 86 (4), pp. 914-963. ISSN 0038-7134.

    Davis, Isabel (2011) ‘Ye that pasen by þe weiye’: time, topology and the medieval use of Lamentations 1.12. Textual Practice 25 (3), pp. 437-472. ISSN 0950-236X.

    Dewaele, Jean-Marc (2011) L’acquisition et l’usage de scripts dans les différentes langues de multilingues adultes. In: Auger, N. and Beal, C. and Demougin, F. (eds.) Interactions et interculturalité : variété des corpus et des approches. Transversal 31. Bern, Switzerland: Peter Lang, pp. 195-222. ISBN 9783034310628.

    Dewaele, Jean-Marc (2011) Reflections on the emotional and psychological aspects of foreign language learning and use. Anglistik: International Journal of English Studies 22 (1), pp. 23-42. ISSN 0947-0034.

    Dewaele, Jean-Marc (2011) Self-reported use and perception of the L1 and L2 among maximally proficient bi- and multilinguals: a quantitative and qualitative investigation. International Journal of the Sociology of Language (208), pp. 25-51. ISSN 0165-2516.

    Dewaele, Jean-Marc (2011) Variation in self-reported frequency of use of French swearwords among L2 and L3 users of French. In: Martineau, F. and Nadasdi, T. (eds.) Le Français en Contact: Hommages à Raymond Mougeon. Les Voies du Français. Quebec, Canada: Presses de l’Université Laval, pp. 87-116. ISBN 9782763793177.

    Dobson, Michael (2011) Shakespeare and amateur performance: a cultural history. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press. ISBN 9780521862349.

    Dobson, Michael (2011) The pageant of history: staging the local past, 1905-39. In: Burnett, M.T. and Streete, A. (eds.) Filming and Performing Renaissance History. Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 163-177. ISBN 9780230273436.

    Dunst, A. and Edwards, Caroline (2011) Collective subjects, emancipatory cultures and political transformation. Subjectivity 4 , pp. 1-8. ISSN 1755-6341.

    d'Argenio, Maria Chiara (2011) Writing, sciences and occult practices in the XIX and XX centuries: discursive construction on the truth in Poe, Holmberg, Piglia. Bulletin of Hispanic Studies 88 (2), pp. 219-237. ISSN 1475-3839.


    Eldridge, David (2011) The knot of the heart. Modern Plays. London, UK: Bloomsbury. ISBN 9781408156018.

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) 2012: Year of the PhD Completion / Guardian Higher Education Top 10 posts. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) 64bit GNU/Linux and Webcams (Logitech Quickcam Express). ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) The 8th Biennial Symbiosis Conference: Day 1. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) The 8th Biennial Symbiosis Conference: Day 2. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) The 8th Biennial Symbiosis Conference: Day 3. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Academia, EdTech, Blogging and Twitter: Enough with the Meta, Already? ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Academic Businesss Cards. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Account aggregation with UK banks and a free software Lloyds TSB scraper. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Adorno terminology: intentio recta and intention obliqua. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Adorno, Benjamin and Wittgenstein (!): knowledge is not property. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) The Analytic of Patriotism: On Greg Mitchell''s The Age of WikiLeaks. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Android Rom Update Utility extractor for Linux. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Android and Eduroam. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Angry Young Academics: The Directors'' Cut. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Automated CPanel Backups with SCP. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) BBC News: fathoming financial terms. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) The Big Society and Mythical Structure. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Booting Ubuntu from devices invisible to GRUB2. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) The Botnet: Webs of Hegemony/Zombies Who Publish. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Brian Lobel: BALL and Other Funny Stories About Cancer. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) A Brief Intro Pynchon Bibliography (Biographical and Gravity's Rainbow). ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) CFP: Excursions Journal: States of Emergence, States of Emergency. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) CFP: First Conference of the UK Academic Pynchon Network. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Change of license: all content now CC-BY. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Conference Paper: "Autosubversive Practices in Academic Publishing", UKSG, 2012-03-26. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Conference Paper: 'It sure's hell looked like war': Terrorism and the Cold War in Thomas Pynchon's Against the Day and Don DeLillo's Underworld', 2010-06-09, University of Lublin. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Conference Paper: The F Word, 2011-04-01, University of Durham. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Conference paper: Geo-specificity of Enlightenment in Mason & Dixon, 2011-06-24, University of Glasgow. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Conference paper: “The Driver's Whip is an evil thing”: Enlightenment as Mass Enslavement in the Works of Thomas Pynchon, 2011-06-17, University of Portsmouth. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Crossword Helper for Android. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) David Foster Wallace's The Pale King: Bonnie Nadell and Michael Pietsch. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) David Leigh and Luke Harding's WikiLeaks: Inside Julian Assange's War on Secrecy. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Delay to Report on First UKPN Meeting. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Designing a UK undergraduate English literature course. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Dialectic of Enlightenment, 2011. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Donne it wrong: Holy Sonnet numbering confusion. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Dropbox: you''ve missed the real problem. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Encrypted Partition Recovery on Ubuntu 10.10. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Enslavement Conference, Portsmouth, 17th June 2011. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Exactly half-way through my PhD timetable. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Excursions, Vol. 2, Issue 1: Virus (2011). ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) The F word. In: "Opening out into a broader highway": The First Meeting of the UK Pynchon Network, 1 Apr 2011, Durham University, UK. (Unpublished)

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) First Fictions launch weekend: 20-22 January, 2012. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Forthcoming workshops: academic websites & protecting your assets. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Getting Published in Academia. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Getting a custom Sync Service and Adapter to show up under Data and Synchronization. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Global and historical reasons why it is utterly innapropriate, even to joke, about killing trade unionists. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Guardian Q&A Summary: Life After a PhD. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Guarding your academic ideas. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Guest piece in the Guardian: Secondary schools are not adequately preparing students for higher education. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Guest post at PhD2Published. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Guest post on Google Scholar Citations. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) HEFCE board appointments: learning through Argos. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Happy 85th Birthday, Michel Foucault. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Historical sources for Pynchon's Peter Pinguid Society. Pynchon Notes 56-57 , pp. 242-245. ISSN 0278-1891.

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) How not to apply to give a conference paper. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) I have nothing to do with this dissertation writing service. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Immanent critique of closed access publication. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) In Dubio Contra Reum: a definition. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Installing Zotero on Ubuntu Natty (11.04/Beta). ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Installing Zotero on Ubuntu Oneiric (11.10/Beta). ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Is academic work commercial? How does this affect libre licensing? ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Is it worth presenting at postgraduate conferences? ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Judith Butler at Sussex on Arendt, Cohabitation, and the Dispersion of Sovereignty. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Live Q&A: Life after a PhD [Friday 15th April 2011, 13.00-16.00]. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Media piece: Taking Back the University, The Guardian. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Mendeley Android Client Progress (w/ Video, Source and APK). ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Mendeley Android Client: now implemented as a user account with sync. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Mendeley for Android Update. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Mendeley for Android: Progress update. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Mendeley for Android: screenshot of collection display. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) More Pynchonalia. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Moving from Ubuntu to Fedora. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) My AHEA success featured in RUSTLE. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) My recent work at Berfrois. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) .NETIDS development restarted. Participants wanted. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) The Nobel Prize for Literature 2011 Hoax. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) OAuth for Mendeley on Android: solved and a bug. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) OCZ RevoDrive on Abit Fatal1ty FP-IN9 SLI. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) On #PhDchat: Call for Collaboration/History, Overview, Themes and Response. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) On Daniel Domscheit-Berg''s Inside WikiLeaks: My Time with Julian Assange. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) On Pynchon and Privacy. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Open Access Week at the University of Sussex. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Open Hardware: the Netgear WNR3500L. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Orbit: Writing Around Pynchon. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Osama Bin Laden and Nuremberg Precedent. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Photograph and Interview in the Guardian. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Picture This: Postcards Exhibition. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Picture this: Postcards Competition. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Postgraduate Publishing. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Prisoner Rights, Overcriminalisation and Reform in Democracy. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Publication: 'Historical Sources for Pynchon’s Peter Pinguid Society', Pynchon Notes, 56-57 (Spring-Fall 2009 (2011)), pp. 242-245. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Publication: 'Review of Joe Moran, Interdisciplinarity 2nd edition', Rupkatha, 3, 1 (April 2011). ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Publication: Local Transcendence: Postmodern Historiography and the Database. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Publishing articles in PDF via XML/XSLT using Open Journal Systems 2.3.6. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Pynchon in Public Day 2011. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Pynchon reference in the Economist. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Pynchon's Friends in Gravity's Rainbow. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Reading the "My Marxist Feminist Dialectic Brings all the Boys to the Yard" T-Shirt. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Review of Interdisciplinarity (2nd edition) by Joe Moran. Rupkatha 3 (1), pp. 218-221. ISSN 0975-2935.

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) The Rhetoric of Fighting Illness and Disability. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Richard Stallman at the University of Sussex. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Rockaby: Mission Statement and Implementation Plans. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Romeo Castellucci / Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio's "On the Concept of the Face, Regarding the Son of God". ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Russell Hoban in Conversation with Will Self at the British Library. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) SA4QE 2011: Spreading the Word of Russell Hoban. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) SA4QE2011: The Drops. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) SSL Enabled. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Satchmo payment modules. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Secondary schools are not adequately preparing students for higher education. Guardian ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Simon F. Davies' Open Educational Resource on Literary Terms. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Six lines to get Sun Java running on Fedora 15 x64. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Speaking plainly. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) A Statistical History of UK Pynchon Doctorates. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Sussex Research Hive Seminars. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Things to do when you get a new Android phone. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) A Thomas Pynchon tattoo recruit. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Thomas Pynchon, Michel Foucault and philosophico-literary hospitality. Berfrois ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Thoughts from "Calling All Agents": The first symposium on the work of Tom McCarthy. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Troy Davis: Innocence and Execution; If This is a Man. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) UK HE White Paper day. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) UK Pynchon Network: Site Up and Programme Announced. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Ubuntu Natty Beta 1: My Upgrade Experience. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) (Un)Reasonable fees by which metric? ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Upcoming Workshop: Inbox zero and tech-task lists: getting things done. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Upcoming workshop: Using Twitter for Research. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Using Elliptical Curve Cryptography in OpenSSH. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Using Twitter for Research. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) "We've met before, haven't we?": Spatio-Temporal Distortion in David Lynch's Lost Highway. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) The Werritty Feasel. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) What has social media ever done for me? ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) What is Thomas Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow about? ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Whose line is it anyway? Geographical specificity of enlightenment in Thomas Pynchon's Mason & Dixon. In: The 8th Biennial Symbiosis Conference, 23-26 Jun 2011, University of Glasgow, UK. (Unpublished)

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) William Gibson, Cory Doctorow, Diane Coyle and Mark Stevenson at the British Library. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Words in memory of Troy Davis. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Writing a plugin for Open Journal Systems: Part 1. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) Writing a plugin for Open Journal Systems: Part 2. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) A dissenting voice on #AcBoWriMo. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) "The driver's whip is an evil thing": enlightenment as mass enslavement in the works of Thomas Pynchon. In: Enslavement: Colonial Appropriations, Apparitions, Remembrances. 1750-Present Day, 17 Jun 2011, University of Portsmouth, UK. (Unpublished)

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) meXmlGalley now supporting image insertion (OJS: XML to PDF). ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2011) A minor correction to Anne Mangel''s Maxwell''s Demon, Entropy, Information:. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul and Jones, J.M. (2011) Angry young academics: striving for more than consumerism. Guardian ,

    Evnitskaya, N. and Morton, Tom (2011) Knowledge construction, meaning-making and interaction in CLIL science classroom communities of practice. Language and Education 25 (2), pp. 109-127. ISSN 0950-0782.


    Fell, Jill (2011) Book review: Gauguin: maker of myth. Modern & Contemporary France 19 (4), pp. 532-533. ISSN 0963-9489.

    Fell, Jill (2011) Oscar Wilde et Alfred Jarry. Rue des Beaux Arts 34 ,

    Fell, Jill (2011) The fascination of filiger: from Jarry to Breton. The Papers of Surrealism 9 ,

    Finlay, Alison (2011) Risking one’s head: Vafþrúðnismál and the mythic power of poetry. In: Anlezark, D. (ed.) Myths, Legends, and Heroes: Essays on Old Norse and Old English Literature. Toronto, Canada: Toronto University Press, pp. 91-108. ISBN 9780802099471.

    Fracchia, Carmen (2011) Afro-hispanos en la pintura de Velázquez: la mulata y Juan de Pareja. In: 3rd Internacional Congress of Afroeurope@ns, Afroeurope@s: Culturas e Identidades’, 2011, University of Cadiz, Cadiz, Spain. (Unpublished)

    Fracchia, Carmen (2011) Slave subjectivity in imperial Spain. In: Representations of Slavery in Latin America and the Caribbean, 2011, Southern Historical Association, Baltimore-Maryland, USA. (Unpublished)

    Fracchia, Carmen (2011) Slavery and visuality in imperial Spain: the miracle of the black leg. In: The Early Modern Society, 2011, Birkbeck, University of London, UK. (Unpublished)

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