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    Aranda, M. and Arner, K. and del Castillo, L. and Cowie, H. and Crawford, M. and Cullon, J. and Figueroa, M. and Gherini, C. and Grafe, M. and Irving, S. and Kashanipour, R. and Lois, C. and López-Denis, A. and Mandelblatt, B. and Montero Sobrevilla, I. and Murphy, K. and Otremba, E. and Parsons, C. and Peterson, H. and Senior, Emily and Vergara, T. and Wisecup, K. and Zilberstein, A. (2010) The history of Atlantic science: collective reflections from the 2009 Harvard seminar on Atlantic history. Atlantic Studies 7 (4), pp. 493-509. ISSN 1478-8810.


    Bale, Anthony (2010) Feeling persecuted: Christians, Jews and images of violence in the middle ages. London, UK: Reaktion Books. ISBN 9781861897619.

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    Bauer, Heike (2010) ‘Race’, normativity and the history of sexuality: Magnus Hirschfeld’s racism and the early-twentieth-century sexology. Psychology and Sexuality 1 (3), pp. 239-249. ISSN 1941-9899.

    Bown, Nicola (2010) What the alligator didn't know: natural selection and love in our mutual friend. 19: Interdisciplinary Studies in the Long Nineteenth Century (10), ISSN 1755-1560.

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    Burdett, Carolyn and Parejo Vadillo, Ana and White, P. (2010) Science, literature and the Darwin legacy. [Editorial/Introduction]


    Calè, Luisa (2010) Dickens extra-illustrated: heads and scenes in monthly parts (The Case of Nicholas Nickleby). Yearbook of English Studies 40 (1/2), pp. 8-32. ISSN 0306-2473.

    Clucas, Stephen (2010) ‘All the mistery of infinites’: mathematics and the atomism of Thomas Harriot. In: Rommevaux, S. (ed.) Mathématiques et connaissance du monde réel avant Galilée. Collection Histoire des savoirs. Montreuil, France: Edition Omniscience, pp. 113-154. ISBN 9782916097268.

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    Connor, Steven (2010) Beckett and the loutishness of learning. In: Tonning, E. and Feldman, M. and Engelberts, M. and van Hulle, D. (eds.) Samuel Beckett: Debts and Legacies. Samuel Beckett Today/Aujourd'hui 22. Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Rodopi, pp. 255-273. ISBN 9789042031661.

    Connor, Steven (2010) 'I believe that the world'. In: Nunning, V. and Nunning, A. and Neumann, B. (eds.) Cover Cultural Ways of Worldmaking: Media and Narratives. Concepts for the Study of Culture (CSC). Berlin, Germany: De Gruyter. ISBN 9783110227550.

    Connor, Steven (2010) Thinking things. Textual Practice 24 (1), pp. 1-20. ISSN 0950-236X.

    Connor, Steven (2010) The matter of air: science and art of the ethereal. London, UK: Reaktion. ISBN 9781861897664.

    Connor, Steven (2010) A philosophy of fidgets. In: Domela, P. (ed.) Touched. Liverpool, UK: Liverpool Biennial of Contemporary Art, pp. 30-37. ISBN 9780953676194.


    Davis, Isabel (2010) Writing masculinity in the later Middle Ages. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press. ISBN 9780521142175.

    Dobson, Michael (2010) John Philip Kemble. In: Holland, P. (ed.) Great Shakespeareans. London, UK: Continuum Books. ISBN 9780826471529.

    Duncan, Dennis (2010) Form and anxiety in translation: two case studies. Peer English 5 ,


    Edwards, Caroline (2010) Interview with Jon McGregor. Contemporary Literature 51 (2), pp. 217-245. ISSN 0010-7484.

    Edwards, Caroline (2010) Strange transactions: utopia, transmigration and time in Ghostwritten and Cloud Atlas. In: Dillon, S. (ed.) David Mitchell: Critical Essays. Canterbury, UK: Gylphi, pp. 179-203. ISBN 9781780240039.

    Eldridge, David (2010) The lady from the sea. London, UK: Bloomsbury Publishing. ISBN 9781408140925.

    Eldridge, David (2010) A thousand stars explode in the sky. Bloomsbury Publishing. ISBN 9781408131466.

    Eve, Martin Paul (2010) Alternative/Complementary Medicine and Mass Anecdotal Evidence as Theological in Structure. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2010) Applying for AHRC BGP Doctoral Grants. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2010) British Library usage made clear. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2010) Can we avoid the S word regarding David Foster Wallace? ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2010) Conditional CSS in Open Journal/Conference Systems. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2010) Converting Zotero Documents to Mendeley. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2010) Dark cloud looming. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2010) David Foster Wallace archive material. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2010) Djiscography: a Django-based discography generator. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2010) First Fictions conference. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2010) Fixing headphone jack on Toshiba Satellite C650D under Ubuntu Linux Maverick. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2010) HTC Wildfire Stage 1 Soft-Root. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2010) Humanities Map. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2010) Implementing COinS. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2010) International Pynchon Week 2010 Abstracts. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2010) International Pynchon Week 2010: Day 3. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2010) International Pynchon Week: Day 1. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2010) International Pynchon Week: Day 2. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2010) 'It sure's hell looked like war': terrorism and the Cold War in Thomas Pynchon's Against the Day and Don DeLillo's Underworld. In: International Pynchon Week 2010, 9-15 Jun 2010, Lublin, Poland. (Unpublished)

    Eve, Martin Paul (2010) Mendeley Android client; first preview and OAuth problem. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2010) My navy days with Thomas Ruggles Pynchon. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2010) New David Foster Wallace book Fall 2010. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2010) Notes and Presentation from my Open Access talk. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2010) OUSU Freedom of Information requests. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2010) Online crossword helper: ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2010) Our Duty to Minorities. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2010) Picture This: Postcards and Letters Beyond Text. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2010) Plagiarism by Semiotext(e) translations? ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2010) PoC Code for Facebook Friend Profile Gatherer. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2010) Problematic indexing in Paul Rabinow's edited Foucault volume, Ethics. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2010) The Problems of Copyleft, Twitter and Tweets. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2010) Researchers, Libraries and Publishers: What does the future hold? ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2010) Review of Local Transcendence: Postmodern Historiography and the Database by Alan Liu. Textual Practice 24 (6), pp. 1117-1119. ISSN 0950-236X.

    Eve, Martin Paul (2010) Review of The Time That Remains by Elia Suleiman. Excursions 1 (1), ISSN 2044-4095.

    Eve, Martin Paul (2010) Rockaby refactoring and abstraction. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2010) Rockaby: text annotation software [GPL, alpha, announcement]. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2010) Running Zotero on Ubuntu Lucid. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2010) Some brief thoughts on Slavoj Žižek at LSE. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2010) Speaking of Open Access... ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2010) Thomas Pynchon critical bibliography Zotero group. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2010) Undergraduates in the British Library reading rooms. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2010) Upcoming journal publishing workshop. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2010) Upcoming performance: Lucy and Martha: Fine Bone China. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2010) Userspace responsiveness .bashrc alternative (Ubuntu 10.10: Working). ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2010) Using British Library wifi when DHCP fails. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2010) Using Producteev to manage overbearing Inboxes. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2010) Using Unison to synchronize and backup your work [Part 1]. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2010) Using tech to help with structure. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2010) Vince Cable's Orwell-esque doublethink. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2010) Where to start with Thomas Pynchon? ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2010) Wikileaks is about capitalist paradigm shift, not single government overthrow. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2010) Wireless when housesitting (airmon-ng). ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2010) A few notes on some of Jacques Derrida's writings. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2010) The 'net was never free from commercial interest; it's not a "new" threat to democratic speech. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2010) sshsplit featured. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2010) sshsplit: a dynamic tunnel multiplexer. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul and Connor, Jonathan and Inglis, Kitty (2010) Open Access for Humanities Researchers. In: Maximise your research impact: engaging with open access publishing, 20th October 2010, University of Sussex, UK. (Unpublished)


    Finlay, Alison (2010) The saga of Ásmundr, killer of champions. In: Finlay, Alison and Arnold, M. (eds.) Making History: Essays on the Fornaldarsögur. London, UK: Viking Society for Northern Research, pp. 119-139. ISBN 9780903521840.

    Fraser, Hilary (2010) Foreword. In: Calè, Luisa and Di Bello, Patrizia (eds.) Illustrations, Optics and Objects in Nineteenth-Century Literary and Visual Cultures. Palgrave Studies in Nineteenth-Century Writing and Culture. Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave MacMillan, ix-xv. ISBN 9780230221970.

    Fraser, Hilary (2010) Women and the art of fiction. Yearbook of English Studies 40 (1/2), pp. 61-82. ISSN 0306-2473.

    Fraser, Hilary (2010) Writing the past. In: Shattock, J. (ed.) The Cambridge Companion to English Literature 1830-1914. Cambridge Companions to Literature. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, pp. 108-126. ISBN 9780521882880.

    Freshwater, Helen (2010) Delirium: in rehearsal with Theatre O. In: Mermikides, A. and Smart, J. (eds.) Devising in Process. Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave MacMillan. ISBN 9780230573666.


    Gilman, Sander L. (2010) Diseases & diagnoses: the second age of Biology. Picataway, U.S.: Transaction Publishers. ISBN 9781412810494.

    Gilman, Sander L. (2010) Obesity: the biography. Biographies of Disease. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press. ISBN 9780199557974.

    Gilman, Sander L. (2010) Wagner and Cinema. Indiana, U.S.: Indiana University Press. ISBN 9780253221636.


    Hamblyn, Richard and Callanan, M.J. (2010) Data soliloquies. London, UK: Slade Press. ISBN 9780903305044.

    Hartnell, Anna (2010) Israel under the shadow of the Holocaust in David Grossman’s "See Under: Love": a post-religious national entity? In: Carruthers, J. and Tate, A. (eds.) Spiritual Identities: Literature and the Post-Secular Imagination. Cultural Interactions: Studies in the Relationship between the Arts 17. New York, U.S.: Peter Lang, pp. 177-196. ISBN 9783039119257.

    Hartnell, Anna (2010) Moving through America: race, place and resistance in Mohsin Hamid's "The Reluctant Fundamentalist". Journal of Postcolonial Writing 46 (3-4), pp. 336-348. ISSN 1744-9855.

    Hartnell, Anna (2010) W. E. B. Du Bois, William Faulkner, and the dialectic of black and white: in search of Exodus for a postcolonial American south. Callaloo 33 (2), pp. 521-536. ISSN 1080-6512.


    Jones, Russell Celyn (2010) Adaptation: on reworking the Mabinogion. New Welsh Review (88), pp. 9-14. ISSN 0954-2116.


    Leslie, Esther (2010) Lines in the landscape. Hammer Museum and DelMonico Books, an imprint of Prestel Publishing, Los Angeles, U.S..

    Leslie, Esther (2010) Liquidation and shattering: Walter Benjamin’s aesthetics. In: Pusca, A.M. (ed.) Walter Benjamin and the Aesthetics of Change. Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN 9780230580862.

    Leslie, Esther (2010) Recycling. In: Beaumont, M. and Dart, G. (eds.) Restless Cities. London, UK: Verso. ISBN 9781844674053.

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    Leslie, Esther (2010) Walter Benjamin and the technological unconscious. In: Andreotti, L. (ed.) Spielraum: W. Benjamin and Architecture. Thinking Space. Paris: Editions de la Villette. ISBN 9782915456608.

    Leslie, Esther (2010) Walter Benjamin, politics, aesthetics. Kunst Spektakel Revolution, Weimar, Germany.

    Leslie, Esther and Jackson, M. (2010) The Urpflanze. London, UK: The Drawing Room and Matt's Gallery London. ISBN 9780955829925.

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    Luckhurst, Roger (2010) Beyond trauma: torturous times. European Journal of English Studies 14 (1), pp. 11-21. ISSN 1382-5577.

    Luckhurst, Roger (2010) Book review: "Advertising, Subjectivity and the Nineteenth-Century Novel: Dickens, Balzac and the Language of the Walls" by Sara Thornton. Modern Language Review 105 (3), pp. 819-821. ISSN 0026-7937.

    Luckhurst, Roger (2010) Religion, psychical research, spiritualism, and the occult. In: Brooker, P. and Gasiorek, A. and Longworth, D. and Thacker, A. (eds.) The Oxford Handbook of Modernisms. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press. ISBN 9780199545445.

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    Luckhurst, Roger (2010) The fine art of science fiction: Ivan and Heather Morison. Corridor8 2 ,

    Luckhurst, Roger (2010) The mummy's curse: a study in rumour. Critical Quarterly 52 (3), pp. 6-22. ISSN 0011-1562.

    Luckhurst, Roger (2010) An occult gazetteer of Bloomsbury: an experiment in method. In: Phillips, L. and Witchard, A. (eds.) London Gothic: Place, Space and the Gothic Imagination. Continuum Literary Studies. London, UK: Continuum Press, pp. 50-62. ISBN 9781441106827.


    McLoughlin, Kate (2010) Introduction. In: Anderson, E. and Maddrell, A. and McLoughlin, Kate and Vincent, A. (eds.) Memory, Mourning, Landscape. At the Interface/Probing the Boundaries 71. Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Rodolpi, iX-xiii. ISBN 9789042030862.

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    Murray, Joanne (2010) An imaginary museum: Ballard at the Gagosian. Science Fiction Studies 37 (3), ISSN 0091-7729.


    Rowe, William (2010) Cesar Vallejo: el acto y la palabra. In: Fondo Editorial del Congreso del Peru, 2010, Lima.


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    Senior, Emily (2010) "Perfectly whole": skin and text in John Gabriel Stedman's "Narrative of a Five Years Expedition against the Revolted Negroes of Surinam". Eighteenth-Century Studies 44 (1), pp. 39-56. ISSN 0013-2586.

    Senior, Emily (2010) Perfectly whole: skin and text in John Gabriel Stedman’s narrative of a five years expedition against the revolted negroes of Surinam. Eighteenth-Century Studies 44 (1), pp. 39-56. ISSN 0013-2586.

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    Walsh, Fintan (2010) Child's play: making theatre for young audiences. Irish Theatre Magazine ,

    Walsh, Fintan (2010) Critical disorientations: intoxication, engagement and performance. Contemporary Theatre Review 20 (2), pp. 241-244. ISSN 1048-6801.

    Walsh, Fintan (2010) Documentary theatre: beyond information. Irish Theatre Magazine ,

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    Walsh, Fintan (2010) Permission to take risks. Irish Theatre Magazine ,

    Walsh, Fintan (2010) Practicalities and possibilities: reflections on the national networking day for collaborative arts. National Development Agency for Collaborative Arts in Social and Community Contexts, Dublin, Ireland.

    Walsh, Fintan (2010) Theatre & Ethics. [Book Review]

    Walsh, Fintan (2010) Theatre and Globalization: Irish Drama in the Celtic Tiger Era. [Book Review]

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    Wood, J. (2010) The Siamese demon: Wyndham Lewis and America. Modernism/Modernity 17 (2), pp. 383-398. ISSN 1071-6068.

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