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    Mangion, Carmen M. (2012) Edna Hamer, "Elizabeth Prout, 1820-1864: A Religious Life for Industrial England". [Book Review]

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    Mangion, Carmen M. and Bourke, Joanna and Hide, Louise (2012) Perspectives on Pain: Introduction. [Editorial/Introduction]

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    Pick, Daniel (2012) Die Nazi-Seele im Visier? Zum Einsatz der Psychoanalyse im Kampf der Alliierten gegen Hitler-Deutschland. Jahrbuch der Psychoanalyse Beiträge zur Theorie, Praxis und Geschichte 64 , pp. 13-40. ISSN 0075-2363.

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    Pudsey, April (2012) A truth universally acknowledged? marriage and social status for elite women in Roman Egypt. In: Arachne Conference: Gender Studies and Women’s History in the Graeco-Roman World: Past, Present, and Future, 2012, University of Gothenburg. (Unpublished)


    Reynolds, Tim (2012) The first foragers, c.45,000-38,000 years ago. In: Barker, G. (ed.) Rainforest Foraging and Farming in Island Southeast Asia: the Archaeology of the Niah Caves, Sarawak. McDonald Institute Monographs. Cambridge, UK: McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research. ISBN 9781902937540.


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    White, Jerry (2012) London in the eighteenth century : a great and monstrous thing. London, UK: Bodley Head. ISBN 9781847921802.

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