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    Baird, Jennifer A. (2017) Framing the past: situating the archaeological in photographs. Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies 26 (2), pp. 165-186. ISSN 1356-9325.

    Bourke, Joanna (2017) Theorizing ballistics: ethics, emotions, and weapon-scientists. History and Theory 56 (4), pp. 135-151. ISSN 0018-2656.

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    Cook, Matt (2017) AIDS, mass observation and the fate of the permissive turn. Journal of the History of Sexuality 26 (2), pp. 239-272. ISSN 1043-4070.

    Cook, Matt (2017) 'Archives of Feeling': the AIDS Crisis in Britain 1987. History Workshop Journal 83 (1), pp. 51-78. ISSN 1363-3554.

    Feldman, David (2017) Mr. Lewinstein goes to Parliament: rethinking the history and historiography of Jewish immigration. East European Jewish Affairs 47 (2-3), pp. 134-149. ISSN 1350-1674.

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    Hill, Katherine (2017) Introduction: Making Lutherans. Past & Present 234 (S12), pp. 9-32. ISSN 0031-2746.

    Holmes, Marcia (2017) Brainwashing the cybernetic spectator: The Ipcress File, 1960s cinematic spectacle and the sciences of mind. History of the Human Sciences 30 (3), pp. 3-24. ISSN 0952-6951.

    Horbyk, R. and Palko, Olena (2017) Righting the writing; the power dynamic of Soviet Ukraine language policies and reforms in the 1920s-1930s. Studi Slavistici XIV , pp. 67-89. ISSN 1824-761X.

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    Jarrett, Simon and Grove, N.C. (2017) Reflections on writing and exhibiting learning disability history: commentary on “Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus: Our Heritage”. Tizard Learning Disability Review 22 (3), pp. 132-135. ISSN 1359-5474.

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    Laite, Julia (2017) Traffickers and pimps in the era of white slavery. Past & Present 237 (1), pp. 237-269. ISSN 0031-2746.

    Laube, Matthew (2017) Materializing music in the Lutheran home. Past & Present 234 (12), pp. 114-138. ISSN 0031-2746.

    Marks, Sarah (2017) The Romani minority, coercive sterilization, and languages of denial in the Czech lands. History Workshop Journal 84 , pp. 128-148. ISSN 1363-3554.

    Meyer, Caspar (2017) Foucault’s clay feet: Ancient Greek vases in modern theories of sex. History Workshop Journal 85 (1), pp. 143-168. ISSN 1363-3554.

    Pomeroy, E. and Mirazon Lahr, M. and Crivellaro, F. and Farr, L. and Reynolds, Tim and Hunt, C. and Barker, G. (2017) Newly-discovered Neanderthal remains from Shanidar Cave, Iraqi Kurdistan, and their attribution to Shanidar 5. Journal of Human Evolution 111 , pp. 102-118. ISSN 0047-2484.

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    Sengoopta, Chandak (2017) Between emulation and innovation: Upendrakishore Ray and the ambiguities of colonial modernity. History and Sociology of Souith Asia 11 (2), pp. 83-100. ISSN 2230-8075.

    Severs, George J. (2017) The ‘obnoxious mobilised minority’: homophobia and homohysteria in the British National Party, 1982–1999. Gender and Education 29 (2), pp. 165-181. ISSN 0954-0253.

    Shin, Hiroki (2017) Marketing strategy in Britain’s mainline railways, 1923–38. Journal of Historical Research in Marketing 9 (4), pp. 425-450. ISSN 1755-750X.

    Silvestri, Alessandro (2017) The late-medieval Royal chancery of the Kingdom of Sicily and the inquisitio of Giovan Luca Barberi (14th-16th century). Reti Medievali Rivista 17 (2), ISSN 1593-2214.

    Trentmann, Frank and Otero-Cleves, A.M. (2017) Paths, detours, and connections: consumption and its contribution to Latin American History. Historia Critica 65 , pp. 13-28. ISSN 0121-1617.

    Viscomi, Joseph (2017) Un'integrazione fallita? La partenza degli italiani dall'Egitto nel secondo dopoguerra. Archivio Storico dell'Emigrazione Italiana 14/18 , pp. 83-95. ISSN 1973-347X.

    White, Jerry (2017) London at war and peace: crisis and reckoning, 1702-1951. London Journal 42 (2), pp. 105-122. ISSN 0305-8034.

    White, Jerry (2017) Metropolitan geographies of debt, 1700-1900. History Workshop Journal 83 (1), pp. 118-129. ISSN 1363-3554.

    Book Review

    Breithoff, Esther (2017) Cultural heritage, ethics, and the military. [Book Review]

    Hill, Katherine (2017) The Strange and Terrible Visions of Wilhelm Friess: The Paths of Prophecy in Reformation Europe. By Jonathan Green. University of Michigan Press: Ann Arbor. 2014. xii+ 207 pp. $75.00 (hardback). [Book Review]

    Hunter, Michael (2017) Anti-Atheism in Early Modern England 1580–1720: the atheist answered and his error confuted, written by Kenneth Sheppard. [Book Review]


    Marks, Sarah (2017) Psychotherapy in historical perspective. [Editorial/Introduction]

    Book Section

    Baird, Jennifer A. (2017) Everyday life in Roman Dura-Europos: the evidence of dress practices. In: Kaizer, T. (ed.) Religion, Society and Culture at Dura-Europos. Yale Classical Studies. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press. ISBN 9781107123793.

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    Cook, Matt (2017) A bend in the river: queer home and heritage in a house in Hammersmith. In: Pilkey, B. and Scicluna, R.M. and Campkin, B. and Penner, B. (eds.) Sexuality and Gender at Home: Experience, Politics, Transgression. London, UK: Bloomsbury Publishing. ISBN 9781474239646.

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    Darley, Rebecca (2017) ‘Implicit cosmopolitanism’ and the commercial role of ancient Lanka. In: Strathern, A. and Biedermann, Zoltan (eds.) Sri Lanka at the Crossroads of History. London, UK: UCL Press. ISBN 9781911307822.

    Darley, Rebecca (2017) Self, other and the use and appropriation of Late Roman coins in South India and Sri Lanka (4th-7th centuries A.D.). In: Ray, H.P. (ed.) Negotiating Cultural Identity: Landscapes in Early Medieval South Asian History. New Delhi, India: CRC Press, pp. 60-84. ISBN 9780815373124.

    Darley, Rebecca (2017) Worth and value: new readings of Roman coins in the collection of the Telangana State Archaeology Museum. In: UNSPECIFIED (ed.) Proceedings of the International Conference, Rediscovering Telangana, Hyderabad, January 2017. Department of Museums and Archaeology, Telangana State. (Submitted)

    Davies, Matthew (2017) London and the Kingdom: commerce, politics and power in the Late Middle Age. In: Fontes, J.L. and Oliveira, L.P. and Tente, C. and Farelo, M. and Martins, M.G. (eds.) Lisboa Medieval: Gentes, Espaços e Poderes. Lisbon, Portugal: Universidade Nova de Lisboa, pp. 15-33. ISBN 9789899956742.

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    White, Jerry (2017) Mansions of misery: a biography of the Marshalsea debtors’ prison. London, UK: Bodley Head. ISBN 9781448191819.


    Blayney, Steffan (2017) Health & efficiency : fatigue, the science of work and the working body in Britain, c.1870-1939. [Thesis] (Unpublished)

    Crellin, Catherine Jane (2017) Marion Post : New Deal photographer and racial egalitarian, 1938-41. [Thesis] (Unpublished)

    Olsen, Rasmus Bech (2017) Just taxes? tracing 14th century Damascene politics through objects, space and historiography. [Thesis] (Unpublished)

    Penlington, Neil Richard (2017) Men and marriage in England, 1918-60 : consent, celebration and consummation. [Thesis] (Unpublished)

    Powell,, David John (2017) Between the commemorative games and the descent to the Underworld in Books 5 and 6 of Vergil’s Aeneid: a study of structure and narrative technique in the transition. [Thesis] (Unpublished)

    Weiss, Antonio E. (2017) Management, consultancy and the British state, c.1960-c.2010. [Thesis] (Unpublished)


    Qamar Faruqi, N. (2017) David Hawkins: a battle of the mind. [Video]

    Tinline, P. (2017) 'Every man has his breaking point': Reagan, brainwashing and the movies. [Video]

    Tinline, P. (2017) Every man has his breaking point: Reagan, brainwashing and the movies. [Video]

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