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    Abdallah, Chahrazad (2010) Strategy as rhetoric in a cultural organization. In: EGOS: Strategy as Practice, 2010, Lisbon, Portugal. (Unpublished)

    Abdallah, Chahrazad (2010) The ambivalence of discourse in strategy as practice. In: 1st International Strategy as Practice Workshop in North America: Talk, Text and Tools in the Practice of Strategy, 2010, HEC Montreal. (Unpublished)

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    De Silva, Muthu (2010) Business start-up and growth motives of entrepreneurs who own small and medium enterprises in regional context of the UK. In: European Conference on Entrpreneurship and Innovations, 16-17 Sep 2010, Athens, Greece.

    De Silva, Muthu and Kodithiwakku, S.S. (2010) Pluriactivity among rural farming households: survival or capital accumulation strategy? In: British Academy of Management Conference, 14-16 Sep 2010, Sheffield, UK.


    Efthyvoulou, Georgios (2010) Political budget cycles in the European Union and the impact of political pressures: a dynamic panel regression analysis. Working Paper. Birkbeck College, University of London, London, UK.


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    Walsh, Anita (2010) Assessment of experiential learning and employer engagement. In: Enhancing Human Capital through Innovative Workforce Development, 2010, Derby. (Unpublished)

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