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    Huddleston, Andrew (2014) "Consecration to Culture": Nietzsche on slavery and human dignity. Journal of the History of Philosophy 52 (1), pp. 135-160. ISSN 0022-5053.

    Huddleston, Andrew (2014) Consecration to culture: Nietzsche on slavery and human dignity. Journal of the History of Philosophy 52 (1), pp. 135-160. ISSN 0022-5053.

    Huddleston, Andrew (2014) Finding content in absolute music. In: European Society of Aesthetics, 2014, Amsterdam. (Unpublished)

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    Huddleston, Andrew (2014) Nietzsche’s meta-axiology: against the skeptical readings. British Journal for the History of Philosophy 22 (2), pp. 322-343. ISSN 0960-8788.

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    Orbán, Krisztina (2014) Fixing the reference of 'I': immunity to error through misidentification as a guide. [Thesis] (Unpublished)


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