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    Bolderson, Helen (2011) The ethics of welfare provision for migrants: a case for equal treatment and the repositioning of welfare. Journal of Social Policy 40 (2), pp. 219-235. ISSN 0047-2794.

    Bousquet, Antoine and Curtis, S. (2011) Beyond models and metaphors: complexity theory, systems thinking and international relations. Cambridge Review of International Affairs 24 (1), pp. 43-62. ISSN 0955-7571.

    Bousquet, Antoine and Curtis, S. (2011) Complexity theory, systems thinking and international relations. Cambridge Review of International Affairs 24 (1), pp. 43-62. ISSN 0955-7571.

    Bousquet, Antoine and Geyer, R. (2011) Introduction: complexity and the international arena. Cambridge Review of International Affairs 24 (1), pp. 1-3. ISSN 0955-7571.

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    Dimitrakopoulos, Dionyssis G. (2011) The German left’s defence of Europe. openDemocracy ,

    Dimitrakopoulos, Dionyssis G. (2011) Greece’s exit from the eurozone: a poisoned chalice. openDemocracy ,

    Dimitrakopoulos, Dionyssis G. (2011) Leaving the eurozone would be a disaster for Greece. The Guardian ,

    Dimitrakopoulos, Dionyssis G. (2011) The Tory EU rebellion is about neo-liberalism, not British sovereignty. openDemocracy ,

    Garcia, Maria (2011) Incidents along the path: understanding the rationale behind the EU-Chile Association Agreement. Journal of Common Market Studies 49 (3), pp. 501-524. ISSN 0021-9886.

    Gregson, S. and Mushati, P. and Grusin, Harry and Nhamo, M. and Schumacher, C. and Skovdal, M. and Nyamukapa, C. and Campbell, C. (2011) Social capital and women's reduced vulnerability to HIV infection in rural Zimbabwe. Population and Development Review 37 (2), pp. 333-359. ISSN 0098-7921.

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    Kaufmann, Eric P. (2011) Book review: 'American Grace'. Literary Review ,

    Kaufmann, Eric P. (2011) Book review: 'Holy Ignorance' by Olivier Roy. Literary Review ,

    Kaufmann, Eric P. (2011) Demographic change and conflict in Northern Ireland: reconciling qualitative and quantitative evidence. Ethnopolitics 10 (3-4), pp. 369-389. ISSN 1744-9057.

    Kaufmann, Eric P. (2011) Moneyball: can sports statistics save political studies? Political Insight 2 (3), pp. 18-20. ISSN 2041-9058.

    Kaufmann, Eric P. (2011) Reflections on the Swiss Sonderfall. Nations and Nationalism 17 (4), pp. 815-820. ISSN 1354-5078.

    Kaufmann, Eric P. (2011) The demography of ethnic conflict. Ethnopolitics 10 (3-4), pp. 367-368. ISSN 1744-9057.

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    Öniş, Z. and Güven, Ali Burak (2011) The global economic crisis and the future of neoliberal globalization: rupture vs. continuity. Global Governance 17 (4), pp. 469-488. ISSN 1075-2846.

    Book Section

    Campbell, Rosie (2011) The politics of diversity. In: Heffernan, R. and Cowley, P. and Hay, C. (eds.) Developments in British Politics 9. Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 196-214. ISBN 9780230221734.

    Cook, Matt (2011) Homes fit for homos: Joe Orton, masculinity, and the domesticated queer. In: Arnold, John H. and Brady, Sean (eds.) What is Masculinity? Historical Dynamics from Antiquity to the Contemporary World. Genders and Sexualities in History. Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN 9780230278134.

    Mabbett, Deborah (2011) The regulatory politics of private pensions in the UK and Germany. In: Leisering, L. (ed.) The New Regulatory State: Regulating Pensions in Germany and the UK. Transformations of the State. Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 191-210. ISBN 9780230272057.

    Susen, Simon and Turner, B.S. (2011) Introduction: preliminary reflections on the legacy of Pierre Bourdieu. In: Susen, Simon and Turner, B.S. (eds.) The Legacy of Pierre Bourdieu: Critical Essays. Key Issues in Modern Sociology. London, UK: Anthem Press, xiii-xxix. ISBN 9780857287687.

    Zollner, Barbara (2011) Mithliyyun or Lutiyyun? neo-orthodoxy and the debate on the unlawfulness of same-sex relations in Islam. In: Habib, S. (ed.) Islam and Homosexuality. Santa Barbara, USA: Praeger. ISBN 9780313379000.

    Zubaida, Sami (2011) Sects in Islam. In: Clarke, P. (ed.) Oxford Handbook on Sociology of Religion. Oxford Handbooks in Religion and Theology. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press, pp. 545-561. ISBN 9780199588961.


    Mabbett, Deborah (2011) A rights revolution in Europe? regulatory and judicial approaches to nondiscrimination in insurance. Discussion Paper. London School of Economics and Political Science, London, UK.

    Worthy, Benjamin and Bourke, G. (2011) The sword and the shield: the use of FOI by parliamentarians and the impact of FOI on parliament. Technical Report. Constitution Unit, UCL, London, UK.

    Conference or Workshop Item

    Worthy, Benjamin and Bourke, G. (2011) Open house? the impact of freedom of information. In: Transforming Politics: New Synergies, 2011, London, UK.


    Kaufmann, Eric P. and Wilcox, W.B., eds. (2011) Whither the child? Causes and consequences of low fertility. Colorado, U.S.: Paradigm Press. ISBN 9781612050935.

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    Worthy, Benjamin and Amos, J. and Hazell, R. and Bourke, B. (2011) Town hall transparency? the impact of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 on local government in England. London, UK: The Constitution Unit, Department of Political Science, University College, London. ISBN 9781903903629.

    Zubaida, Sami (2011) Beyond Islam: a new understanding of the Middle East. London, UK: I.B. Tauris. ISBN 9781848850705.

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