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    Ashenden, Samantha and Hess, A. (2016) Totalitarianism and justice: Hannah Arendt's and Judith N. Shklar’s political reflections in historical and theoretical perspective. Economy and Society 45 (3), pp. 1-25. ISSN 0308-5147.


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    Güven, Ali Burak (2016) Reinventing the left in the global south: the politics of the possible (Richard Sandbrook). [Book Review]

    Güven, Ali Burak (2016) Rethinking development space in emerging countries: Turkey's conservative countermovement. Development and Change 47 (5), pp. 995-1024. ISSN 0012-155X.

    Güven, Ali Burak (2016) The political economy of Turkish democracy. In: Erisen, C. and Kubicek, P. (eds.) Democratic Consolidation in Turkey: Micro and Macro Challenges. Routledge Studies in Middle Eastern Politics. Abingdon, UK: Routledge, pp. 184-203. ISBN 9781138914957.


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    Mabbett, Deborah and Schelkle, W. (2016) Searching under the lamp-post: the evolution of fiscal surveillance. In: Caporaso, J. and Rhodes, M. (eds.) Political and Economic Dynamics of the Eurozone Crisis. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press. ISBN 9780198755739.

    McCormick, Callum (2016) Between the rights of nature and the right to develop : Bolivia under Evo Morales. [Thesis] (Unpublished)


    Repo, Jemima (2016) Gender equality as biopolitical governmentality in a Neoliberal European Union. Social Politics: International Studies in Gender, State & Society 23 (2), pp. 307-328. ISSN 1072-4745.

    Ribas, Maria Fernanda Barreto (2016) Gender policy in the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies: institutional contexts and the forces affecting processes and outcomes. [Thesis] (Unpublished)


    Singh, Robert S. (2016) After Obama: renewing American leadership, restoring global order. New York, U.S.: Cambridge University Press. ISBN 9781316507261.

    Styan, David (2016) All at sea? Maritime dimensions of Europe's relations with Africa. Insight on Africa 8 (2), pp. 112-130. ISSN 0975-0878.

    Styan, David (2016) Djibouti: small state strategy at a crossroads. Third World Thematics: A TWQ Journal 1 (1), pp. 79-91. ISSN 2380-2014.


    Tilley, Lisa (2016) “Well, City Boy Rangoon, it’s time to stitch up the evening”: material, meaning, and man in the (post)colonial city. In: Jackson, M. (ed.) Coloniality, Ontology, and the Question of the Posthuman. Routledge. ISBN 9781315686721.


    Worthy, Benjamin (2016) Access to information in the UK and India. In: Bignami, F. and Zaring, D. (eds.) Comparative Law and Regulation: Understanding the Global Regulatory Process. Research Handbooks in Comparative Law. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing, pp. 190-214. ISBN 9781782545606.

    Worthy, Benjamin (2016) Brexit and open government in the UK. In: Open Government Partnership, 5 Dec 2016, Paris, France. (Unpublished)

    Worthy, Benjamin (2016) Ending in failure? The performance of ‘Takeover’ Prime Ministers 1916–2016. Political Quarterly 87 (4), pp. 509-517. ISSN 1467-923X.


    Zollner, Barbara (2016) The Brotherhood in transition: an analysis of the organisation’s mobilising capacity. In: Lintl, P. and Wolff, C. and Thuselt, C. (eds.) Religiöse Bewegungen als politische Akteure im Nahen Osten. Middle Eastern Studies 2. Berlin, Germany: Nomos. ISBN 9783848714728.

    Zollner, Barbara (2016) The Muslim Brotherhood in transition. In: Lintl, P. and Thuselt, C. and Wolff, C. (eds.) Religiöse Bewegungen als politische Akteure. Nahoststudien. Middle Eastern Studies 2. Baden Baden, Germany: Nomos. ISBN 9783848714728.

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