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    Bat News

    Westgarth-Smith, Angus (1986) Bats from Iceland. Bat News (8),

    British Antarctic Survey Bulletin

    Crawford, Ian and Girdler, R.W. and Renner, R.G.B. (1986) An aeromagnetic study of the Staccato Peaks area, Alexander Island, Antarctica. British Antarctic Survey Bulletin 70 , pp. 41-53. ISSN 0007-0262.


    Weber, Alexander (1986) Johann Matthias Schneuber: der ich-erzähler in Günter Grass’ "Das Treffen in Telgte". Daphnis 15 (1), pp. 95-122. ISSN 0300-693X.

    Education in Chemistry

    Lang, Peter F. and Smith, Barry (1986) Ionization numbers of transition metals. Education in Chemistry 23 , pp. 50-54. ISSN 0013-1350.

    Free Associations

    Frosh, Stephen (1986) Beyond the analytic attitude: radical aims and psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Free Associations 7 , pp. 38-58. ISSN 2047-0622.

    History Workshop Journal

    Pick, Daniel (1986) The faces of anarchy: Lombroso and the politics of criminal science in post-unification Italy. History Workshop Journal 21 (1), pp. 60-86. ISSN 1363-3554.

    Journal of the Chemical Society, Dalton Transactions

    Lang, Peter F. and Flint, C.D. (1986) Luminescence spectra of the mixed complexes [TcClxBr6–x]2–. Journal of the Chemical Society, Dalton Transactions 5 , pp. 921-923. ISSN 1472-7773.

    Journal of the Chemical Society, Faraday Transactions 2: Molecular and Chemical Physics

    Lang, Peter F. and Flint, C.D. (1986) Infrared and visible luminescence spectra of TcCl 2–6 and TcBr 2–6 in cubic crystals. Journal of the Chemical Society, Faraday Transactions 2: Molecular and Chemical Physics 82 (4), pp. 465-472. ISSN 0300-9238.

    La Chouette

    Braybrook, Jean (1986) Le cercle and le cygne in Ronsard's sonnets pour Helene. La Chouette 17 , pp. 14-31.


    Hornsby, Jennifer (1986) A note on non-indicatives. Mind 95 (377), pp. 92-99. ISSN 0026-4423.


    Barod, J.C. and Koff, E. and Lorch, Marjorie and Nicholas, M. (1986) The expression and perception of facial emotion in brain-damaged patients. Neuropsychologia 24 (2), pp. 169-180. ISSN 00283932.

    New Zealand Population Review

    Bourke, Joanna (1986) Poverty or piety: catholic fertility in Australia and New Zealand. New Zealand Population Review , pp. 18-31.

    Nineteenth Century Fiction

    Fraser, Hilary (1986) St. Theresa, St. Dorothea, and Miss Brooke in Middlemarch. Nineteenth Century Fiction 40 (4), pp. 400-411. ISSN 0029-0564.

    Philosophical Quarterly

    Hornsby, Jennifer (1986) 'Essays on Davidson: Actions and Events' by Vermazen, B. and Hintikka, M.B. [Book Review]

    Philosophical Review

    Hornsby, Jennifer (1986) 'Acting and Intending', by Myles Brand. [Book Review]

    Political Quarterly

    Wright, Tony (1986) The politics of constitutional reform. Political Quarterly 57 (4), pp. 414-425. ISSN 1467-923X.

    Romance Quarterly

    Braybrook, Jean (1986) Obliquity in Baïf's mythological poems. Romance Quarterly 33 (2), pp. 139-156. ISSN 0883-1157.

    Studies in Church History

    Henderson, John (1986) Confraternities and the church in late medieval Florence. Studies in Church History XXIV , pp. 69-83. ISSN 0424-2084.

    The Historical Journal

    Henderson, John (1986) Review article: society and religion in renaissance Florence. The Historical Journal 29 (1), pp. 213-225. ISSN 0018-246X.

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