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    Ertür, Başak (2020) La barricade. Techniques & Culture (74), ISSN 0248-6016. (In Press)

    Ertür, Başak (2019) Note sulla difficoltà di scrivere a proposito della violenza di Stato. Aut aut (384), ISSN 000-50601.

    Ertür, Başak (2019) Conscription and critique. Critical Times 2 (2), pp. 270-284. ISSN 2641-0478.

    Ertür, Başak (2019) Law of denial. Law and Critique 30 (1), pp. 1-20. ISSN 0957-8536.

    Ertür, Başak (2017) The onus of thought in the War on Terror. Theory & Event 20 (1), pp. 66-75. ISSN 1092-311X.

    Ertür, Başak and İldeş, Ö. (2017) Teröre Karşı Savaşta Düşüncenin Yükümlülüğü’. Cogito 86 , pp. 228-239. ISSN 1300-2880.

    Ertür, Başak and Lebow, A. (2014) Coup de genre: the trials and tribulations of Bülent Ersoy. Theory & Event 17 (1), ISSN 1092-311X.

    Assy, B. and Ertür, Başak (2014) The Gezi Uprising and particularities of discontent. Law and Critique 25 (1), pp. 1-13. ISSN 0957-8536.

    Book Review

    Ertür, Başak (2017) Matters of Silence - Sessizin Payı (The Share of the Silent) by Nurdan Gürbilek (Istanbul: Metis, 2015). [Book Review]


    Ertür, Başak and Martel, J. (2016) Something is rotten in the state (Introduction to special issue). Theory & Event 19 (1), Johns Hopkins University Press. ISSN 1092-311X. [Editorial/Introduction]

    Book Section

    Ertür, Başak and Butler, J. and Athanasiou, A. (2017) Çeviride Mülksüzleşme. In: UNSPECIFIED (ed.) Mülksüzleşme Siyasaldaki Performatif. Istanbul, Turkey: Metis, pp. 9-21. ISBN 9786053160595.

    Ertür, Başak (2016) "Le Chevalier d’Eon": wagering in a wilderness of mirrors (English) / "Le Chevalier d'Eon": Aynaların Yabanında Bahse Tutuşmak (Turkish). In: Berkmen, E. (ed.) Nil Yalter: Off the Record. Istanbul, Turkey: Arter, pp. 92-105. ISBN 9786059606028.

    Ertür, Başak (2016) The conspiracy archive: Turkey's deep state on trial. In: Motha, Stewart and van Rijswijk, H. (eds.) Law, Violence, Memory: Uncovering the Counter-Archive. Abingdon, UK: Routledge, pp. 177-194. ISBN 9781138830639.

    Ertür, Başak (2016) Barricades: resources and residues of resistance. In: Butler, J. and Gambetti, Z. and Sabsay, L. (eds.) Vulnerability in Resistance. Duke University Press, pp. 97-121. ISBN 9780822362906.

    Ertür, Başak and Lebow, A. (2012) Şöhretin Sonu: Bülent Ersoy'un Kanunla İmtihanı. In: Çakırlar, C. and Delice, S. (eds.) Cinsellik muamması : Türkiye'de Queer kültür ve muhalefet. Istanbul, Turkey: Metis, pp. 391-426. ISBN 9789753428699.

    Ertür, Başak (2011) Conspiracy on trial. In: Ertür, Başak (ed.) Manual for Conspiracy. Sharjah, UAE: Sharjah Art Foundation, pp. 29-40.


    Ertür, Başak (2009) Report on the First Ergenekon Indictment. Project Report. Amnesty International. (Unpublished)


    Gürsoy Sökmen, M. and Ertür, Başak and Rühling, F.K., eds. (2017) Warten auf die Barbaren - Zum Gedenken an Edward W. Said. Beiträge zum gleichnamigen internationalen Symposium, Istanbul (Mai 2007). Engelschoff, Germany: Verlag auf dem Ruffel. ISBN 9783933847515.

    Ertür, Başak, ed. (2011) Manual for conspiracy. Sharjah, UAE: Sharjah Art Foundation, pp. 29-40.

    Ertür, Başak and Gürsoy Sökmen, M., eds. (2010) Barbarları Beklerken: Edward W. Said Anısına. Istanbul, Turkey: Metis. ISBN 9789753426817.

    Ertür, Başak and Gürsoy Sökmen, M., eds. (2008) Waiting for the barbarians: a tribute to Edward Said. New York, U.S.: Verso Books. ISBN 9781844672455.


    Ertür, Başak (2015) Spectacles and spectres: political trials, performativity and scenes of sovereignty. [Thesis] (Unpublished)


    Dadak, Z. and Ertür, Başak and Köstepen, E. and Lewbow, A. (2007) For the record: The World Tribunal on Iraq. [Video]


    Ertür, Başak (2019) Commentary - Law & Critique: Law of Denial – The Armenian Genocide at the European Court of Human Rights. Critical Legal Thinking.

    Butler, J. and Ertür, Başak (2017) Commentary - In Turkey, academics asking for peace are accused of terrorism. The Guardian.

    Ertür, Başak (2013) Commentary - To the barricades: Gezi resistance, public space and the counter-monumental. Ibraaz.

    Ertür, Başak (2012) Commentary - Plenty of history. Manifesta.

    Ertür, Başak (2012) Commentary - Something is missing in the Hrant Dink murder ruling. Critical Legal Thinking.

    Ertür, Başak (2010) Commentary - A note on violence. Critical Legal Thinking.

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