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    Bowring, Bill (2022) Spinoza, Marx, and Ilyenkov (who did not know Marx’s transcription of Spinoza). Studies in East European Thought 74 , pp. 297-317. ISSN 0925-9392.

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    Bowring, Bill (2009) Legal nihilism in Russia. Open Democracy ,

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    Book Review

    Bowring, Bill (2021) 'Transitional Justice: Contending with the Past', Michael Newman. Cambridge: Polity, 2019, pp.204, ISBN 9781509521166, £15.99 (pbk). [Book Review]

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    Bowring, Bill (2010) Dialectic and Difference: Dialectical Critical Realism and the Grounds of Justice, by Alan Norrie. [Book Review]

    Bowring, Bill (2010) Manual on the Wearing of Religious Symbols in Public Areas. [Book Review]

    Bowring, Bill (2009) Judging Russia: Constitutional Court in Russian Politics, 1990-2006 by Alexei Trochev. [Book Review]

    Bowring, Bill (2004) 'Importing the Law in Post-Communist Transitions. The Hungarian Constitutional Court and the Right to Human Dignity', by Catherine Dupré. [Book Review]

    Book Section

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