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    Monk, Daniel (2021) Global Perspectives on Home Education in the 21st Century. [Book Review]

    Soon, Lucinda (2021) 'Navigating Work and Life Boundaries: Insights for Distributed Knowledge Professionals'. The Work-Life Balance Bulletin: A DOP Publication, 5(2) pp. 28-31. [Book Review]

    Bowring, Bill (2021) 'Transitional Justice: Contending with the Past', Michael Newman. Cambridge: Polity, 2019, pp.204, ISBN 9781509521166, £15.99 (pbk). [Book Review]

    Franklin, Kate and Honarchian, A. (2021) 'Women, Too, Were Blessed: The Portrayal of Women in Early Christian Texts', David Zakarian. Brill Armenian Texts and Studies Series, Vol. 4. 2021. [Book Review]

    Hossack, Keith (2021) Conditionals, Paradox, and Probability: Themes from the Philosophy of Dorothy Edgington, Lee Walters and John Hawthorne (eds.) Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2021. Pp. ix + 268. [Book Review]

    Hamblyn, Richard (2021) Hunting for snow. [Book Review]

    Luckhurst, Roger (2021) The science behind Poe. [Book Review]

    McElhone, Megan (2021) Justice Alternatives. [Book Review]

    Bruce-Jones, Eddie (2021) Cengiz Barskanmaz, Recht und Rassismus: Das menschenrechtliche Verbot der Diskriminierung aufgrund der Rasse [Law and Racism: The Human Rights Prohibition of Racial Discrimination]. [Book Review]

    Leslie, Esther (2021) Remnants of Utopia. [Book Review]

    Aristodemou, Maria (2021) Advanced Introduction to Law and Literature by Peter Goodrich. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2021. [Book Review] (In Press)

    Centeno Martin, Marcos Pablo (2021) Hideaki Fujiki and Alastair Phillips (eds), The Japanese Cinema Book. London: The British Film Institute, Bloomsbury, 2020, 624 pp. [Book Review] (In Press)

    Clucas, Stephen (2021) Playing with (experimental) fire. [Book Review]

    Keenan, Bernard (2021) Simon Deakin and Christopher Markou (eds), Is Law Computable: Critical Perspectives on Law and Artificial Intelligence, Oxford: Hart Publishing, 2020. [Book Review] (In Press)

    Delabre, Izabela (2021) The economist’s guide to feeding the world: a new tome offers a road map for sustainable food production policies. [Book Review]

    Brooker, Joseph (2021) Gerry McGowan and Andrew Sherlock (eds), The Lost Letters of Flann O’Brien (Wirral: Pen & Pencil Gallery). [Book Review]

    Featherstone, D. and Kumar, Ashok and Zhang, A.Y. and Fu, W. and Fan Lim, K. (2021) Book review symposium: On Shifting Foundations. [Book Review] (In Press)

    Richman, Naomi (2021) Gavin Miller, Miracles of Healing: Psychotherapy and Religion in Twentieth-Century Scotland. [Book Review]

    Menis, Susanna (2021) TANYA SERISIER, Speaking Out: Feminism, rape and narrative politics. Palgrave Macmillan, 1st edn 2018 (2020), pp. 272, ISBN 978-3030404253. [Book Review] (In Press)

    Leslie, Esther (2021) Fire and blood: Walter Benjamin’s Paris commune. [Book Review]

    Ateek, Mohammed (2021) Review of Cooke & Peutrell (2019): Brokering Britain, educating citizens: Exploring ESOL and citizenship. [Book Review]

    Aristodemou, Maria (2021) Unravelling the Trump virus: on Honig's shell shocked. [Book Review]

    Loizidou, Elena (2021) Subjects and (Dis)obedience. [Book Review]

    Bruce-Jones, Eddie (2021) Decarcerating Disability: deinstitutionalization and prison abolition (2020), by Lait Ben-Mosche. [Book Review]

    Hope, Sophie (2021) Bjarki Valtysson: Digital Cultural Politics: From Policy to practice. (Palgrave Macmillan) 2020, 226 pp. [Book Review]

    Ackhurst, Molly (2021) Me Not You: The Trouble with Mainstream Feminism by Alison Phipps, Manchester, Manchester University Press, 2020, 205 pp. [Book Review]

    Palko, Olena (2021) Soviet democracy and repression in the late 1930s. [Book Review]

    Bruce-Jones, Eddie (2021) The queer demands of postcoloniality (Review of Rahul Rao's Out of Time). [Book Review]

    Kozminska, Kinga (2021) Łukasz Pakuła (ed.). (2021) Linguistic Perspectives on Sexuality in Education: Representations, Constructions and Negotiations. Palgrave Studies in Language, Gender and Sexuality (e-book). Pp. 444. [Book Review]

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