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    Alonge, O. and Shiode, Shino and Shiode, N. (2023) The impact of fast-food density on obesity during the COVID-19 lockdown in the UK: a multi-timepoint study on British cohort data. Sustainability 15 (11), p. 8480. ISSN 2071-1050.

    Antonucci, L. and D'Ippoliti, C. and Horvath, Laszlo and Krouwel, A. (2023) What's work got to do with it? How precarity influences radical party support in France and the Netherlands. Sociological Research Online 28 (1), pp. 110-131. ISSN 1360-7804.

    Aragon, Margarita (2023) Constructions of racial savagery in early twentieth-century U.S. narratives of white civilization. Journal of American Studies , ISSN 0021-8758. (In Press)

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    Bar-Haim, S. and Baraitser, Lisa and Moore, M.D. (2023) The shadows of waiting and care: on discourses of waiting in the history of the British National Health Service. Wellcome Open Research 8 , p. 73. ISSN 2398-502X.

    Baraitser, Lisa (2023) Passivity and gender: psychical inertia and maternal stillness. The International Journal of Psychoanalysis 104 (5), pp. 912-926. ISSN 0020-7578.

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    Bei, H. and Li, P. and Ca, Z. and Murcio Villanueva, Roberto (2023) The impact of COVID-19 vaccination on human mobility: the London case. Heliyon 9 (8), e18769. ISSN 2405-8440.

    Bei, H. and Wang, Q. and Wang, Y. and Wang, W. and Murcio Villanueva, Roberto (2023) Optimal reinsurance–investment strategy based on stochastic volatility and the Stochastic Interest Rate Model. Axioms , ISSN 2075-1680.

    Bergstrom-Katz, Alexandra (2023) On intelligence tests: psychological objects and their subjects. [Thesis] (Unpublished)

    Bhatia, Jasmine and Monroe, S. (2023) Insecurity and support for female leadership in conflict states: evidence from Afghanistan. British Journal of Political Science , ISSN 0007-1234. (In Press)

    Brooks, Sue (2023) Editorial: Exploring environmental and cultural determinism. [Editorial/Introduction]


    Callender, Claire and Davis, S. (2023) Graduates’ responses to student loan debt in England: “sort of like an acceptance, but with anxiety attached”. Higher Education , ISSN 0018-1560.

    Candlin, Fiona and Ballatore, A. and Larkin, J. and Poulovassilis, A. and Katerinchuk, V. and Liebenrood, M. (2023) The UK museum boom: continuity and change 1960-2019. Cultural Trends , ISSN 0954-8963. (Submitted)

    Cheng, Chao-Yo and Lin, Y.-T. (2023) Ethnic ties, organized opposition and voter defection in authoritarian elections. Government and Opposition 58 (3), pp. 497-515. ISSN 0017-257X.

    Clarke, Richard (2023) Birkbeck 1823-2023 and the future of lifelong learning. [Book Review]

    Clarke, Richard (2023) Social economy in the classroom: The London Birkbeck Schools. The London Journal , ISSN 0305-8034.

    Colas, Alex and Campling, L. (2023) Maritime temporalities and Capitalist development. Geography Compass , ISSN 1749-8198.

    Cooper, Penny and Jacobson, Jessica and Kong, Camillia (2023) Techniques for questioning vulnerable lay participants. Counsel Magazine ,

    Cox, Rosie and Hope, J. and Jenkins, K. and Ray, C. (2023) Care and the academy: navigating fieldwork, funding and care responsibilities. Area , ISSN 0004-0894.


    Davies, Stephanie Clare (2023) Waiting, staying and enduring in general practice. [Thesis] (Unpublished)

    Delabre, Izabela and Lyons-White, J. and Melot, C. and Veggeberg, E.I. and Alexander, A. and Schleper, M.C. and Ewers, R.M. and Knight, A.T. (2023) Should I stay or should I go? Understanding stakeholder dis/engagement for deforestation-free Palm Oil. Business Strategy and the Environment , ISSN 1099-0836.

    Delabre, Izabela and von Hellermann, P. (2023) Selling out for sustainability? Neoliberal governance, agency and professional careers in the sustainable palm oil sector. Journal of Political Ecology 30 (1), ISSN 1073-0451.

    Dimitrakopoulos, Dionyssis G. (2023) An architectural perspective of the EU's institutions (Μια αρχιτεκτονική θέαση των θεσμών της Ευρωπαϊκής Ένωσης). In: Dimitrakopoulos, Dionyssis G. and Kanellopoulou-Malouchou, N. and Tsekos, T. and Chryssochoou, D.N. (eds.) Μια αρχιτεκτονική θέαση των θεσμών της Ευρωπαϊκής Ένωσης. Σε Συναρμογές στον Ευρωπαϊκό Λογισμό: Πολιτεία, Διακυβέρνηση, Πολιτικές. Έπαινος στον Αργύρη Γ. Πασσά. Birkbeck Jean Monnet Paper Series 1. Athens, Greece: Papazissis. (In Press)


    Edwards, Jason (2023) Authority on the border of work and play: Oakeshott and Democratic Theory. Social Theory and Practice 49 (2), pp. 215-236. ISSN 0037-802X.

    Edwards, Jason (2023) An appetite for the system? A critical evaluation of the Dimbleby Report. British Politics , ISSN 1746-918X.

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    Engle, Olivia and Freeman, C. (2023) ‘All this way, all this money, for a five-minute procedure’: barriers, mobilities, and representation on the US abortion road trip. Mobilities 18 (2), pp. 297-311. ISSN 1745-0101.


    Foley, Aideen and Brinklow, L. and Corbett, J. and Kelman, I. and Klöck, C. and Moncada, S. and Mycoo, M. and Nunn, P. and Pugh, J. and Robinson, S.-A. and Tandrayen-Ragoobur, V. and Walshe, R. (2023) Understanding ‘islandness’. Annals of the American Association of Geographers , ISSN 2469-4452.

    Frosh, Stephen (2023) On academic freedom, provisional whiteness and Antisemitism. Psychoanalysis, Culture & Society , ISSN 1088-0763. (In Press)

    Frosh, Stephen (2023) Stuart Hall, Jacqueline Rose and the politics of the psyche. Psychoanalysis, Culture & Society , ISSN 1088-0763.

    Frosh, Stephen (2023) Vestígios de Resisência (Traces of Resistance). Lugar Comum 66 , pp. 92-104. ISSN 1415-8604.


    Gianniri, Lemonia (2023) ‘Out and about’: a haptic exploration of queer and feminist archives in post–dictatorship Greece. [Thesis] (Unpublished)

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    Gidley, Ben (2023) Postcolonial hauntings in riverine London: conviviality and melancholia. Patterns of Prejudice , ISSN 0031-322X. (Submitted)

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    Horvath, Laszlo and Mabbett, Deborah (2023) Can scientific expertise sway public opinion on clean air zones? London School of Economics.

    Hunter, Gillian and Campbell, Nicola (2023) A short report on the quality of legal representation in the youth justice system. Project Report. Institute for Crime and Justice Policy Research. (Unpublished)


    Inoue, R. and Shiode, Shino and Shiode, N. (2023) Detection of irregular-shaped clusters on a network by controlling the shape compactness with a penalty function. GeoJournal , ISSN 1572-9893.

    Inoue, R. and Shiode, Shino and Shiode, Narushige (2023) Colocations of spatial clusters among different industries. Computational Urban Science , ISSN 2730-6852.


    Kaufmann, Eric (2023) White Flight from Immigration?: Attitudes to diversity and white residential choice. Social Science Quarterly , ISSN 0038-4941.

    Kelly, Conor J. (2023) Teaching and learning in Brussels: Sinn Féin’s strategic ‘venue shopping’ approach in the European Parliament. British Journal of Politics and International Relations 25 (1), pp. 139-155. ISSN 1369-1481.

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    Kennedy, R. and Serisier, Tanya (2023) ‘Somewhere. Some time. Somehow. Something has to change’: Prima Facie and the cruel optimism of feminist legal advocacy. Crime, Media, Culture: An International Journal , ISSN 1741-6590.

    Kirby, Amy (2023) Witnessing (dis)engagement: a framework for examining legitimacy in the criminal courts. British Journal of Criminology , ISSN 0007-0955.

    Kokayi, A. and Shiode, Shino and Shiode, N. (2023) Geographical exploration of the underrepresentation of ethnic minority cyclists in England. Sustainability 15 (7), p. 5677. ISSN 2071-1050.

    Kong, Camillia and Campbell, M. and Kpobi, L. and Swartz, L. and Atuire, C. (2023) The hermeneutics of recovery: facilitating dialogue between African and Western mental health frameworks. Transcultural Psychiatry 60 (3), pp. 428-442. ISSN 1363-4615.

    Kumar, Shailesh (2023) Access to justice and sexual violence against children in India: an empirical study of the reforms under the POCSO (Protection of Children from Sexual Offences) Act 2012. [Thesis] (Unpublished)


    Lamble, Sarah (2023) Prisons have never been safe for women – removing trans people won’t change that. i-news ,

    Lamble, Sarah (2023) Reflections on disability, justice and abolition. feminists@law 12 (1), pp. 1-8. ISSN 2046-9551.

    Lamble, Sarah (2023) Sexual peril and dangerous others: the moral economies of the trans prisoner policy debates in England and Wales. Sexualities , ISSN 1363-4607.

    Lamble, Sarah and McElhone, Megan (2023) Over-policed and under-protected: why does nothing change? Institute of Race Relations News ,

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