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    Kamau, Caroline (2009) Strategising impression management in corporations: cultural knowledge as capital. In: Harorimana, D. (ed.) Cultural Implications of Knowledge Sharing, Management and Transfer: Identifying Competitive Advantage. Advances in Knowledge Acquisition, Transfer, and Management (AKATM) Book Series. Hershey, U.S.: Information Science Reference (IGI), pp. 60-83. ISBN 9781605667904.


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    February 2012

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    January 2013

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    June 2013

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    May 2014

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    1 May 2014

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    June 2014

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    August 2014

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    1 August 2014

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    April 2015

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    1 May 2015

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    August 2015

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    28 April 2016

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    1 May 2016

    Kamau, Caroline (2016) Is the NHS mental health service preparing clients to resume employment? Psychiatric Services 67 (5), pp. 578-579. ISSN 1075-2730.

    July 2016

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    September 2016

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    February 2017

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    November 2017

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    6 March 2018

    Lopes, B. and Kamau, Caroline and Jaspal, R. (2018) The roles of socioeconomic status, occupational health and job rank on the epidemiology of different psychiatric symptoms in a sample of UK workers. Community Mental Health Journal 55 (2), pp. 336-349. ISSN 0010-3853.

    29 August 2018

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    1 March 2019

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    21 March 2019

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    16 May 2019

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    3 July 2020

    McDowall, Almuth and Teoh, Kevin and Stringer, Mark and Chatrakul Na Ayudhya, Uracha and Beauregard, T. Alexandra and MacKenzie-Davey, Kate and Lewis, Rachel and Yarker, Jo and Kamau, Caroline (2020) Organisations, race and trauma. Discussion Paper. Department of Organizational Psychology, London, UK. (Unpublished)

    7 July 2020

    Oancea, Camelia and Kamau, Caroline (2020) Organizational Psychology of mergers and acquisitions. Taylor & Francis / Routledge. ISBN 9781315747156.

    17 September 2020

    Kamau, Caroline (2020) How organizations can manage employees' fear during COVID-19. [Video]

    18 May 2021

    Kamau, Caroline (2021) Risk of debilitating fatigue after covid-19 lasting years and implications for the UK workforce: evidence report for the House of Lords Select Committee on Risk Assessment and Risk Planning. Other. UK Parliament.

    12 August 2021

    Kamau, Caroline (2021) GPs need awareness about post-covid ME/CFS. [Letter]

    9 March 2022

    Kamau, Caroline (2022) How pesticides, social isolation and other factors raise the risk of stress and mental disorders among farmers – review of scientific evidence. Other. UK Parliament.

    Kamau, Caroline (2022) Report FGP0388 for the UK Parliament Health and Social Care Committee. Other. UK Parliament, London, UK.

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