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    Angerson, Catherine Jane (2023) Literary networks and the transmission of German literature and ideas by English Dissenters, Scottish lawyers, and Anti-Jacobins, 1756–1806. [Thesis] (Unpublished)

    Anis, R. and Aldared, F. and Kemal, B. and Woolley, Agnes (2023) Diasporic Syrian women writers: stories of resilience and survival. British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies , ISSN 1353-0194.

    Atkins, Alexandra Marie (2023) Talking heads: classical portrait busts in the country house, 1715-1832. [Thesis] (Unpublished)


    Bale, Anthony (2023) News from the East. Studies In The Age of Chaucer 45 (2023), ISSN 0190-2407. (Submitted)

    Bale, Anthony (2023) Op reis in de Middeleeuwen: De wereld door de ogen van geleerden, spionnen en heiligen. Amsterdam: Uitgeverij Balans. ISBN 9789463823067. (In Press)

    Bale, Anthony (2023) The communities of the book of Margery Kempe. In: Saunders, C. and Watt, D. (eds.) Women and Medieval Literary Culture. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 420-437. ISBN 9781108869485.

    Bale, Anthony (2023) A travel guide to the Middle Ages: the world through medieval eyes. London: Viking Penguin. ISBN 9780241530849. (In Press)

    Ballard, J.G. (2023) Selected Nonfiction, 1962-2007. Boston, U.S.: The MIT Press. ISBN 9780262048323. (In Press)

    Barnard, Saskia (2023) A study of modernist poetry and fashion: on Stéphane Mallarmé, Gertrude Stein, Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven & Mina Loy. [Thesis] (Unpublished)

    Barton, Hannah Jane (2023) Proliferate! A techno-social history of the internet meme, from print to platforms. [Thesis] (Unpublished)

    Bell, Julia (2023) Hymnal. Parthian. ISBN 9781914595110.

    Bintley, Mike (2023) Borders, burials, and the extended mind in Early Medieval England: Genesis A and Apple Down. Open Library of Humanities Journal 9 (1), ISSN 2056-6700.

    Bintley, Mike and Franklin, Kate (2023) Landscapes and environments of the Middle Ages. Seminar Studies. Abingdon, UK: Routledge. ISBN 9780367640729. (In Press)

    Blacklock, Mark (2023) JG Ballard was not a prophet. ,

    Blacklock, Mark (2023) Non-places are robbing us of life. ,

    Blacklock, Mark (2023) The gladiatorial art of the quiz show. ,

    Blacklock, Mark (2023) A manifold dwelling: how Gemma Anderson-Tempini built a higher spatial home. Artangel.

    Blake, Charlie and Dewaele, Jean-Marc (2023) Research on language teachers’ emotion labour and emotional well-being. A critical analysis and suggestions for further research. The European Educational Researcher , ISSN 2517-6323.

    Botes, E. and Dewaele, Jean-Marc and Greiff, S. and Goetz, T. (2023) Can personality predict foreign language classroom emotions? The devil’s in the detail. Studies in Second Language Acquisition , ISSN 0272-2631.

    Brandariz, Carola and Eve, Martin Paul (2023) La tiranía de la palabra mágica. Revista Ñ ,

    Brooker, Joseph (2023) Like the brother: Flann O’Brien and John Millington Synge. The Parish Review: Journal of Flann O'Brien Studies 7 (1), ISSN 2634-145X.

    Burke, Dave and Eve, Martin Paul (2023) Thousands still shielding from Covid 'failed by ministers' as support cut back. Daily Mirror ,


    Cale, Luisa (2023) Blake and exhibitions, 2022. Blake/An Illustrated Quarterly 57 (1), ISSN 0160-628X.

    Calè, Luisa (2023) Spiritual form: Walter Pater's encounters with William Blake. In: Martindale, C. and Prettejohn, E. and Østermark-Johanssen, L. (eds.) Walter Pater and the Beginnings of English Studies. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, pp. 198-215. ISBN 9781108835893.

    Carville, Daragh (2023) The Bay: Radio Times article. Radio Times , ISSN 0033-8060.

    Clayton, Jessi Lee (2023) Rural lesbian subjectivities & writing with the nonhuman: a feminist dramaturgical practice. [Thesis] (Unpublished)

    Conan Doyle, Authur (2023) Round the red lamp: being facts and fancies of medical life. Edinburgh Edition of the Works of Arthur Conan Doyle. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. ISBN 9781399519182.


    Dastagir, Syada Fatima (2023) Representations of South Asians in Japanese animation. [Thesis] (Unpublished)

    Dewaele, Jean-Marc (2023) Foreword: the learner emotions that oil the cogs in TBLT. In: Lambert, C. and Audrey, S. and Bui, G. (eds.) The Role of the Learner in Task-Based Language Teaching: Theory and Research Methods. New York: Routledge. ISBN 9781003227267. (In Press)

    Dewaele, Jean-Marc and Alsuhaibani, Y. and Altalhab, S. and Alghamdi, W. (2023) How frequency and intensity of exposure to a foreign language boosts its emotional resonance. International Journal of Multilingualism , ISSN 1479-0718.

    Dewaele, Jean-Marc and Botes, E. and Greiff, S. (2023) Sources and effects of foreign language enjoyment, anxiety and boredom: a structural equation modelling approach. Studies in Second Language Acquisition 45 (2), pp. 461-479. ISSN 0272-2631.

    Dewaele, Jean-Marc and Botes, E. and Meftah, Rachid (2023) A three-body problem: the effects of foreign language anxiety, enjoyment, and boredom on academic achievement. Annual Review of Applied Linguistics , ISSN 0267-1905.

    Dewaele, Jean-Marc and Meftah, Rachid (2023) The Trajectory of English Foreign Learners’ Emotions and Motivation from the Start to the End of their Learning Journey: A Pseudo-Longitudinal Investigation. Journal of the European Second Language Association 7 (1), pp. 16-30. ISSN 2399-9101.

    Dewaele, Jean-Marc and Mercer, S. and Gkonou, C. (2023) Attitudinal, motivational, and sociobiographical predictors of EFL teachers' well-being. In: Amerstorfer, C.M. and von Blanckenburg, M. and Blake Shedd, M. (eds.) Activating and Engaging Learners and Teachers. Perspectives for English Language Education. Tübingen, Germany: Narr Francke, pp. 97-116. ISBN 9783823384601.

    Dewaele, Jean-Marc and Saito, Kazuya and Halimi, F. (2023) How Foreign Language Enjoyment acts as a buoy for sagging motivation: A longitudinal investigation. Applied Linguistics 44 (1), pp. 22-45. ISSN 0142-6001.

    Dewaele, Jean-Marc and Sanz Ferrer, Maria Sanz Ferrer (2023) Three entangled foreign language learner emotions: anxiety, enjoyment and boredom. ELIA: Estudios de Lingüística Inglesa Aplicada 22 , pp. 237-250. ISSN 2253-8283.

    Dolbear, Samuel and Leslie, Esther (2023) Dissonant waves: Ernst Schoen and experimental sound in the 20th Century. Sonics Series. London, UK: Goldsmiths Press. ISBN 9781913380564.

    Dunn, Lily Caroline (2023) The aesthetic of hybrid literary memoir, and its relationship to healing: is there a contradiction between writing well and writing to get well? [Thesis] (Unpublished)


    Edwards, Caroline (2023) Becoming-lithic: elemental utopian possibility in the contemporary ecocatastrophe. Textual Practice , pp. 1-24. ISSN 1470-1308.

    Eve, Martin Paul (2023) Against Austerity. In: OpenFest 2023, 7th September 2023, University of Sheffield.

    Eve, Martin Paul (2023) "Contains Scenes of Mild Peril": The state of digital preservation across seven million articles​. In: 2023 Charleston Conference, 27th November 2023, Online.

    Eve, Martin Paul (2023) Converting Excel date serial numbers to Python datetime format. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2023) 数字人文与文学研究 (The Digital Humanities and Literary Studies). Beijing: 牛津大学出版社 (Oxford University Press, China).

    Eve, Martin Paul (2023) Digital Preservation and Self-Healing DOIs​. In: STM Standards and Tech Committee (STeC), 31st October 2023, Online.

    Eve, Martin Paul (2023) Digital Preservation of Scholarly Journals: A Study of 7m Articles. In: Libraries and Scholarly Publishers: Working together to protect the scholarly record, 10th May 2023, Online.

    Eve, Martin Paul (2023) Digital Scholarly Journals are Poorly Preserved: A Study of 7 Million Articles. Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication , ISSN 2162-3309. (In Press)

    Eve, Martin Paul (2023) The Essay in the Career of the Contemporary English Novelist. In: Gigante, Denise and Childs, Jason (eds.) The Cambridge History of the British Essay. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. (Submitted)

    Eve, Martin Paul (2023) Getting to grips with Airflow on Amazon AWS. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2023) Impossible Chess, Close Reading, and Inattention as Disability in Percival Everett’s Telephone. Orbit: A Journal of American Literature 11 (1), ISSN 2398-6786.

    Eve, Martin Paul (2023) Infrastructure, Persistence, & Preservation. In: The Lower Decks: A Symposium on Janeway and Open Access Publishing, 8th September 2023, Birkbeck, University of London.

    Eve, Martin Paul (2023) Integration testing locally and on GitLab CI using LocalStack. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2023) On application observability in serverless cloud contexts. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2023) On pain and subjectivity. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2023) Persisting Persistent Identifiers​, or how much is actually preserved?​. In: Choosing and Using Persistent Identifiers, 6th September 2023, Online.

    Eve, Martin Paul (2023) Shadow Libraries and Pirate Infrastructures. In: Liu, Alan and Pawlicka-Deger, Urszula and Smithies, James (eds.) Critical Infrastructure Studies & Digital Humanities. University of Minnesota Press. (In Press)

    Eve, Martin Paul (2023) The State of Digital Preservation: A Study of 7m DOIs. In: Crossref Live 2023, 31st October 2023, Online.

    Eve, Martin Paul (2023) Sunsetting ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2023) Una Historia De Las Contraseñas (Password). Argentina: Ediciones Godot. ISBN 9789878928852.

    Eve, Martin Paul (2023) We Are Terrible at Online Identity Management (or: Using Emails as An Identifier Was a Bad Move). ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2023) What’s the point of having open scholarly infrastructures and how do we test their resilience? ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2023) A data pipeline with Apache Airflow and Dask. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2023) “The guy who bangs on about open access”. In: Garcia, Leila Posenato Garcia and Velterop, Jan (eds.) We So Loved Open Access. SciELO. ISBN 978-65-993452-6-5.

    Eve, Martin Paul (2023) The latest Ithaka S+R draft report is hugely regressive. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul and Oransky, Ivan and Lammey, Rachael and Amdekar, Madhura and Graf, Chris and Schneider, Jodi and Pentz, Ed and Bilder, Geoffrey (2023) Crossref and Retraction Watch. In: Crossref Community Webinar, September 27th 2023, Online. (Unpublished)

    Eve, Martin Paul and Steven, Sarah and Yates, Mark and Lee, Lennard and Haque, Zubaida (2023) Vulnerability. In: Independent SAGE Briefing, 17th November 2023, Online.


    Ferran, Bronac (2023) Autopoetics: Hansjörg Mayer's titles of the nineteen-sixties. [Thesis] (Unpublished)


    Gallagher, R. and Topinka, Robert (2023) The politics of the NPC meme: reactionary subcultural practice and vernacular theory. Big Data & Society 10 (1), pp. 1-16. ISSN 2053-9517.

    Gancho Fontoura, Catarina (2023) Picturing Mato Grosso: The Royal Society and Royal Geographic Society Xavantina Cachimbo expedition 1967-69. [Thesis] (Unpublished)

    González-López, Irene (2023) ‘“Film Director Tanaka Kinuyo” Murakawa Hide: The challenges of female authorship”. JCMS: Journal of Cinema and Media Studies 62 (4), pp. 130-154. ISSN 1527-2087.

    González-López, Irene (2023) How to sell a remake: The Gate of Flesh media franchise. In: Diffrient, D.S. and Chan, K. (eds.) East Asian Film Remakes. Screen Serialities. Edinburgh, UK: Edinburgh University Press, pp. 27-48. ISBN 9781399508162.

    González-López, Irene and Centeno Martin, Marcos Pablo and Armendariz-Hernandez, Alejandra (2023) Japanese documentary filmmaker Haneda Sumiko: authorship, representation and gender discourses. In: Chan, F. and Elliot, F. and Willis, A. (eds.) Women in East Asian Cinema. Gender Representations, Creative Labour and Global Histories. Edinburgh, UK: Edinburgh University Press, pp. 107-123. ISBN 9781399504928. (In Press)

    Guedat-Bittighoffer, D. and Dewaele, Jean-Marc (2023) Fluctuations des émotions éprouvées par des apprenants débutants dans cinq cours de Français Langue Etrangère: Une étude de cas multiples. Language, Interaction, and Acquisition 14 (2), ISSN 1879-7865. (In Press)


    Halden, Grace (2023) Independent family planning: choosing solo motherhood through gamete donation. A guide for fertility healthcare professionals. Other. The Wellcome Trust.

    Halden, Grace (2023) The relationship between solo parents and fertility clinics. PET: BIONEWS (1195),

    Harris, Pauline Elizabeth (2023) From urgent understanding to raw writing: the synergy of journalism and fiction in the novels of Sorj Chalandon. [Thesis] (Unpublished)

    Harwood, N. and Petrić, Bojana (2023) English for academic purposes. In: Wei, L. and Hua, Zhu and Simpson, J. (eds.) Handbook of Applied Linguistics 2nd Edition. Routledge Handbooks in Applied Linguistics. London, UK: Routledge. ISBN 9780367536220.


    Jackson, M. and Leslie, Esther (2023) Deeper in the pyramid: journeys of lactic abstraction. In: Serrano, D.P. and Diaz, A.A. (eds.) The Microbiopolitics of Milk. Berlin, Germany: Sternberg Press. ISBN 9783956796609.

    Jackson, M. and Leslie, Esther (2023) Deeper in the pyramid: share of throat. UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 9781739343101.

    Jawad, Hyder (2023) Skin in the game: diasporic spaces, psychogeographies, and genealogies within Liverpool’s racialised football cultures, 1878-1981. [Thesis] (Unpublished)


    Khuder, Baraa and Petrić, Bojana (2023) Intersectionality of marginalisation: EAL academics in exile writing for international publication. Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development , ISSN 1747-7557.

    Kongpolphrom, Woralan (2023) A comparative analysis of the UK travel websites: Italy, Turkey, and Thailand. [Thesis] (Unpublished)


    Leggett, Alexander (2023) Quirky dramaturgy in contemporary UK theatre: autism, participation and access. [Thesis] (Unpublished)

    Leslie, Esther (2023) Class in movement, forming and unforming. Crisis and Critique 10 (1), ISSN 2311-8172.

    Leslie, Esther (2023) Lukács’ red revolution. Science & Society: A Journal of Marxist Thought and Analysis 87 (2), pp. 38-51. ISSN 0036-8237.

    Leslie, Esther (2023) The rise and fall of Imperial Chemical Industries: synthetics, sensism and the environment. Pivots. London, UK: Palgrave. ISBN 9783031374319.

    Leung, Pearl and Dewaele, Jean-Marc (2023) Does the Complementarity Principle apply to inner speech? A mixed-methods study on multilingual Chinese university students in the UK. International Journal of Multilingualism 20 (3), pp. 1164-1184. ISSN 1479-0718.

    Li, Chengchen and Dewaele, Jean-Marc and Hu, Y. (2023) Foreign language learning boredom: conceptualization and measurement. Applied Linguistics Review 14 (2), pp. 223-249. ISSN 1868-6303.

    Lorch, Marjorie (2023) Walther Riese (1890-1976). In: UNSPECIFIED (ed.) Neue Deutsche Biographie. Historische Kommission bei der Bayerischen Akademie der Wissenschaften.

    Luckhurst, Roger (2023) 'At the Movies with... Joanna Hogg' (interview). Sight & Sound 33 (10), pp. 63-65. ISSN 0037-4806.

    Luckhurst, Roger (2023) Beau's travails. Sight & Sound 33 (5), pp. 37-40. ISSN 0037-4806.

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    Luckhurst, Roger (2023) Brexitland's dark ecologies: new British landscape writing. In: Coelsch-Foisner, S. and Herzog, C. (eds.) Jenseits der Grenze: De-/Re-Lokalisierung | Hybridisierung. Kulturelle Dynamiken/Cultural Dynamics 40. Heidelberg, Germany: Universitatsverlag Winter, pp. 57-76. ISBN 9783825395223.

    Luckhurst, Roger (2023) The Mysterious California Mansion that Spawned a Haunted House Craze. National Geographic , ISSN 0027-9358.

    Luckhurst, Roger (2023) Review of 'King on Screen': A Gushing Tribute to King. Sight & Sound 33 (7), p. 81. ISSN 0037-4806.

    Luckhurst, Roger (2023) The lure of the unknown. [Book Review]


    Magee, Rachel and Eve, Martin Paul (2023) Open Access: A Great Step Forward? Research Fortnight (630), pp. 10-11. ISSN 1358-1198.

    Markham, Tim (2023) Engaging opacity: Spotify and the poeisis of algorithmic backends. In: Parks, L. and Velkova, J. and De Ridder, S. (eds.) Media Backends: Digital Infrastructures and Sociotechnical Relations. The Geopolitics of Information. Champaign, U.S.: University of Illinois Press, pp. 95-109. ISBN 9780252045349.

    Markham, Tim (2023) Investigating digitally mediated temporal experience: from empiricism to ethics. New Media & Society , ISSN 1461-4448.

    Markham, Tim (2023) Towards an epistemology of digitally mediated temporality: from ethics to empiricism. Information, Communication & Society , ISSN 1369-118X (Print), 1468-4462 (Online).

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    Mills, Victoria and Tilley, Heather (2023) Victorian beauty. [Editorial/Introduction]

    Moriarty, Jennifer Lynn (2023) Lifelike and afterlife-like: spiritual bodies and secular identities in the Victorian protestant imagination. [Thesis] (Unpublished)

    Moskowitz, Sharona and Dewaele, Jean-Marc (2023) Intellectual humility and language attitudes: the case of Hebrew speakers’ views towards Arabic and multilingualism. International Journal of Multilingualism , ISSN 1479-0718.


    Neff, P. and Dewaele, Jean-Marc (2023) Humor strategies in the foreign language class. Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching 17 (3), pp. 567-579. ISSN 1750-1229.


    O'Sullivan, James and Eve, Martin Paul (2023) C21 Editions Interview with Martin Paul Eve. C21 Editions ,

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    Petric, Bojana and i Solé, Cristina Ros and Holmes, P. (2023) Belonging and home-making in the internationalised campus. [Editorial/Introduction]

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    Resnik, P. and Dewaele, Jean-Marc (2023) Learner emotions, autonomy and trait emotional intelligence in ‘in-person’ versus emergency remote English foreign language teaching in Europe. Applied Linguistics Review 14 (3), pp. 473-501. ISSN 1868-6303.

    Resnik, P. and Dewaele, Jean-Marc and Knechtelsdorfer, E. (2023) Differences in foreign language anxiety in regular and online EFL classes during the pandemic: a mixed-methods study. TESOL Quarterly 57 (2), pp. 618-642. ISSN 0039-8322.

    Rossi, Eleonora (2023) Becoming water : posthuman feminism in contemporary speculative fiction. [Thesis] (Unpublished)


    Socrates, Melanie (2023) Illness and illegibility in Middle English medicine. [Thesis] (Unpublished)

    Stuler Myhre, T. and Dewaele, Jean-Marc and Fiskum, T.A. and Holand, A.M. (2023) Anxiety and enjoyment among young teenagers learning English as a foreign language outdoors: a mixed-methods study. Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching , ISSN 1750-1229.

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    Walsh, Fintan (2023) Performing the Queer past: public possessions. London, UK: Methuen Drama. ISBN 9781350297968. (In Press)

    Walters, Emma Theresa (2023) Semantic innovation and grammaticalization of the English loanword type in colloquial Hindi. [Thesis] (Unpublished)

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    Yadav, Siddharth (2023) Cyberpunk’s not dead: the enduring relevance of technological and spiritual motifs in William Gibson’s Sprawl trilogy. [Thesis] (Unpublished)

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