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    Alhalwachi, Fatema (2021) Narratives of infertile Muslim women: the construction of personal and socio-cultural identities in weblogs. [Thesis] (Unpublished)

    Alshahrani, Hessa and Dewaele, Jean-Marc (2021) How Saudi migrants’ metapragmatic judgments of Arabic L1 nonverbal greetings change after prolonged exposure to English. International Journal of Language and Culture 8 (2), pp. 245-266. ISSN 2214-3165.

    Arnold-de Simine, Silke (2021) Curatorial dilemmas. In: Memory Studies Association Fifth Annual Conference: Convergences, 5–9 July 2021, Warsaw, Poland. (Unpublished)

    Arnold-de Simine, Silke (2021) Speech. In: First-person narrative on video: testimony, uses and afterlife, 19th May 2021, AHRC Research Network: United Nations Television in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Imperial War Museum, London. (Unpublished)

    Arnold-de Simine, Silke (2021) A manifesto for the postpandemic museum. In: Memory Studies Association Fifth Annual Conference: Convergences, 5–9 July 2021, Warsaw, Poland. (Unpublished)

    Ateek, Mohammed (2021) Extensive reading in an EFL classroom: impact and learners’ perceptions. Eurasian Journal of Applied Linguistics 7 (1), pp. 109-131. ISSN 2149-1135.

    Ateek, Mohammed (2021) Review of Cooke & Peutrell (2019): Brokering Britain, educating citizens: Exploring ESOL and citizenship. [Book Review]


    Bale, Anthony (2021) Chaucer's borders. In: Johnson, I. (ed.) Geoffrey Chaucer in Context. Literature in Context. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, pp. 311-319. ISBN 9781009010603.

    Bale, Anthony (2021) Foreward. In: Brooks, G. (ed.) The Dancing Plague. London, UK: Abrams and Chronicle. ISBN 9781910593981. (In Press)

    Bale, Anthony (2021) From Nidaros to Jerusalem; from Feginsbrekka to Mount Joy. In: Aavitsland, K.B. and Bonde, L.M. (eds.) Tracing the Jerusalem Code. Berlin, Germany: Walter de Gruyter, pp. 187-193. ISBN 9783110634853.

    Bale, Anthony (2021) Margery Kempe: a mixed life. Medieval Lives. London, UK: Reaktion Books. ISBN 9781789144703.

    Bale, Anthony and Beebe, K. (2021) Pilgrimage and textual culture. Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies 51 (1), pp. 1-8. ISSN 1082-9636.

    Bale, Anthony and Giosue, D. (2021) A women’s network in fifteenth-century Rome: Margery Kempe encounters “Margaret Florentyne”. In: Varnam, L. and Williams, L. (eds.) Encountering the Book of Margery Kempe. Manchester, UK: Manchester University Press. ISBN 9781526146618. (In Press)

    Balibrea, Mari Paz (2021) Finding Josep Solanes: mobilizing the legacies of Republican exile in Spanish cultural studies. Journal of Spanish Cultural Studies 22 (2), pp. 199-210. ISSN 1463-6204.

    Balibrea, Mari Paz (2021) Irrumpiendo en el presente: Estrategias de reinscripción en la Historia para leer la obra filosófica de Rosa Chacel. Bulletin of Spanish Studies 98 (8), pp. 1287-1311. ISSN 1475-3820.

    Bates, Gordon (2021) The survival of suggestion: Charles Lloyd Tuckey and British medical hypnotism (1888-1914). [Thesis] (Unpublished)

    Botes, E. and Dewaele, Jean-Marc and Greiff, S. (2021) The development of a short-form foreign language enjoyment scale. The Modern Language Journal 105 (4), pp. 858-876. ISSN 0026-7902.

    Brooker, Joseph (2021) Contexts from Constantine Curran. The Parish Review: Journal of Flann O'Brien Studies 5 (1), pp. 1-6. ISSN 2634-145X.

    Brooker, Joseph (2021) Do Bicycles Dream of Atomic Sheep? Forms of the Fantastic in Flann O’Brien and Philip K. Dick. The Parish Review: Journal of Flann O'Brien Studies 4 (2), pp. 1-23. ISSN 2634-145X.

    Brooker, Joseph (2021) Gerry McGowan and Andrew Sherlock (eds), The Lost Letters of Flann O’Brien (Wirral: Pen & Pencil Gallery). [Book Review]

    Brooker, Joseph (2021) In memoriam: John Wyse Jackson. The Parish Review: Journal of Flann O'Brien Studies 4 (2), pp. 1-9. ISSN 2634-145X.

    Brooker, Joseph (2021) Lethem, Jonathan. In: Burn, S.J. and O'Donnell, P. and Larkin, L. (eds.) Encyclopedia of Contemporary American Fiction, 1980-2020. Wiley-Blackwell. (In Press)

    Brooker, Marianne (2021) Fugitive knowledge: romantic compilation and the materials of method. [Thesis] (Unpublished)


    Calatayud, Agnes (2021) Un beau viveur et un délicat vivant: Le baron de Besenval, courtisan et collectionneur, à travers son iconographie. Dalhousie French Studies 117 , ISSN 0711-8813.

    Calè, Luisa (2021) Blake and Exhibitions, 2020. Blake/An Illustrated Quarterly 55 (1), ISSN 0160-628x.

    Calè, Luisa (2021) On the dynamics of periodical illustration: the 'Cornhill Magazine' from monthly to codex to gallery. In: Beck, A. and Mergenthaler, V. (eds.) Journalähnliche Bücher, buchförmige Journale -- Journal-like Books, Book-shaped Journals. Pfennig-Magazin zur Journalliteratur 8. Hannover, Germany: Wehrhahn, p. 121. ISBN 9783865259349.

    Capstick, T. and Ateek, Mohammed (2021) Translanguaging spaces as safe space for psycho-social support in refugee settings in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development , ISSN 0143-4632.

    Catani, Damian P. (2021) Louis-Ferdinand Celine: journeys to the extreme. London, UK: Reaktion press. ISBN 9781789144673.

    Centeno Martin, Marcos Pablo (2021) 1968 and rural Japan as a site of struggle. Approaches to rural landscapes in the history of Japanese documentary film. The Sixties. A Journal of History, Politics and Culture 14 (2), pp. 151-168. ISSN 1754-1328.

    Centeno Martin, Marcos Pablo (2021) Cine documental japonés: de los orígenes a la Guerra del Pacífico (1897-1945). In: Vilches Manterola, L. (ed.) Diccionario de Teorías Narrativas II. Sevilla, Spain: Caligrama Editorial. ISBN 9788418152160.

    Centeno Martin, Marcos Pablo (2021) Hideaki Fujiki and Alastair Phillips (eds), The Japanese Cinema Book. London: The British Film Institute, Bloomsbury, 2020, 624 pp. [Book Review] (In Press)

    Centeno Martin, Marcos Pablo (2021) Vacíos de la bomba atómica. El Memorial por la Paz de Hiroshima como lugar de ritual. Pasajes: Revista de pensamiento contemporáneo (62), pp. 49-70. ISSN 1575-2259.

    Centeno, Matthew (2021) La Nueva Ola Japonesa. Nūberu Bāgu como fenómeno (trans)nacional. In: Vilches Manterola, L. (ed.) Diccionario de Teorías Narrativas II. Sevilla, Spain: Caligrama. ISBN 9788418152160.

    Chen, Xuemei and Dewaele, Jean-Marc (2021) “We are not amused”. The perception of British humour by British and American English L1 users. Language and Communication 79 , pp. 147-162. ISSN 02715309.

    Chen, Xuemei and Dewaele, Jean-Marc and Zhang, T. (2021) Sustainable development of EFL/ESL learners’ willingness to communicate: the effects of teachers and teaching styles. Sustainability 14 (1), p. 396. ISSN 2071-1050.

    Christien, Lee (2021) Captives of classification: unlocking the representations of animals from the Daily Occurences, library, and cages of London Zoo. [Thesis] (Unpublished)

    Clucas, Stephen (2021) Playing with (experimental) fire. [Book Review]

    Clucas, Stephen and Raylor, T. (2021) Progress report on the Clarendon Edition of “De corpore” and Related Manuscripts. Hobbes Studies 34 (1), pp. 86-97. ISSN 0921-5891.


    Davis, Isabel (2021) Histoire et poésie: la Femme de Bath de Geoffrey Chaucer et la comédie de l’allégorie eschatologique. In: Fletcher, C. and Vagnon, E. (eds.) Le Moyen Âge dans le texte II: Au-delà de l'écrit. Série Lamop. Paris, France: Éditions de la Sorbonne, pp. 19-49. ISBN 9791035106379.

    Dewaele, Jean-Marc (2021) Multilingualism and trait emotional intelligence: an exploratory investigation. International Journal of Multilingualism 18 (3), pp. 337-351. ISSN 1479-0718.

    Dewaele, Jean-Marc (2021) Multilinguals’ languages of the heart and soul. In: de Medeiros, A. and Kelly, D. (eds.) Language Debates. Theory and Reality in Language Learning, Teaching and Research. Language Acts and Worldmaking. London, UK: John Murray Learning/Hodder and Stoughton, pp. 197-208. ISBN 9781529372250.

    Dewaele, Jean-Marc (2021) Personality. In: Gregersen, T. and Mercer, S. (eds.) The Routledge Handbook of the Psychology of Language Learning and Teaching. Routledge Handbooks in Applied Linguistics. London, UK: Routledge, pp. 112-123. ISBN 9780367337230.

    Dewaele, Jean-Marc and Bak, T. and Ortega, L. (2021) The mythical native speaker has mud on its face. In: Slavkov, N. and Melo Pfeifer, S. and Kerschhofer, N. (eds.) The Changing Face of the "Native Speaker": Perspectives from Multilingualism and Globalization. Trends in Applied Linguistics [TAL] 31. Berlin, Germany: Mouton De Gruyter. ISBN 9781501517693. (In Press)

    Dewaele, Jean-Marc and Dewaele, L. (2021) Fluctuations in mental well-being during stay abroad. Study Abroad Research in Second Language Acquisition and International Education 6 (2), pp. 214-243. ISSN 2405-5522.

    Dewaele, Jean-Marc and Li, Chengchen (2021) Teacher enthusiasm and students’ social-behavioral learning engagement: the mediating role of student enjoyment and boredom in Chinese EFL classes. Language Teaching Research 25 (6), pp. 922-945. ISSN 1362-1688.

    Dewaele, Jean-Marc and Lorette, Pernelle and Rolland, Louise and Mavrou, Eirini (2021) Differences in emotional reactions of Greek, Hungarian and British users of English when watching English television. International Journal of Applied Linguistics , ISSN 0802-6106.

    Dewaele, Jean-Marc and Pavelescu, L. (2021) The relationship between incommensurable emotions and willingness to communicate in English as a Foreign Language: a multiple case study. Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching 15 (1), pp. 66-80. ISSN 1750-1229.

    Dewaele, Jean-Marc and Proietti-Ergün, A.L. (2021) Appagamento, atteggiamento/motivazione e ansia nello studio della lingua madre e della lingua straniera in una scuola italiana all’estero. Rassegna Italiana da Linguistica Applicata 51 (2-3), pp. 203-220. ISSN 0033-9725.

    Dewaele, Jean-Marc and Wu, Aihui (2021) Predicting the emotional labor strategies of Chinese English foreign language teachers. System 103 (102660), ISSN 0346-251X.

    Dillon, Thomas Philip (2021) ‘What is the exact nature of the catastrophe?' A cultural history of New Worlds magazine, 1964-70. [Thesis] (Unpublished)

    Duarte, Frederico André Silva (2021) The contemporary challenge of curating Brazilian design. [Thesis] (Unpublished)

    Dzuverovic, Lina (2021) Dreamworlds collapsing: an unsettled story in four acts. In: Communist Hauntings, 28 May 2021, The Birkbeck Institute for Social Research and the Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities, Birkbeck, University of London, London, UK.

    Dzuverovic, Lina (2021) Soft power, cultural diplomacy and Yugoslav internationalism. In: Gesture and Freedom Symposium, 10 June 2021, Zagreb, Croatia. (Unpublished)

    Dzuverovic, Lina (2021) Yugoslav-African solidarity, women and personal archives: the case of Olja Džuverović’s archive. In: Invisible Non-Aligned: Omitted Histories, 2 september 2021, Belgrade, Serbia.


    Eadie, Alastair Bruce (2021) ‘Your bait of falsehood takes this carp of truth’: fictional representations of trauma as the catalyst for psychic meaning in non-fiction film. [Thesis] (Unpublished)

    Easton, Rosalind (2021) ‘The spectres of past lessons, imperfectly erased’: queer history and the palimpsest in the fiction of Sarah Waters. [Thesis] (Unpublished)

    Evans, Richard (2021) Landscape's emergence through film: exploring dwelling, ways and objects with Scottish and Swedish non-fiction films. [Thesis] (Unpublished)

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) Abandoning restrictions should not mean abandoning the vulnerable. We need policies to help those who remain at risk. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) All ten of my books now are (or will be when published) open access. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) Anonymizing submissions to Janeway. Medium ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) Augar, The Humanities, Covid: Gazing into the Crystal Ball. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) A Bibliography on The Interesting/I'm Interested In. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) Birkbeck: The Oldest University English Department in the World? (and a new Oscar Wilde lecture at Birkbeck). ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) Citing Pirate Artifacts. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) Diamond Mining. cOAlition S ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) Funding Open Access Books: Opening the Future. In: Open Science Fair 2021, 20-23 September 2021, Online.

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) The Ghost of REF Yet To Come: Impact, Portability, and Open Access​. In: BACLS Conference 2021, 2-3 September 2021, Online.

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) Headless PDF printing in Chrome: when the standard timeout isn't enough. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) The Horror! The Horror! Digital Measures of Literariness Anxiety in the Novels of Stephen King. In: Digital Americas: The 48th Conference of the Austrian Association for American Studies, 30-31 October, 2021, Online. (Unpublished)

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) How much optimism? ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) How to fix a broken Crumar Bit99 synthesizer. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) I have submitted the Warez book. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) Infrastructure & Open Access Books​. In: Group of 8 Meeting, 10 November 2021, Online. (Unpublished)

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) Introduction. In: Priego, Ernesto (ed.) The Lockdown Chronicles: A Comic Strip Quarantine. Manzana Más Press. ISBN 978-1-9163600-1-3. (In Press)

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) Introduction: The Abolition of the University. Open Library of Humanities 7 (1), ISSN 2056-6700.

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) It's time we dropped Agamben. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) Making Open Access Book Funding Work Fairly. In: 16th Munin Conference on Scholarly Publishing, 16-17 November 2021, Norway. (Unpublished)

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) Making Open Access Book Funding Work Fairly: ​ The Emergence of Library Membership Funding Models for OA Monographs​. In: NAG Webinar Week, 8-12 November 2021, Online.

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) Martin Paul Eve on Humanities Commons’ Fifth Birthday. Platypus: The Blog of the Humanities Commons ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) Mesh on a budget: converting RBR50 to RBS50 units and using LBR20 for 4G fallback. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) Moog Minitaur: the editor and exclusive USB lock. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) More on detecting anonymization of documents in Janeway. Medium ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) My 2021 year in review. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) Networks at the London Review of Books. In: LRB Seminar, 17 March 2021, Online. (Unpublished)

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) New Models for Open Access Monographs​: Opening the Future. In: Charleston Conference Preconference, 19 Oct 2021, Online.

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) Non-BPC Models for OA Books. In: Canadian Association of Research Libraries, 19 May 2021, Online. (Unpublished)

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) Notes on Nicholas Gaskill's Chromographia: American Literature and the Modernization of Color. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) OA books being reprinted under CC BY license. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) OA in the Humanities. In: Open Access and the Humanities: A dialogue on future directions for Ireland, 25th August 2021, Online.

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) On PhD vivas and being a supervisor. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) On healthcare economics and valuing lives. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) On informed consent and open licensing. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) On life, death, dignity, and Dignitas. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) On programming/languages. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) On the Chromoclasm, the absence of colour, and notes towards a translation of Michel Pastoureau's ‘L’incolore n’existe Pas’. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) On the costs of scholarly communications and the discourse of 'fairness. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) The Open Library of Humanities and Brexit: VAT Position. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) Opening the Future: A New Model for Funding Open-Access Monographs. In: Library Publishing Forum, 10-13 May 2021, Online.

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) Opening the Future: A Non-BPC Model for OA Monographs. In: OPERAS-P, OASPA & COPIM workshop, 19 May 2021, Online. (Unpublished)

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) ‘Opening the Future’ - a new funding model for open-access monographs: introducing an innovative approach to publishing OA books through library membership funding. In: Research Libraries UK, 15-19 March, 2021, Online.

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) ‘Opening the Future’ – a new funding model for open-access monographs. Introducing an innovative approach to publishing OA books through library membership funding. In: OASPA Annual Conference, 22 September 2021, Online.

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) “Opening the Future” - a New Funding Model for Open-Access Monographs: Introducing an Innovative Approach to Publishing OA Books through Library Membership Funding. In: UKSG Annual Conference 2021, 12 April - 14 Apr 2021, Online.

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) Paper Thin: moving on to Chapter Four and seven propositions. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) 密码(来者何人)/小文艺口袋文库 (Password). China: Shanghai Literature and Art Publishing House.

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) Publication & the Pandemic. In: British Association of Contemporary Literary Studies: Reflections on Research, 26th March 2021, Online. (Unpublished)

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) The Publisher's Association's impact assessment on OA is pretty much as you'd expect. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) Publishing, Power, and Praxis. In: Culture Studies Center GCSC Seminar Series, 20 April 2021, Justus Liebig University Giessen.

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) Questions and Answers from UKSG on Opening the Future. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) Reading Peer Review is published today. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) Replacing OpenVPN with Wireguard, including on Synology devices. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) Rights Retention: an OA publishing perspective​. In: Sussex Research Hive Seminar, 20 April 2021, University of Sussex, online. (Unpublished)

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) Shielding is being eased again. Here's why this is so frightening. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) Sincerity. In: Eaglestone, Robert and O'Gorman, Daniel (eds.) The Routledge Companion to Twenty-First Century Literary Fiction. Routledge Literature Companions. Abingdon, UK: Routledge. ISBN 9781032178455.

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) Some incomplete notes on Les Encres noires au Moyen Âge. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) Subscriptions for software and commodity fetishism. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) Thinking about UK Ph.D. examinations. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) Thomas Pynchon, from S-Gerät to Y-Gerät. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) Today marks the publication of my eighth book: Warez: The Infrastructure and Aesthetics of Piracy. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) Warez: The Infrastructure and Aesthetics of Piracy. Earth, Milky Way: punctum books. ISBN 978-1-68571-036-1.

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) What Counts?: Basic Empirical and Quantitative Discoveries in Literary Studies​. In: English Literature Seminar, 16 June 2021, Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, Germany, Online. (Unpublished)

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) What if downloads are not actually non-rivalrous? ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) What is the relationship between legal form, governance, and ethics? ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) What’s happening at the moment with open-access books? ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) When and why did paper become white and why was white paper so valued? ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) While the government introduces new freedom of speech rules at universities, the biggest threat to academic freedom remains their insistence on the financial destabilization of institutions. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) Why 'Lower Tier' Journals Might Contain Better Work. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) Why is Whitespace White? In: BACLS Conference 2021, 2-3 September 2021, Online.

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) cOAlition S endorsing Subscribe to Open is a great start. We need the same thinking about books from the beginning. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) A diamond edge: Sustainable OA with the Open Library of the Humanities. In: Open Lunch: Reflections on Open Research, 16 December 2021, University of Leeds.

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) The proliferation of business models for open-access books. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) The social network of the London Review of Books. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul (2021) An update on the reprint of my book. ,

    Eve, Martin Paul and Best, Katrinah (2021) Birkbeck academic makes the ‘Disability Power 100’ list. Birkbeck Perspectives ,

    Eve, Martin Paul and Cond, Anthony (2021) 'Crucial time' for OA monographs. Research Information ,

    Eve, Martin Paul and Daw, Naomi (2021) Virus. Excursions , ISSN 2044-4095.

    Eve, Martin Paul and Gray, Jonathan and Shea, Daniel (2021) Interview on Reassembling Scholarly Communications: Histories, Infrastructures, and Global Politics of Open Access. In: New Books Network, 6th June 2021, Heidelberg University, Germany.

    Eve, Martin Paul and Harris-Birtill, Rose (2021) The Future of the Open Library of Humanities: Milestones, Governance, and Sustainability. Open Library of Humanities 7 (1), ISSN 2056-6700.

    Eve, Martin Paul and Hyde, Adam (2021) Building Open Source. In: Open Publishing Festival, 8-19 November 2021, Online.

    Eve, Martin Paul and Lair, Sharla (2021) Funding Open-Access Books: Opening the Future. In: NASIG Annual Conference, 17th-21st May 2021, Online.

    Eve, Martin Paul and Lair, Sharla (2021) ‘Opening the Future’, a new funding model for open-access monographs: an innovative approach to publishing OA books through library membership funding. In: Electronic Resources & Libraries, 8-12 March, 2021, Online. (Unpublished)

    Eve, Martin Paul and Lockett, Andrew (2021) Communities, Commoning, Open Access and the Humanities: An Interview with Martin Eve. Westminster Papers in Communication and Culture 16 (1), pp. 65-73.

    Eve, Martin Paul and Louttit, C.J.J. and Bulaitis, Zoe Hope and Schuh, Melissa and Goodhead, Martin and Peacock, James (2021) Journal Publishing in Literary Studies. In: BACLS Seminar, 26 November 2021, Online.

    Eve, Martin Paul and Markwick, Rebecca (2021) Shelf Healing Interview. In: Shelf Healing Podcast, 22 June 2021, Online.

    Eve, Martin Paul and Neylon, Cameron and O’Donnell, Daniel and Moore, Samuel and Gadie, Robert and Odeniyi, Victoria and Parvin, Shahina (2021) Reading Peer Review: PLOS ONE and Institutional Change in Academia. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

    Eve, Martin Paul and O'Donnell, Daniel Paul and Gadie, Robert and Odeniyi, Victoria and Parvin, Shahina and Shea, Daniel (2021) Interview on Reading Peer Review: PLOS ONE and Institutional Change in Academia. In: New Books Network, 6th June 2021, Heidelberg University, Germany.

    Eve, Martin Paul and O'Donnell, Daniel Paul and Neylon, Cameron and Moore, Samuel and Gadie, Robert and Odeniyi, Victoria and Parvin, Shahina (2021) Reading Peer Review – What a dataset of peer review reports can teach us about changing research culture. LSE Impact Blog ,

    Eve, Martin Paul and Pinter, Frances (2021) Funding Open Access Books. In: Researcher to Reader, 23rd-24th February, 2021, Online. (Unpublished)

    Eve, Martin Paul and Pinter, Frances (2021) Funding Open-Access Books. In: International Coalition of Library Consortia (ICOLC) Workshop on Emerging Open Access Models, 19 April 2021, Online. (Unpublished)

    Eve, Martin Paul and Pinter, Frances (2021) Open Access and Books: Emerging New Models and the Global South ​. In: EIFL Webinar, 9 November 2021, Online. (Unpublished)

    Eve, Martin Paul and Pinter, Frances (2021) Opening the Future. In: Group of 8 Meeting, 22 September 2021, Online.

    Eve, Martin Paul and Pinter, Frances and Poznanski, Emily (2021) Making Open Access Book Funding Work Fairly: Central European University Press and Opening the Future. In: UKSG Webinar, 13 October 2021, Online.

    Eve, Martin Paul and Priego, Ernesto and Feigenbaum, Anna and Johnston, Paddy and de la Mora, Francisco and Pérez, Natalia (2021) Book Launch. In: The Lockdown Chronicles Launch, 2 November 2021, Online.

    Eve, Martin Paul and Redhead, Claire and Wennström, Sofie and Jobman, Alexandra and Siegert, Olaf and Stern, Niels (2021) A shared future for open access books – exploring partnerships between libraries and publishers. In: LIBER 2021, 23rd-25th June 2021, Online. (Unpublished)

    Eve, Martin Paul and Rouhi, Sara and Sherer, John and Doerr, Susan and Crow, Raym and Naim, Kamran and Staines, Heather (2021) New Directions in Open Access. In: SSP New Directions Seminar, 6th October 2021, Online.

    Eve, Martin Paul and Schiff, Lisa and Alperin, Juan Pablo and Caron, Bruce and Mendonça, Alex (2021) Presenting Preprints: Are Library Publishers the New Facebook? In: Library Publishing Forum, 10-13 May 2021, Online. (Unpublished)

    Eve, Martin Paul and Sherer, John and Lynch, Sarah and Staines, Heather and Regala, Jennifer (2021) What About Books? In: Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers Conference, 15-17 September 2021, Online.

    Eve, Martin Paul and Smecher, Alec and Holdgraf, Chris and Thaney, Kaitlin (2021) Janeway and Infrastructure. In: Building Technical Resilience in Open Infrastructure, 5th May 2021, Online. (Unpublished)

    Eve, Martin Paul and Smith, Lindsay (2021) Reflecting About The Beginning on Excursions. Excursions 10 (2), ISSN 2044-4095.

    Eve, Martin Paul and Watkinson, Charles and Brand, Amy and Mounier, Pierre (2021) The Emerging Landscape in Collective Library Funding for OA Monographs​. In: Jisc/CNI Leaders Conference, 7-9 July 2021, Online. (Unpublished)


    Ferdinand, N. and Wesner, Simone and Chidzey, M. and Rossetti, G. (2021) The international events environment. In: Ferdinand, N. and Kitchin, P.J. (eds.) Events Management: An international Approach, Third Edition. Hospitality, Travel & Tourism Management. London, UK: Sage, pp. 41-60. ISBN 9781529730791.

    Fifield, Peter (2021) Is Literary History sick? Thoughts on a declinist trope. Modernism/Modernity 6 (2), ISSN 1071-6068.


    Garrett, Marc (2021) Furtherfield: twenty years of art, technology, and social change. [Thesis] (Unpublished)

    Gjengedal, Kjerstin and Eve, Martin Paul (2021) Fagfellevurdering lyt tilpassast ei ny tid. Forskningspolitikk ,

    Grove, Jack and Eve, Martin Paul (2021) MIT Press to publish monographs open access from 2022. Times Higher Education ,


    Halden, Grace (2021) Donor conception was my 'Plan A'. DCN Journal (25), pp. 13-14.

    Hamblyn, Richard (2021) Hunting for snow. [Book Review]

    Hamblyn, Richard (2021) The Met Office cloud book: how to understand the skies. Newton Abbot: David & Charles. ISBN 9781446308905. (In Press)

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